Diet-to-go abandoned

March 4, 2011

I found another reason this morning that diet-to-go is not for me. I like to eat what I feel like eating. I froze 2 of the meals for when I feel like eating them later. And went back to pb for breakfast.

-last 2 slices carb style bread
-tbsp RF pb
-tbsp fluff
-tbsp sf jelly

I missed you.

For my morning snack I stole these clementines from my roommate. Thanks, Lauren! I had 3 since they are small.

Lunch I went back to diet-to-go because that’s what I had on hand at work. This was supposed to be Thursday’s but I thought it was a little too many calories for yesterday. Friday I generally eat a little more so I had the 470 calorie lunch which got downsized and then had some additions.

Hummus, Pocket bread, carrot and cranberry salad (added terra chips)

The hummus and pocket bread were good but overly bready and small. I didn’t finish the hummus it was a huge serving for the small bread.

I did not like the cranberry salad. Can’t really explain it, not for me.

I added the terra chips from the lunch the other day to beef up my meal.

Overall not impressed with this meal. Leftovers:

My afternoon snack was a box of Raisels I had in my work stash.

Pregym vita top and Brian being scary. Haha.

Fitness: it was on my schedule to run 2 miles today but I had said I would sub the 5:45 kick boxing class at the gym tonight. I managed to get there, run 2 miles on the treadmill in 26:33 minutes (!) and get to the kickboxing class on time! I did the run fartlek style so the quick pace i was trying to bang out would seem less daunting it worked Amazingly I wasn’t super exhausted afterward.

Lauren came to my class and we decided to order dinner afterward. I was craving the tuna sashimi I has the other day from Shan Chuan. Tekka Don and this time I knew to add green.

-tuna sashimi with wasabi
-brown rice
-mixed steam veggies
-dipping sauce (may have been general Tso)

This was epic as Charlie Sheen would say. Winning!

After I picked up Dan we stopped for dessert. Hot fudge sundae. They forgot the juts so I added chopped pecans I happened to have at home. Mmmmm.

Damn you, kettlebells!

November 15, 2010

Last weekend I visited my high school home, Los Angeles, CA. It was an awesome weekend with some fitness (bike ride from Manhattan Beach to Venice Beach… 8 miles-ish? and a kettle bell class) and some boozing. I’ll leave it at that since it would be a lot to recap for a first post. But, I will say that said kettlebell class has destroyed my legs. They are still sore from Friday!! Mother of… Anyway, after a lot of not-so-healthy eating this weekend and being still slightly hungover I woke up this morning ready to get back on track with eating healthy. Unfortunately, since I have been away, I also woke up with a minimal amount of food in the fridge.

My stomach was queasy… i think from being slightly tired.. slightly dehydrated.. slightly grossed out from what i ate all weekend (per usual though).. so I started the day with Oikos bluberry yogurt topped with crushed pecans and some raisins:

I just discovered this yogurt when they were giving free samples out at the gym. I have been searching high and low for the 100 calorie packs.. but have not yet found them anywhere near me. Unfortunate. This one had 120 cals so I bought it. The fixins i used to beef it up for breakfast worked well. Very good yogurt, creamy with a nice amount of sweetness.

I later ate the rest of the raisins as my morning snack. I eat a snack around 11am everyday.. try to keep it around 100 calories.

I was excited for lunch because I had extra naan from my naan pizza binge last week. Last delicious naan-y pizza:

I bought the naan at superfresh and it was crispy and amazing heated up in my work toaster oven with some peperoni flavored pizza sauce. Unfortunately one serving of naan was 1/2 a full naan and was 190 calorie so a little small but worked for lunch (and it only took me about 5 mins until it was all crispy and melty). Maybe next time Ill add some olives to get some filling fattiness in there.

Afternoon snack of mini pretzel bag (i love these 50 calorie bags- awesome snack portion to pair with something more filling!) and Everybody’s nuts pistachio’s.. so salt and peppery. Confession.. I like to get the peppery-ness that is stuck on the shell of the pistachio and eat it. Ill leave it up to your imagination how I do this because its not cute haha.

And then my pre-workout snack of a vita top. Today was double chocolate dream. I imagine eventually I won’t even post pictures of these because they are a staple of my diet. I think I partially owe my existence to the Vitalicious people.

At the end of the day, my legs were still sooo sore from the kettlebell fiasco, I decided to forego an intense work out (very unlike me.. I am not too happy about it). Instead I spent 30 mins riding my at home spin bike while reading blogs on my ipad. I stretched my sore legs afterward by doing an on-demand yoga: 21 day yoga. it was pretty good. Very quick with lots of leg stretching. definitely could not do the splits that Brooklyn Decker was doing in it though… ridiculous.

After my weak work out, I showered, slapped some heating pads to the legs and made dinner.

I was pretty hungry at the point, so I put together some brown rice (leftover Chinese food from yesterday), a can of green beans sprinkled with crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, and “no salt” (reduced sodium salt), and a Boca Chik’n patty. I dipped everything in KC Masterpeice BBQ sauce (lowest calorie bbq sauce out there and I don’t think they were even trying). The meal looked like this and took about 5 mins to heat up in.. yup.. the microwave:

I had a LARGE glass of milk on the side to try and get some extra protein to my screaming legs. Now I am sitting around heating up my inner thighs and quads (…sounds bad?) and hoping my legs will be ok by the time i have to teach cycling tomorrow.

happy first post!