March 18, 2011

My alarm went off at 5:25am and I was so tired! I really didn’t want to get up, let alone get up to run. I stayed in bed for a minute trying to convince myself to get up… I thought if I don’t do it now I will have to do it at lunch or tomorrow before bachelorette activities. Still not convinced, I thought of Starbucks for some reason and I bribed myself to get out of bed by telling myself I could get a Frappuccino if i got up. It worked!

Fitness: At 5:45am I hit the road. I knew this wasn’t going to be a fast run and told myself anything under 10 min pace was fine. Once I got going I felt alright. I wasn’t going super fast but I wasn’t struggling. I ended with a 9:05 average so 3.5 miles took me about 33 mins. I did manage to hold a steady pace:

1- 9:06
2- 9:01
3- 9:08
last.5- 9:07

After the run I enjoyed my Starbucks bribe.

-grande coffee frapuccino light with a shot of espresso
-spinach feta wrap

I also had a sample bite of a donut they had sitting output didn’t get a pic.

For a morning snack, I had an orange and some cocoa roast almonds. As I’ve said the past few days, my snacks are more filling when they include some fat. This kept me full until 12:30 (I am usually starving at 12), so it worked.

I ate lunch at my desk today because I plan to take a later break to watch the end of the Villanova Game (I am writing this portion before said break/game so hopefully it turns out well). I didn’t have any frozen meals and I can’t eat meat so I grabbed a peice of whole wheat naan i had frozen and made pizza out of it.

-ww naan
-part skim mozz
-peperonni FLAVORED sauce (I realized later that this had peperoni in it but at this point I tried to abide by Lenten rules anad had nothing else so I ate it anyway)
-sprinkled with crushed red and dipped in hot sauce

I wanted something sweet after lunch and had another stick of kidder bueno compliments of Pam’s trip to Argentina

I took my break to watch the end of the game at 3:30 and popped a 100 calorie bag of smart pop for game time snackage.

As you probably, know they lost. Thats really all I have to say on that. Then I had to get to the train/ bus. There was some rubbernecking going on and it forced me to have to drive straight to the station (I prefer to park at my house and walk over) but it was like 78 degrees out and I had some spare flops in my trunk so I put those on and went my merry way. Makes me wish I was going to outdoor happy hour somewhere :(.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get for dinner on the bus and thought for sure there was a subway at which I could get a veggie delight. There was not. Odd. I was pretty much set on some sort of veggie sandwich and saw a Cosi with published nutritional info (love that law!).

They had a Tuscan Veggie sandwich for 350-some calories.

I tried that. It was really good! It had a feta spread, eggplant, lettuce, tomato, peppers. The bread had some salt on it which really put it over the top. I really enjoyed it!

On the side I had some carrots

and a bag of baked lays.

And a diet coke for caffeine.

Ayway, now I’m headed up to NY. Laying low tonight. Trying out the hungry girl swap for the McDonalds shamrock shake! You know how much I love anything ice-cream related. I’ll let you know how it goes.

You’re free, lunch! You’re freeeee!

December 3, 2010

Fitness: woke up at 5:10 this morning and went to cycling class. The class was not the best workout but there were some challenging parts and I felt good from it.

When I got to work I was really craving eggs but decided to stick to the oats I brought from home. Maybe I’ll get some eggs tomorrow.

Another batch of holiday oats. Tried to make these blue but they looked green.

-1/4 c steel cut
-1/4 c multi grain
-1/2 banana
-sweet n low packet
-blue cake sugar crystal things
-1/2 tbsp of naturally nutty honey cinnamon peanut butter
-handful frozen pom

Snacked on this banana:

For lunch the office was having free pizza (post title a play on a dominoes commercial). Who isn’t excited by free food. I had a skier of veggie and a slice of mushroom-topped with goya hot sauce. I ate it with a knife and fork to eat slower. I wish there was salad.

I had a few mints I had thrown in my bag to get the pizza taste out of my mouth.

Then when work was done I made my way to the bus. Since I’ve never written about it, a couple things about my trips to NY. I go to NY to visit my friend, Dan sometimes referred to as Daniel (it’s the spanish, pronounced Danielle).

1. I have to race out of work to make the 5:30 train near my house. I like to walk to it (takes about 10 mins) but most times I have to drive right there. Annoying be ause when I return on Sunday I either have to get my car and fight for parking. Which is terrible near my house. Or I completely forget about it until I go to work Monday morning and make Lauren drive me there haha.
2. I catch the 6:30pm bolt or megabus depending on what’s cheaper when I buy my bundle (I buy as many tux as far in advance as I can because that’s the best way to get them for cheap). The bus has wifi and plugs and is a great deal. It can be as little as $6 round trip (my pr haha) or as much as $26 (still a good deal).
3. Depending on traffic and the bus being on time (it’s often late- especially mega), I get into NY around 8:30
4. Dan usually meets me at a bar near the stop and I drink a shock top draft (one of my absolute favorite beers) and go on from there.

And I was kidding Dan is my boyfriend. Anyone who knows me probably thought “typical” when I didn’t say it. Gotcha.

Anyway, today I got to walk to the train. Yay. En route I realized I had no cash. Sucks. Lucky for me Manayunk has a bar on vey corner so I was able to get cash. Yay. And run to the train to make it. Sucks. Got Dunkin donuts latte light (120 skim milk cals). Yay.

Was unprepared for the bitter cold and froze waiting outside for the bus. Sucks. Now I’m en route and blogging. Yay. The person next to me is going to think I’m weird when I take pics of the dinner I packed… I’m so cool.

-everything bagel thin I toasted this morn(not so tasty now, but better then not toasted at all)
-sabra Greek olive hummus

Side of Herr’s whole grain pretzels. I love these. They have flax seed, omega 3s, more fiber and protein the normal pretzel sticks, and taste like delicious rye.

Afternoon sugar needed

November 19, 2010

Well we won round one of playoffs in volleyball last night in 2 games (tournament is best 2 of 3). Round 2 on Monday!

Fitness: had a tough time but managed get up this morning to go to Spin class fueled by the fact that i had a lame workout on monday.  I went to the other location of my gym and much to my surprise they had gotten new bikes– digital ones!  I was very excited to try them out.  Turns out the digital part doesn’t really make a difference– it actually kind of annoyed me.

  1. it showed the time on the bike. even though i can see a clock in the room itself sometimes i completely lose track of time in there — which is a good thing– so i didn’t really like having that right in front of me.
  2. I like the resistance to be a number level based on what you can handle.. having the actual number on the bike was weird.. especially if i was teaching i don’t think i would like this

The good part about the bikes is it estimated how far you went– that’s something people always ask me in class and i have no idea.  The bikes were also a really smooth ride– probably because they were new and there was also no resistance “chain”/ belt you could adjust which i like because people are always messing with those.   Does anyone else thing aside from the distance calculation the digitized spin bikes are kind of pointless?

Anyway the class was good and I went home and showered and went to work.

When I got to work I decided on a pizza bagel for breakfast.

  • whole wheat bagel thin
  • tbsp peporoni flavored pizza sauce
  • 1 wedge laughing cow light chipotle fresco cheese
  • couple tbsp FF mozzeralla
  • thinck slice of tomato

I toasted the thin, topped it with the fillin’ and put it in the toasted over on broil for like 5 mins. Random breakfast to have but it was delicious. They have come a long way with FF cheese– it actually melts now! The laughing cow cheese added good flavor to the sandwich and I am pretty much obsessed with this pizza sauce.

Per usual on Friday I chugged coffee at my desk while working… at work I take my coffee black with one sweet n’ low.

I decided to skip morning snack today in anticipation for a Lunch Club trip to Wendy’s.  I like Wendy’s because they have the meal calculator thing on their website and some good low cal/ fat options.  My order at Wendy’s is always pretty close to this one.

  • small chili- with the hot seasoning o’ course
  • side salad -sans the croutons and no dressing
  • value size chicken nuggets (pronounced noogs)
  • low fat milk on the side

I then pour about half the chili onto the salad [this is actually what their taco salad is–minus the fattening stuff (cheese, tortilla strips, etc)– thanks, CA for her knowledge of fast food]. The whole meal is about 480 calories.. a little more then I would normally have for lunch (300-400) but that’s why I skipped the snack today. ** sidenote I don’t include the milk in the meal calories.  This is because i recently stopped drinking milk because of the calories and i realized that was the wrong thing to do. Milk has a ton of protein which i always need and when I drink it with my meals it helps fill me up, thus i ultimately eat less.

Afternoon snack was going to be an apple but i was fading and needed sugar. Nestle crunch from work candy stash. I ate it slow so it would last longer (twss…). Then I hit up the coffee again!

On the bus to NY I had a bag of baked lays to tide me over. The bus was running late and i was ravenous and pouty when i got there.. ask Dan-ielle.

I had googled healthy food near Penn Station the Energy Kitchen came up and sounded intriguing. They had a good menu but the portions were small. For an “appetizer” we shared this bag of chips– they were similar to pop chips. lots of chips today i guess…first taste was bad but after a few more bites i really liked them:

Dan and I split a turkey meatloaf wrap and a bison cheesesteak. both were really delicious just kind of small.

(left turkey, right bison)

small size:

kicked up with this.. not very spicy but tastey and went well on both wraps:

Dan also ordered a bowl of sweet potatoes that I stole some bites of.

we passed a pinkberry so of course i had to hit it up for dessert…I have a new obsession with mochi and pomegranate seeds.

now watching Harry Potter 6 in pjs trying not to fall asleep the 2nd time.. Dans fault if i do…. again.

Damn you, kettlebells!

November 15, 2010

Last weekend I visited my high school home, Los Angeles, CA. It was an awesome weekend with some fitness (bike ride from Manhattan Beach to Venice Beach… 8 miles-ish? and a kettle bell class) and some boozing. I’ll leave it at that since it would be a lot to recap for a first post. But, I will say that said kettlebell class has destroyed my legs. They are still sore from Friday!! Mother of… Anyway, after a lot of not-so-healthy eating this weekend and being still slightly hungover I woke up this morning ready to get back on track with eating healthy. Unfortunately, since I have been away, I also woke up with a minimal amount of food in the fridge.

My stomach was queasy… i think from being slightly tired.. slightly dehydrated.. slightly grossed out from what i ate all weekend (per usual though).. so I started the day with Oikos bluberry yogurt topped with crushed pecans and some raisins:

I just discovered this yogurt when they were giving free samples out at the gym. I have been searching high and low for the 100 calorie packs.. but have not yet found them anywhere near me. Unfortunate. This one had 120 cals so I bought it. The fixins i used to beef it up for breakfast worked well. Very good yogurt, creamy with a nice amount of sweetness.

I later ate the rest of the raisins as my morning snack. I eat a snack around 11am everyday.. try to keep it around 100 calories.

I was excited for lunch because I had extra naan from my naan pizza binge last week. Last delicious naan-y pizza:

I bought the naan at superfresh and it was crispy and amazing heated up in my work toaster oven with some peperoni flavored pizza sauce. Unfortunately one serving of naan was 1/2 a full naan and was 190 calorie so a little small but worked for lunch (and it only took me about 5 mins until it was all crispy and melty). Maybe next time Ill add some olives to get some filling fattiness in there.

Afternoon snack of mini pretzel bag (i love these 50 calorie bags- awesome snack portion to pair with something more filling!) and Everybody’s nuts pistachio’s.. so salt and peppery. Confession.. I like to get the peppery-ness that is stuck on the shell of the pistachio and eat it. Ill leave it up to your imagination how I do this because its not cute haha.

And then my pre-workout snack of a vita top. Today was double chocolate dream. I imagine eventually I won’t even post pictures of these because they are a staple of my diet. I think I partially owe my existence to the Vitalicious people.

At the end of the day, my legs were still sooo sore from the kettlebell fiasco, I decided to forego an intense work out (very unlike me.. I am not too happy about it). Instead I spent 30 mins riding my at home spin bike while reading blogs on my ipad. I stretched my sore legs afterward by doing an on-demand yoga: 21 day yoga. it was pretty good. Very quick with lots of leg stretching. definitely could not do the splits that Brooklyn Decker was doing in it though… ridiculous.

After my weak work out, I showered, slapped some heating pads to the legs and made dinner.

I was pretty hungry at the point, so I put together some brown rice (leftover Chinese food from yesterday), a can of green beans sprinkled with crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, and “no salt” (reduced sodium salt), and a Boca Chik’n patty. I dipped everything in KC Masterpeice BBQ sauce (lowest calorie bbq sauce out there and I don’t think they were even trying). The meal looked like this and took about 5 mins to heat up in.. yup.. the microwave:

I had a LARGE glass of milk on the side to try and get some extra protein to my screaming legs. Now I am sitting around heating up my inner thighs and quads (…sounds bad?) and hoping my legs will be ok by the time i have to teach cycling tomorrow.

happy first post!