The more you know..

My friend (Hi, Michelle!) was asking me about my habit of eating the peanuts shells and all and I did some googling.

My research found that alot of people like eating the shells. Yeah, its delicious. Told ya.

This was the most reliable source I found: National Peanut Board

Q: Is it okay to eat peanuts shell and all?
A: While the USDA does not consider the shell or hull of a peanut a food product, many people report that they enjoy peanuts including the shell and food scientists indicate that it’s okay. The chemical composition of peanuts shells varies with the peanut variety and shelling conditions but here is their approximate composition: Crude Fiber 60%; Cellulose 25%; Water 8%; Crude Protein 6%; Ash 2%; Fat 1%

There you have it. eat your shells!

One Response to The more you know..

  1. miiiii-siel says:

    You win…but please note that they made it clear that the shell is NOT a food.

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