All day meeting day dos

I had another meeting all day today and again that meant navigating the provided food. As always I knew the breakfast would be bagels and pastries so I skipped and opted for oatmeal and cocoa roast almonds.

The banana is pictured but I actually ate it as my morning snack later…

For lunch I had the same issue as yesterday. My nemesis was back! I chose the ham again since I knew it was safe. I didn’t notice cheese yesterday but today I removed the tasteless slices. I also scraped some of the honey mustard off the bread because there was a lot more today.

I splurged and ate the chips again today. And I got rid of r cookies and pasta salad.

Afternoon snack were some unpictured peanuts and this orange. It was an excellent orange! I stole one for tomorrow. I was upset because I thought there were going to be soft pretzels but it was chips and guac instead which I was not feeling.

Anyway I pretty successfully managed myself through the temptations again. On the way out of the office I had a caramel coconut fudge bar. I am out of vitas. Gasp!

Fitness: I had a bit of a time crunch today because I had to run 4.5 miles and get to my volleyball game at the gym that’s further from my house by 6:30pm. I planned a route (I do my route planning on btw. It’s not completely accurate but close) and inshore it so I ended at the gym.

Dinner was thus late for me because I was eating at almost 8pm. I guess similar to Tuesdays. I quickly threw together leftovers. Baked chicken patty and green bean salad from yesterday and then some quick side pretzels and mushrooms.


Green bean salad

Mushrooms and pretzels

Dipping sauces: hummus and jalapeño mustard

Heading up to NY tomorrow early from work to celebrate good Friday with dan’s family. Should be a huge feast. Can’t wait! Happy Easter everyone!

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