Burn burn burn it up

December 19, 2010

After my weekend binge (sooo many cookies, 2 fast food stops, wedding hor devours, etc), I knew I had to get back on track this week. I felt like eggs so on my way into work I stopped at McDonalds (yeah, yeah fast food again but it was with good intentions) and got some scrambled eggs. That’s it, 170 calories of eggs. When I got to the office I opened them up and they had thrown a biscuit in there as well. It smelled so good. I looked up the nutritionals for it and opted out. I took the biscuit and immediately tossed it so I wouldn’t be tempted.

I toasted an Arnold multi grain sandwich thin and made a sandwich with the egg and Goya hot sauce. Delicious. I really need to just bring egg beaters and some Pam to work and make my own eggs in the microwave. Da well, this is delicious in the mean time.

I was freezing in my cube and drank the last of a berry tea bag I had during my normal morning snack time.

I ran an errand at lunch and picked up my gift for tomorrow’s Santa’s Sloppy Seconds we’re having at Lunch Club. Excited to see what everyone gets (it’s like white elephant I guess). While out I was able to pick up lots of seasonal teas! Peppermint, pumpkin spice, and more eggnoggn’. I returned to have a chicken noodle soup lunch.

With a side of ranch rice quakes. First time I’ve had the ranch. These were delicious, not too over powering…just right.

Afternoon snack I broke into the peppermint tea. Unfortunately the tea is caffeine free but it is very minty, which i like. And I had a banana.

More Vita holidays:

Fitness: i needed a looooong workout today after the weekend. So I decided to redo last Monday’s gym session. I started by doing pushups for the challenge (yes, still week 4 day 1:( ). I then ran for 30 mins on the treadmill, doing fartleks. These were tough, whenever I wanted to slow down I thought of cookies burning up (burn, burn, burn it up up upppp) haha. Stats:

After that i went to bootcamp class. The hour in there goes so fast! Today she used the bosu ball which was different and really exhausted my arms, abs and legs with different moves. She also used the kettlebell, which I have come to really enjoy. Another great hour and a half gym session and I still was home by 7:30.

I was starving when I got home. I made quick dinner of leftovers. Mixed veggies and white beans from last week, a little TJ wild rice, Morningstar chikn’ patty.


I love these veggies, lots of variety, excellent with hot sauce.

I also have had a love affair with chikn’ patties for a while. Mostly because they are so easy. Just heat in the microwave for 1-2 mins.

I decided I do not like this rice. I threw away most of the bag but kept trying it. It’s okay mixed with other stuff (you know, when the flavor is masked). Anyway I will definitely not be buying this variety again.

I really wanted to try my baking again so I had a cake ball and a cookie after dinner. Both were sooooo good today!! The cake ball was really moist and creamy. It tasted undercooked form the moisture of the jelly- in a good way. And I love the combo of chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate. These are awesome. The cookie is also delicious! They are very fluffy and cake-like and the pb and dark chocolate chips are so good in it. I am so proud of my guilt free desserts. Next time I will have to calculate the exact nutrtionals on these. There will be a next time.

Rainy Sunday

December 12, 2010

Woke up on Sunday and Dan wasn’t feeling well.. As you may imagine after the four locos, shots,and chivas haha. we decided to splurge and order room service. It ended up being awesome! I got the kid’s scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of rye toast because that was a little cheaper then the adults haha. It ended up being a good size and it came with a delicious mashed potato ball thing and a grilled tomato.

Dan enjoying his eggs Benedict/ going comatose in bed.

We ate and watched movies all morning, it was very relaxing and especially nice tone warm and dry because it was gloomy and pouring out. At checkout at noon, we scrambled (like always, checkout times are the bane of my existence) to pack our stuff and get out. I dropped Dan at the meadowlands for the Jets game and then drove myself home.

I spent the afternoon with Lauren using a groupon we had bought for jeans and sipping on another non-fat sugar free peppermint white chocolate latte from Saxby’s. I love them!

With the groupon I ended up getting a pair of petite Seven jeans for $50 off and was pretty pleased about it. Now I have to take them to get hemmed. At 4″11 and a quarter even the petite jeans are too long. Annoying.

After shopping Lauren and I grabbed an early dinner at Chipotle. I had a burrito bowl. The tortillas there add too many calories to justify.

-hot sauce
-tomato salsa
-corn salsa

Mmm I really enjoy pulled pork in all forms. Lauren and I also split some chips.

I had plans to head to the gym since my eating today hasn’t been the best but don’t think I am going to make it. I am enjoying lounging around. Going to go clean my room and maybe catch up on Intuitive eating reading.

More leftovers

November 27, 2010

Woke up this morning and went on my final Phoenix run. We only did 3 miles but Bernie was booking it. On my sore legs I tried to keep up but he was running like 7 min miles.

Pre-run snack whole wheat toast with apricot jam.

After getting ditched I made oats for everyone. This was a really good batch

-1/2 c steel cut
-1/4 c rolled
-1 tbsp brown sugar
-half banana
-about 2 c water eyeballed
– 2 handfuls frozen bloobs (blueberries)

Heat first 5 ingredients together for 3 mins, stir halfway, and then add the bloobs for some melty, frozeny blooby goodness.

Basically sat on then couch all day after that. It was glorious just doing nothing. For lunch I had reinvented leftover. Open face turkey sandwich and mashed po-tots.

-whole wheat toast
-cold turkey (I decided I like the leftover turkey better cold)
-cranberry sauce
-green bean casserole

It was all the flavors I love at thanksgiving on a sandwich. Delish. I want to learn how make a slimmed down cranberry sauce I love it so much I could set it all the time.

For a snack later I had more raspberries. Dinner will be a special post coming up!