Cold and rainy

March 31, 2011

Well today does not feel like the last day of March! The high is 45 and it is rainy and gross. Lucky for me I have my best friends from high school coming to visit tonight!! Woohoo. Hopefully it gets a little warmer or at least doesn’t rain all weekend!

So last night at the grocery store there were some eye catching boxes of oatmeal in the $1 section. Upon closer inspection the boxes had 5 packets of oats and you were supposed to use the packets to measure the water for the oats. this didn’t really intrigue me, but the flavors if the oats did. This morning I tried the Dark Chocolate variety.

I didn’t use the bag to measure and I topped with about a tbsp of chopped pecans and half a banana (about 2 hours later I ate the other half). The last were good! It kind of tastes like not as good brownie batter but nor as bad for you either. It was a nice a nice change up.

Morning snack was an apple.

Lunch was a la work again and was the best free lunch ever!

I had a sandwich, a garlic knot and a salad.

The sandwich had ham, really fresh mozzarella (!) and artichoke! It was so good! I added some sweet an hot mustard to it and was in love.

After lunch I was in the room with the food still and my self control was waning. The dessert looked so good. I started by trying a tiny sliver of cookie bar, cookie, an lemon bar.

This later led to a whole cookie bar and lemon bar. Waaaa. Going to have to skip afternoon snack for that slip up.

My next meal was my Preworkout vita. “vita tops really measure up!” -Co-worker Carianne 2011

Fitness: per my schedule I ran 4 miles today.

For dinner I met the girls in center city at the oyster house and didn’t take pics. So I won’t bore you with what I ate but I kept it on the lighter side by splitting an appetizer and an entree. But then later I got a heaping serving of self serve froyo. Haha.

i’m back!

March 30, 2011

I am alive. Sorry for the lack of posts!

Explanation for post lull:

  • I was having trouble posting on Thursday (but just got that one up (twss…)).
  • Then i had no internet access in San Fran from Fri- Mon.
  • Tuesday I had an off site meeting right off my vacation and was in eating with collegues and when I finally got to the office at 2 I had a million emails to follow up on and decided no blog today.

Speaking of quick recap of tuesday fitness… i had a marathon day because before vacation I thought I would feel gross and fat and want to work out (I didn’t at all, will explain in vacay recap). So yesterday I had planned out to run 4 miles then teach my spin class. I was dreading it all day! And you know what, it didn’t turn out that bad. I was tired afterward but it felt really good. On that note, i probably won’t be doing that again unless forced haha.

Anyway today’s eats.

I was dreading having no lean cuisines in the work fridge so I quick stopped off at the market before getting to work. They were having 5 lean cuisines for $10 and then the lady at checkout gave me $5 off frozen meals!! It was sweet! I got 8 lean cuisines, a smart ones breakfasts sandwich box (2 breakfasts), an Amy’s frozen meal, and a box of fiber plus granola bars for $20! I was happy to have started my morning so thriftily!

Breakfast was my recent purchase: Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich

I nuked it in the microwave (def does not need the full directions time) and then dipped in lots of hot sauce.

These are good for at work breakfast sandwiches with good stats but not as good as if you made it yourself. The english muffin is definitely soggy. Oh well, good in a pinch.

Morning snack was this apple that was really tiny but it was alright because i had a big lunch.

Lunch was provided by work because I was participating in website testing. I had a dressingless salad of lettuce, 2 mozz balls, olives, cucumber and some roasted red pepper and a chicken wrap.

I was excited about the wrap because it was just plain meaning no scary condiments. It was just a wrap with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

I later went back for a garlic knot. They are too good to pass up!

Afternoon snack I kept light also fearing the stats of the garlic knot. I had this orange.

Vita top pre workout hanging out by my new monitor at work. I was havign montior problems yesterday and today at work and I got a new one out of it. I must admit the change is a little weird. But now no one can hide anything behind my monitor*!!

*my coworkers hid an apple air freshner back there for 2 weeks! I can remember they day it arrived because I could smell the pungeont smell of apples and it gave me a headache. For weeks I thought it was the person on the other side of my cube. Then I found out it was behind the monitor. touche on the prank but hate. haha

Fitness: taught my usual kickboxing class. I was supposed to get in some pushups but didn’t make the time. My b.

Dinner was quick because I needed to tidy up my room and do laundry before my friends come this weekend! Brief note on that- my 5 best friends from high school are coming to visit Philly this weekend!! I am so excited!

Anyway as i was saying, dinner was quick… This is my go to quick dinner often. It is very tasty! I call it chicken with cheesy rice.

Microwave the cheesy rice and broccoli for about 5 mins and pour over half of this pitch of chicken. Top with lots of crushed red pepper and mix it up. Mmmm.

San Fran Recap 3

March 30, 2011

On our third and final day we had a bike ride planned. If you’ve ever been to San Fran you have seen a million signs about bike the bridge. I love a good bike tour so I was very excited!

The bike tour was a lot of fun. We started by eating bagels that I missed snapping a picture of. Then we started biking. We went across the bridge, into Sausilito, and into the red wood forest.

Unfortunately we were given bad information and bike ride became very long… Like 5 hours long. It was very hilly, had lots of head wind, and was rather challenging but we made it to Tiburon at 3:30 after beginning our tour at 10 am. Yeaaaaah.

We celebrated with margaritas at a mexican seafood restaurant in Tiburon. Dan had crushed grape and I was jealous! I usually hate grape flavored things but this was sour and amazing. I had pomegranate and it was good but not as special as the grape.

I had a shrimpy salad and lots of chips and salsa.

When the worlds longest bike ride ended we decided to transport ourselves to Napa via wine tasting. We each tasted 5 wines. We had some really good ones! This was our second favorite and we bought to drink at the hotel right after (number 1 was too pricey).

After sipping our wine we were ready for a late dinner and we did the touristy thing and went Boudin (the famous sour dough bakery). Sour dough pizza was a little disappointing. The crust was very good but you couldn’t taste sour dough.

We drank some beers while waiting for the pizza….

After pizza we got really…. Fat. Dan decided he couldn’t go to CA without having In N Out.

I had a bite too..

Then even though we weren’t hungry we decided we needed to hit the Ghiradelli trifecta. Butterscotch (left) and peanut butter sundaes (yes I gave up pb for lent, it was Sunday so I was allowed).

I’m gonna eat you…


I was extremely uncomfortably full after that! It was terrible. But delicious and deserved since I biked to the end of the earth and back.

As I said I didn’t get pics on Monday or Tuesday. But enow I am back on track. Great vacation! I highly recommend visiting San Francisco.

San Fran Recap 2

March 30, 2011

Fitness: On Saturday morning I had to run 3.5 miles. It was raining and miserable and I had to force myself out of my comfy hotel bed. Tis was my first rainy run and it was too terrible. I recently bought a Nike running jacket. It is light but breaks the wind and has a hood and kept my dry up top. I was a fan. It was also not raining hard enough for my shoes to get soaked which was nice. They weren’t dry by any means but I wasn’t sloshing around. I ran from our hotel through Fishermans Wharf to avoid hills and back. It was a good run. When I got back I was surprised how slow I was! 3:8 miles in 35 mins (avg 9:30/ mile). I a hook off the bad time and attributed it to the rain.

After my run we decided to try some San Fran China town fare and get dim sum. We pointed at things a we wanted and ended p with a tasty meal that le me WAY full for $9. Yes, your read that correctly, $9. For both of us. To be stuffed.
My dim sum:

We split this. I ate most of the veggies and dan ate most of the starch haha

My pork bun. Best dim sum item have ever had!

After dim sum we began walking. I think we walked 10-15 miles over the course of the day! Lots of hill too. We started with the filbert street steps up to coit tower.

View from the top:

More walking…

Up Lombard!

Trolley car!

A terrible bear I tried. Bleh!

Painted ladies!

Whatever happened to predictability…..

The dim sum kept us full through the entire day of walking! I wasn’t hungry again until 6pm and I was so exhausted. I only wanted one thing… Sundaes!

This time we got the cookie bottom and the very berry. Still loved the cookie but very berry was refreshing and a close runner up. Mmmm.

San Fran Recap 1

March 30, 2011

The quick and dirty of my trip. We basically saw every touristy thing there is to do in Saaaaan Fraaaaanciscooooo (sing that). It was really fun and actually quite a workout. If you are interested in an awesome SF itinerary let me know. I am itinerary obsessed.

Anyway I am just going to throw some pics up of the sites and eats separated by day with a few captions here and there.

Our flight out was at 7:30 am so we got up super early to get there on time. I snacked on a granola bar preplane:

On the plane we busted out chicken cutlet sandwiches donated to us by Dan’s mom. It was a cutlet, pickles, mustard, on rye bread and was soooo good!

Pretzels on the side.

When we arrived we checked into our homeland were ready for lunch. Some view en route to get food:

We decided to go for SF specialty chowder in a sour dough bowl. Oh my gaa! So delicious. Best sour dough ever.

And because dan didn’t know what prawns were he ordered those. Shrimp… The moooore you knooooow.

I also tried my first SF beer anchor steam. I was a big fan!

Later we a had our first (of many…one per day to be exact), Ghiradelli sundae. Most delicious sundae I have ever eaten!! We paid $9 for this but it was so worth it.

It was the cookie bottom sundae. That meant there was a gooey, just out of the oven can’t even hold together Ghiradelli cookie topped with loads of vanilla ice cream, Ghiradelli chocolate syrup, whipped cream and nuts. I die.

We were amateurs this time and split the sundae, a mistake that would not be made again haha.

We tourd Alcatraz and unfortunately didn’t take why pics there :(. Later we had a dinner of beer andppetizers:

Vacation all I ever wanted

March 24, 2011

Vacation had to get away! I will be on vacation at 5pm today until 8am Tuesday! Woohoo.

Started my day with some fitness: I ran 2 miles on the treadmill in about 17 mins and then took a body works class. This is a weight class where they use lift weights and do a bunch of reps and hit almost every muscle group. she spent a lot of time doing combinations of moves (i.e. Lunges and bicep curls, squats and overhead press). All the leg stuff was really hard for me since I’ve already ran 11 miles this week and taught kickboxing.

I stayed the whole hour class (until 6:45) so I had to rush to get ready and make it to work on time.

Breakfast vita top with SFB and banana. I used half the banana and ate the other half.

For my morning snack I wanted some crunch so I satisfied that with 2 white cheddar rice cakes.

I slapped together some items from my freezer for lunch today since I couldn’t bear the thought of another lean pocket.

-a portion of whole wheat pasta I had frozen
-turkey meatballs (4 were frozen together)
-light ragu sauce
-lots of crushed red pepper, o’ course

Afternoon snack was a hodge podge. One Hershey with almond square and a twizzler.

After work I headed home to quickly change and grab my luggage for the trip. En route I had some brownies that Lauren made last night. So gooey and delicious!

Dinner was a la 30th Street Station. Come to find, even when you can eat meat, your healthy choices are limited. Some salads were low cal and sounded good but I don’t think they’d travel well. So I went back to last week’s discovery: Cosi Fire Roasted Vegge Sandwich.

I order it on whole grain bread, warm, with carrots instead of chips.

I think what really puts this sandwich over the top is the feta spread but most importantly the big chunks of salt on the delicious flat bread! I heart good bread and now I know that salt on top takes bread to a whole new level. Sooo good.

Carrots are a nice option to have but I did miss the crunch of the chips. I like chips and sandwich combos. I was trying to be good though because I know this weekend isn’t going to be good eating wise.

Anyway now I’m on vacation! Going to try and blog it. However, since I’ve had the blog vacation blogging has been minimal. I will try to at least picture document.

Foil pack fish

March 23, 2011

I got so much sleep last night! I went to bed around 8:30 pm and slept right until my alarm at 6:30 am. Sad part is I could have slept more. I am feeling chipper today though!

I have a lot of fruit to get through the next few days so I am again incorporating it into all of my meals. Thus breakfast was a Banana and SFB (sun flower butter) sandwich.

  • tbsp SFB
  • slice of light bread
  • half banana on top, half eaten on the side

For a morning snack I knew that I needed fruit and fat to fill me up so I had some almonds and a cup of pineapple.

Lunch was again a lean pocket pretzel bread. Ok I am starting to get sick of these now too but I didn’t want to buy new lunches right before my vacation. Next week I am determined to fill up my work stash with lean cuisines! Anyway I ate it before I remembered to snap a pic but as you’ve seen them pretty frequently lately I am sure you can imagine. here’s the remnants…

  • lean pocket
  • white cheddar rice cake
  • orange

I remembered before eating the orange:

Afternoon snack was, you guessed it, fruit and nuts. This time I have a cup of grapes and some mixed nuts.

Preworkout vita top in some shamrocks a little late for St Pat’s day but same month so there.

Fitness: my routine has been strange lately and i havent been teaching my spin class for 2 weeks. I miss spin. I have managed to keep my kickboxing though. When given the choice I always take the kb because it gets me home much earlier (my spin class is at 6:45 pm and I don’t get home until 8, its kind of a pain). Anyway tonight I stuck with the routine and taught my kickboxing class. I also did my first day of W4 D2 of 100 pushup challenge. Looks like this: 25-29-25-25-36+ with 90 secs in between. I was able to do everything up until the end I hit 25 and died. Another set I am going to be on for a while.

After class I stopped quickly at the grocery store to get some sides for my dinner with Jae. It is my turn to cook for him. I munched on these while I cooked:

Foil Pack Tilapia!

  1. I marinated some tilapia in mesquite chili lime marinade that only had 5 calories a serving overnight.
  2. I then wrapped the fish, some spinach and a pepper and onions mix in tin foil
  3. and I baked for about 25 mins at 450 until the fish looked flakey

I served with a side of whole grain couscous. Which I overcooked and was a fail.

This was my first attempt at tin foil cooking and I think it turned out really well! it was so easy to cook this way and even easier to clean up. I’m a fan.

For dessert I had a piece of Godiva chocolate and a few Cadbury eggs (this x2)

Anyway, had to call it an early night because I need to pack for San Fran! I am leaving for NY tomorrow night and then our flight out is on Fri. At least on Thursday I will be reunited with my ipad for easier blogging! woohooo. see you then!