Its friday night…

And the mood is right… come on, you know you loved TGIF back in the day…

This morning I really wanted fiber one and pb so I had it again. Boring, I know. But this is a delicious combination!

Just unwrap your fiber one and spread about 1 tbsp pb on it and enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.

Morning snack was pumpkin tea and some S’mores goldfish that coworker Leslie brought in for me to try.

These were really good! Basically a combo between Teddy Grahams chocolate and Graham bears and the marshmallows from lucky charms.

For lunch I had a tasty bite vegetable korma package (forgot to take a pic of the pack!) and an everything bagel thin.

I love indian food but always feel I have to be careful what I have because it uses so much oil and cream. I really enjoy a lot of these tasty bite meals. First time trying this one and it was fabulous!

Lots of potatoes and carrots and deliciousness. It didn’t really taste like other korma sauces I’ve had but I would def purchase again. At only 240 calories, with a small side it’s a great lunch! I was scraping the sauce off the bowl with the bagel thin.

After lunch I had this dark choc pb cup I’ve been dying to try. Mmmm.

Afternoon snack was some frozen mixed berries and a few almonds.

Vita Preworkout posing by my work name plate.

Fitness: after not having a traditional workout yesterday I was looking forward to a good one today. I went back to the Friday bight kickboxing class I tried 2 weeks ago. Well, first I did week 3 day 1 of 100 pushups. I did then with ease for once. But yeah, I’m going backwards in hopes to go forward. Well see how it works, can’t hurt. The kickboxing was good but I left work late and missed the first 15 mins. I pushed really hardn or the other 45. I had a lot more energy to burn but I also had errands to run so I left.

Dinner was leftovers from last night. But first I had a bunch of FF Pringles and olives from the olive bar (green stuffed with almonds are still my fav!).

-3 TJ turkey meatballs
-barilla plus pasta
-green giant creamed spinach and tomato sauce
-RF Parmesan

Afterward I had a box of raisins and a choc covered cherry for dessert.

Now I am showering, and waiting around until Dan’s bus gets in. Were going to have a few drinks and lay low since we are tailgating at 8am tomorrow. go cats!


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