Work field trip

January 31, 2011

Completely forgot that today I had a work field trip to participate in. I had to aid in visiting venues for a seminar. Woo time away from my cube!

Before I left for the field trip I had breakfast.

-fiber one cinnamon apple muffin Lauren made according to the package.
-baby food yogurt blends banana

The muffins Lauren made are good. They only have 160 calories so to small as a on it’s own breakfast item but really good reheated with spray butter and a yogurt on the side.

I missed morning snack time but at one the of the venues they had candy out and I couldn’t resist Swedish fish!

On the way back from our fun field trip, we stopped at panera for lunch. Isis you pick 2 and got a bowl of chicken noodle soup (100 cals) and half a tuna salad sandwich (240 cals). The soup is always a win there. It’s delcious. This was the first time I tried the tuna sandwich, normally I wouldn’t get that because mayo adds so much fat and calories but this was one of the lowest calorie counts for sandwiches on the menu so I decided to try. It was very mayonnaisey but good with onion, lettuce, and tomato. Hoping the calorie counts was right.

Afternoon snack was half a pint of blueberries. Mmmm for some strange reason these for 2 for $5 even in the off season. I quickly scooped them up since I loooove blueberries. These were a little disappointing. I like hard tart bloobs and these were a little mushy and not so flavorful. I guess that’s what get for buying them in the winter.

Fitness: since it was the last day it would be on demand and I only had time for a quick workout, I did Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack at home tonight. This routine is so weird to me, sometimes I am dying at the end and other times I could do it twice. Anyway as I’ve been saying it’s been a good go to at home workout. I hope they put another one on demand to take it’s place. In also played volleyball tonight which I really don’t consider fitness but I was moving around rather then sitting watching tv.

Between 6 week 6 pack and volleyball I made a quick dinner. Tasty bite Spinach dal and half a piece of ww naan with fat free mozz melted on top and a rice cake (I needed some crunch).

The spinach and lentils were delicious. Very soupy though. I enjoyed sopping it up with the naan. I added siracha (I really need to learn how to spell it) and it was awesome!

For dessert I had a handful of raisels. Don’t think I have talked about these yet. In the summer I stumbled upon these gems in the dried fruit section of Gunuardi’s (grocery store). They are ca white grapes dipped in citric acid. Sound gross? Citric acid is the coating on my favorite…. Sour patch kids!!!

When I discovered these healthier sour patch kids I was ecstatic. They aren’t quite like the original of course but these are really good and they have a bunch of flavors. Tonight I broke into the sour apple.

Weekend recap

January 30, 2011

I was again lazy this weekend. I swear one of these days I will at least document even if I don’t post.

Friday I stayed in and watched tv and baked no pudge for the tailgate bright and early Saturday. Saturday was tailgate, nova game ( :( ), old eagle (bar by my house), then Nan Zhou hand drawn noodle house in Philly, another bar and then home. Here are the pics.

Low fat bacon ranch dip I made.

I didn’t really like the dip but the boys thought it was alright for a low fat dip. It was a big container of ff sour cream, ranch dressing dry mix, and Oscar meyer real crumbled bacon (which is actually low fat). I let it sit overnight.

My favorite cheap beer. And really the only cheap beer I will drink now. I’m a beer snob apparently. Who knew.

Some awesome pumpernickel and onion pretzels. I had a ton of these waiting for the breakfast sandwiches to be ready.

The no pudge fudge I made. This was the cappuccino flavor and I frosted it with marshmallow fluff. The trick with no pudge is to take it out of the oven 10 mind before they suggest on the box. Makes the brownies goo-ier and more delicious. The fluff was awesome on it as well.

Heres my egg sandwich from the tailgate. Fried egg, sausage, and ketchup on an English muffin. Mmmm

Pig ears. No joke. These were actually really good. Very spicy with good flavor. I had a hard time getting over the chewy crunch of them though.

The most delicious noodles ever!! #14 pork shaved noodles with a fried egg. And lots of siracha. The noodles were so fresh and amazing. This huge bowl was only $5!

On Sunday I made a bunch of food (I determined to ace a takeout- less day). I took no pics though. The food included french toast, Mac n cheese, and a grilled cheese and ham (for Dan). the Mac n cheese was really good and worth mentioning but I am making it for Jae on Wed so I’m going to hold off on the recipe until then.

Next weekend I will try harder to snap more photos. And maybe even post! But one step at a time.

Its friday night…

January 28, 2011

And the mood is right… come on, you know you loved TGIF back in the day…

This morning I really wanted fiber one and pb so I had it again. Boring, I know. But this is a delicious combination!

Just unwrap your fiber one and spread about 1 tbsp pb on it and enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.

Morning snack was pumpkin tea and some S’mores goldfish that coworker Leslie brought in for me to try.

These were really good! Basically a combo between Teddy Grahams chocolate and Graham bears and the marshmallows from lucky charms.

For lunch I had a tasty bite vegetable korma package (forgot to take a pic of the pack!) and an everything bagel thin.

I love indian food but always feel I have to be careful what I have because it uses so much oil and cream. I really enjoy a lot of these tasty bite meals. First time trying this one and it was fabulous!

Lots of potatoes and carrots and deliciousness. It didn’t really taste like other korma sauces I’ve had but I would def purchase again. At only 240 calories, with a small side it’s a great lunch! I was scraping the sauce off the bowl with the bagel thin.

After lunch I had this dark choc pb cup I’ve been dying to try. Mmmm.

Afternoon snack was some frozen mixed berries and a few almonds.

Vita Preworkout posing by my work name plate.

Fitness: after not having a traditional workout yesterday I was looking forward to a good one today. I went back to the Friday bight kickboxing class I tried 2 weeks ago. Well, first I did week 3 day 1 of 100 pushups. I did then with ease for once. But yeah, I’m going backwards in hopes to go forward. Well see how it works, can’t hurt. The kickboxing was good but I left work late and missed the first 15 mins. I pushed really hardn or the other 45. I had a lot more energy to burn but I also had errands to run so I left.

Dinner was leftovers from last night. But first I had a bunch of FF Pringles and olives from the olive bar (green stuffed with almonds are still my fav!).

-3 TJ turkey meatballs
-barilla plus pasta
-green giant creamed spinach and tomato sauce
-RF Parmesan

Afterward I had a box of raisins and a choc covered cherry for dessert.

Now I am showering, and waiting around until Dan’s bus gets in. Were going to have a few drinks and lay low since we are tailgating at 8am tomorrow. go cats!

Work is..

January 27, 2011

Delayed?! Not cancelled?! So ridiculous. None of the roads were plowed except for the highway and we got about a foot and half of snow!

Anyway, I enjoyed sleeping in an extra hour and then had to get up to shovel my stoop and my car out. I was starving when I woke up so I ate this fiber one topped with one tbsp of pb before heading out to shovel.

It took me an hour to clear everything, get my car out, find a new spot on a plowed road for it, and trek back to my house. I think we consider this some fitness for the day! My heart rate was up hauling that snow and walking in snow up to my knees!

When I got to work, I had worked up and appetite and had a slice of sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bread with spray butter and a mint tea with one sweet n’ low.

For lunch I had an Amy’s light and lean black bean and cheese enchilada and about 25 goldfish.

I never tried the light and lean Amy’s. This was really good!

I would buy it again. It needed to be a touch bigger though but I like adding the goldfish I stole from coworker Leslie.

The fish were tasty. I wish they had some fiber in them. Fiber one, make a line of goldfish snacks!

Thought I would mention this now since I’ve grown accustomed to eating this post meal. After lunch I’ve been wanting a palate cleanser so I’ve been chewing gum. Currently I’m chewing this dessert delights mint chocolate chip ice cream. It in no way tastes like the ice cream or would stave off an ice cream craving but it is tasty and a good after lunch palate cleanser like I said.

Afternoon snack was an apple and some soy nuts eaten in a hurry between meetings at work.

I was really stressed about getting a parking spot in Manayunk tonight. When I got home, much to my chagrin, I was right and the parking situation and roads were a nightmare. I ate this vita on the way out of the office, so nothing creative.

I thus decided to skip a traditional workout for the night and spent another hour shoveling (total 2 today!). This time I helped Jae with his driveway to earn my keep for stealing a space there (more fitness)

Afterward it was my turn for our weekly dinner. I broiled some turkey meatballs in the oven and topped some barilla plus rotini with green giant creamed spinach (a touch of green to the meal) and tomato sauce. And a side of make shift garlic toast.

These TJ’s meatballs are a new favorite. I like them better then purdue.

The creamed spinach worked in the sauce but made it a little watery. I would suggest just regular spinach but it worked in a pinch.

The garlic toast using spray butter and garlic powder is quick and easy.

I had my last 2 fish-ies for dessert.

*btw since I blog using the iPad, it changes a lot of words using predictive test. I don’t always catch the changes. Bear with me.

I hate people and snow.

January 26, 2011

My day started off terribly…

Let’s first start off with how last night i parked 4 blocks from my house so I wouldn’t get another ticket for parking on one of those boxes. This morning, I woke up and trekked to my car in a blizzard. When I got there, my car had been blocked in (bumper to bumper ) by some moron parked illegally (on the box I was trying to avoid). i cleaned my car off and waited…I called the police (what else do you do??) and waited…

45mins later, she came out and drove away so quickly I couldn’t even say anything. And, apparently without still being parked there, either could the cops. I then sat in traffic for an hour because the snow was coming down and the roads were awful.

While waiting for the cops to show up, I got hungry and ate this Pumpkin Pie Cliff bar I had in my bag.

When I got to work, I was very annoyed… as you can imagine… so I treated myself to a coffee with a hazelnut creamer to calm my nerves. I rarely use creamer because so many unnecessary calories but sometimes it’s snide treat.

It is still snowing out and only getting worse as I sit in the office. :( I already requested a sub for kick boxing tonight as I don’t want to have to drive in the snow afterward. Looks like living room workout for this girl tonight.

I snacked on this Kellogs Fiber plus Antioxidants Cinnamon cereal (3/4 c for 120 calories) as my morning snack.

For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine Margherita Pizza.

I am out of goya so I covered it in crushed red pepper.

And I cut it into slices so I could savor it. These pizzas are good but pretty small. Cutting up into prices makes it last longer and seem like more food.

Afternoon snack was an apple and a tbsp of reduced fat pb.

Fitness: Since I left work early to grab a parking spot and missed teaching my class, I did Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack again. Such a good go to at home work out. It’s pretty tough at points with holding your body weight and cardio intervals. I used a 10 lb weight this time which made it even harder.

I finished working out and doing laundry by 5pm and was kind of hungry but didn’t want to eat so early. So, I had a snack. Few pita chips (stolen from Lauren) and some hummus.

After putting away laundry and scratching some other things of my to do list, I decided I had waited long enough to eat. Dinner was leftover curry tuna, rice, and green beans. This time I mixed it all together and I added some habanero pepper I had from when Dan made chili (recipe to come soon… I promise). The pepper was not hot :( (even with the seeds in) but it did add a nice crunch to the dish. Good addition.

The second time, this dish was still delicious I would def buy this tuna again. Good, easy, healthy fish dinner.

Now I’m watching Nova play providence in pjs as it blizzards outside. Planning to eat a lindt chocolate ball later mmmm portion contralled red package.