April 6, 2011

Good news! I got a promotion at work today. I am now officially Marketing Specialist. I don’t generally talk about work on this blog as a rule or even reveal where I work so I’ll leave it at that. No worries, you will still be seeing many snacking in the cubicle shots.

On that note, breakfast in the cube (as it is every morning) was cereal and milk I packed from home. I don’t do this often because I have to carry an extra container with milk (why don’t I have milk for the office.. Yeah, I don’t know. Too much work).

-last of my grape nuts, little less then a cup
-handful of blueberry muesli
-half a banana
-skim milk (I don’t measure, just like to drown my cereal in it)

I need more grapenuts. I love them. So filling an versatile. A great addition for cereal mixes.

Morning snack was the other half of the morning banana and some mixed nuts. This time I added cocoa almonds to the mix.

For lunch our department decided to go out and we went to a local place called Wild Rice. The menu was full of all kinds Asian dishes like rice bowls, dim sum, pho, and sushi. There was a lot to choose from!

I went with the Chirashi which was basically a bunch of sashimi with a little side of rice.

It also came with miso soup and a salad.

I ate almost everything and it was delicious. Also very good portion sizes. I say almost because the Ginger salad was covered in Ginger dressing so I skipped a lot of that. The rest was great.

Afternoon snack was an appale.  I also had a few cocoa almonds on the side for filling fat.

Vita top in my uggs that I wore into work this morning (I later changed into heels, no worries) Yes, it is still freezing here. In april.

Fitness: normal wed routine refer to the my workouts tab.

Dinner was a la Jae tonight. He is moving soon which makes me sad to think about :( and will probably make the blog less interesting haha. He made homemade mashed potatoes, shake and bake pork, rolls, and stir fry veggies.

-the mashed potatoes were made with a little margarine and low fat milk

-the pork was first coated with stone ground mustard and then dipped in shake and bake and baked (soooo good!)

-he had 2 veggie choices (sampled both of those)

-had half a roll. Mmmmm so flakey.


March 1, 2011

A while back I purchased a Phillydealyo for Diet-to-go. The next few days you are going to see what this plan looks like…

$45 for a 5-Day Low Fat Meal Plan

Diet-to-go as they describe it is “a calorie-restricted food delivery company. From our chefs in the kitchen to their customer service reps on the phones, they are obsessed with providing you the healthiest, most affordable and best tasting calorie-restricted meals on the planet. Diet-To-Go’s goal is for you to love their meals so much that achieving your goals of losing weight, maintaining weight or improving your overall health and well-being becomes much easier.”

The deal: five (5) days of Low-Fat Traditional or Low-Fat Vegetarian meals for $45. See the website here: . The regular cost is $101.99.

Per the website, I will get 5 days of meals (3 meals a day) that total 1,200 calories. They also recommend adding 2 glasses of milk a day. I chose the Low-Fat traditional.

The change for me… I usually eat between 1300-1500 calories a day. I also have a lot of snacks. This program may be a little light for me and without any snacks I may be hungry between meals too. I am going to try and follow the program, I mean its only a few days.. we shall see. FYI, this isn’t something I am interested in doing all the time– too much money for me but I am excited to see how the food is and maybe get some ideas from their meals.

I picked up on today (Tuesday) after work and made my first meal for dinner.

Herb crusted whitefish with creamy polenta, broccoli florets, and sesame breadsticks.

All I had to do was take out the lemon and breadsticks and heat in the microwave for about 3 mins then squirt the lemon on the fish. I served with my usual side of skim milk which was actual also recommended by deit-to-go.

It was really good! The fish was a big portion of white, flakey and tastiness. It reminded me of tortilla crusted fish lean cuisine but much bigger and fresher. The lemon worked well with it also but it needed a little salt.

The polenta was something different I wouldn’t normally make for myself and reminded me of grits. I liked.

Broccoli was broccoli. A little chewier then if I made it fresh but good addition.

The breadsticks were packaged and pretty lame. Would like it better and could have been healthy if it was a whole wheat roll or something but I still ate them… Obvi.

All in all I really liked my first diet-to-go meal. I am skeptical about some of the upcoming meals but I won’t spoil the surprise.


February 7, 2011

Still feeling the affects of drinking a lot on Saturday. :(

Breakfast needed to be bland haha. 1 c of fiber plus antioxidants cinnamon oats and ff milk.

Morning snack was an apple.

For lunch I had vegetable barley soup. It was awesome! It was tomato based but very thick. The barley was a little mushy but it delicious and filling.

I had 12 special k crackers on the side.

Afternoon snack I needed some filling fat so I reached for some soy nuts.

And then a cookie that was calling my name all day from the kitchen. It was small but I blame the queasiness today.

My vita top was hanging from a noose today. Because that’s how I felt at my desk. You’re welcome.

Fitness: since I wasn’t feeling so hot all day I wasn’t sure an all out cardio sess was really going to help. I have a group on for 5 hot yoga classes that expires in March and I’ve only used one so decided that might be a nice low key thing to do. With the added bonus of sweating out the remainder of the booze haha. It was a good class. Not hard and hour and a half is a little too long to hold my attention the whole time, but I enjoyed sweating and stretching… and my stomach thanked me.

When I got home all I wanted was veg. I microwave the remainder (about half bag) of my broccoli slaw and topped with marinara sauce.

On the side I had a full whole wheat naan heated in the microwave and topped with spray butter, garlic, and rf Parmesan. This hit the spot.

Handful of raisels to get the garlic taste out of my mouth.

Now I have vowed to go to bed super early so I’m putting the iPad down. Tomorrow I should feel normal again.