My friend Sudafed

November 30, 2010

I don’t know why I have been getting sick so often lately. I am guessing this cold piggy backed my stomach flu. Anyway I woke up this morning feeling really congested, sinus headache, and bleeh. I scavenged my meds and stumbled across sone Sudafed. I have felt much better ever since. Yay Sudafed.

For breakfast I tried out some of my TJ’s buys from last night. Hot multiple grain cereal and steel cut oats.

-1/4 c multigrain
-1/8 c steel cut
-1/2 banana
-sweet n low packet
-frozen pomegranate seeds on top

These were good but I put a little too much nutmeg and I think I like my oats better with brown sugar. I may use the splenda brown sugar blend next time. I did like the crunchiness of these oats but not sure if it was from the steel cut or the multigrain.

For a snack I had tea and the other half of the banana. I’ve been drinking the sh*t out f holiday teas recently. Are there any other good ones out there besides the eggnoggn and gingersnapish I’ve tried?

Lunch is Indian food leftovers. I looked it up and the place is actually called Laxmi’s Indian Grille and the dish I got was the Dal Tadka (without cream) a mixture of lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.

-rest if the lentils. Not many
-other half roti heated in the microwave so it wouldn’t lose it’s doughy quality
-rest of the salad
-topped salad with rest of spicy green sauce they gave me. Don’t know what it was.

Still really good 2 days later. I wonder what the calories are like in this dish. It says no cream but I def taste butter. Doesn’t seem that oily but I’m sure there’s some of that too. Anyone?

For my actual lunch break (ate the above at my desk), everyone was busy so I went down and watched CNN in the gym and walked on the treadmill for like 20 mins. Lame lunch.

For afternoon snack I had another Sudafed, some advil(because I have had a headache for 2 days now), and an apple.

And a holiday granola bar.

On the way out of the office I ate a handful of pistachios cause I was still hungry and I knew I wouldn’t be eating for a while.

Fitness: did my usual pilates then taught cycling (this weekend I will post my daily sched, I swear). I also started week 4 day 4 of the 100 pushup challenge. It was really hard. 21-25-21-21-32(max out). With 60 secs break in between. I did 21-25-21-21-9. So I imagine I will be stuck here for a month or two. Ugggggggh. I will complete this challenge gotta keep telling myself that!

Dinner was imitation crab me fried up in pam and pepper.

I microwaved some green beans in a bowl with little water 3 mins. Then added them.

Then I microwaved a wedge of laughing cow light blue cheese, milk, and brown mustard, stirred it up, and poured it over aforementioned crab and beans. I sprinkled it with salt and Tabasco. And served it with a side of leftover basmati rice from the Indian food Sunday. It had a hint of Ginger and something else in it. It was good but white rice- would much rather have brown

The meal was really good! I love imitation crab (krab?) hot or cold. It is also easy to make a healthy and tasty cheese sauce in the microwave. The blue cheese is a good one and worked well with the brown mustard.

For dessert I had about four of these. Don’t ask. I love mints and have these leftover from when I was sick and only wanted to eat candy because it tasted better coming back up. Gross, i know. Sorry!

Just bought phillies 6 game pack for next season-seems so early- and I am excited. Mike came to visit and give his input on what games to get. Now he is mentioned in the blog. That he’ll probably never even notice. You’re welcome, mike!

Blogging on an IPad

November 30, 2010

I bought my iPad way before I decided to start blogging. And I’ve loved it for surfing the web in bed and taking on the bus to NY. I realized it’s limitations. For instant when I planned my trip to Spain and Morocco, the iPad did bot suffice for typing or making my fabulous itineraries in ms word. I also couldn’t use excel which is a pain because sometimes i like to pretend to follow a budget. Haha. And the no flash thing has been annoying me with all apple products.

When I started the blog is when the iPad inadequacies really started to annoy me. I couldn’t upload my pictures on to it. It was useless.

That’s when I discovered the iPad sd connection kit. The kit changed the iPad for me. The pictures easily imported onto the device from my camera and then I could erase them from there to start a new (with the blog I only like to have unblogged about photos on there).

I started uploading my pics and blogging on the wordpress app.

At first it was a little tricky Because it uses all HTML and you couldn’t see the photos you were inserting in the post. I also couldn’t figure out how to do anything else in HTML. Like make different fonts or bold stuff. That was ok because it seemed easier then lugging my laptop around. Then I started havig problems. These included:

1. When I would insert a picture it would insert 3 times. In a row.
2. Sometimes even though you told it to onset one picture it would insert another.
3. When that would happen you could eventually only insert the one picture. You could not delete anything and it was rendered useless.

After some googling about iPad blogging I stumbled accrued the blogpress app. It was $2.99 (wordpress was free) but it seemed like it might help.

My life was changed again for the second time. This app (which I am writing from now) was much easier to use. I could actually change fonts and when you inserted a picture you could see it. And it was super fast to work with.

Then came the problems. It would not post my stuff!! I would type out everything, place the pics in, and hit publish. It would say publishing and make you wait a a minute or too and then the app would shut off! Levig you with nothing. I emailed blogpress and they quickly responded to uninstall and reinstall. I did. Still wouldn’t post.

Then I downloaded the new iPad software. Bam! It worked. My life was actually changed this time! It was easy to use and posted so I could blog quickly.

I have since downloaded the app for my iphone (free-you only have to pay a one time fee!). And I use that to type up non picture posts or the words of my everyday posts. Then I go home and use my iPad to upload the goods.

Screen pic of iPhone blogpress app:

It works great! It has also really saved me a lot of time wilting on the blog everyday! I write up my meals ad I go on my phone and just fill in later.

I still have some qualms about iPad blogging.
1. The predictive text changes what I type and leaves me with some scary words. Yesterdays post at first said tillage instead of Yoplait. You’ll notice many of these in this post also. Sorry!
2. It has me typing as I would talk since it’s so casual so I don’t look like the most intelligent person on here. Although i think that is the nature of how I blog anyway.
3. Blogpress comment moderation I do not really understand. So I find myself going back to wordpress for that because it’s easier.

Anyway hope this helps anyone trying to blog from an iPad. I still kind of want a netbook too but i soet a lot of money on this ipad so i want to use it! For now, i am just glad I won’t have to lug my huge laptop to NY and MD these upcoming weekends!

Current phone background to get into the holiday spirit:

Why I take the bus to NY

(can’t figure out how to rotate pics on the phone. iPad is easy)

-posted from my iPhone.

I got (jelly) on my seat… (Jelly)

November 29, 2010

That’s a reworked speed quote for those who didn’t pick up on it. But that’s what I’ve been walking around with all day after an unfortunate run in with some jelly.

Woke up feeling very well rested and got my blogpress ap to work finally so I was happy about that. Short post about blogging from an iPad to come (hence the back up of posts the past 2 days).

Anyway got to work and toasted a ww (whole wheat) bagel thin and slapped a tbsp of naturally nutty cinnamon peanut butter on there and some sugar free raspberry jelly.

Somehow the jelly managed to drip down my arm and stomach onto my pants. Would not wash off in work bathroom. Sick. Anyway the breakfast was good but like i said just an unfortunate jelly attack.

For morning snack i had a ginger snappish tea and a Yoplait light strawberry banana yogurt. This is not my favorite flavor. They have so many better ones. Not buying again.

Then lunch came very quickly! Sign of a good day.

For lunch I busted out this whole wheat cheese raviolis (genuardis eating right brand). Good stats

They were good but def needed spices and salt. I added crushed red and some of coworker Brian’s garlic salt. Not bad for canned ravioli and whole wheat is so hard to come by. I would buy them again.

I knew I would be having a late dinner so i had a bigger snack today. Pepita mix and some pistachios.

Then my boss came around with a godiva box she got as a holiday gift. I chose this. Seemed like a fruit filled one.

I got lucky it was raspberry filled! Sidenote: I used to love chocolate covered cherries as a kid and would get a box for Christmas evey year. Now I would probably cringe if I got a whole box of chocolates. It would take me a year to eat but if someone found me a few prices of choco raspberries and cherries I wouldn’t be upset. Just saying.

Vita top in the holiday spirit. I’ve been trying to really get into it this year. Watched home alone with Jae last night (“if you want some someones gonna have to barf it all up. Cause it’s gone”), changed my computer desktop, have been listening to Xmas music in the car. What do you do to get in the swing of the holidays? I also have my eye out for half price nutcracker tickets!

Fitness: cashed in a Philly dealyo deal ($50 for 10 classes at a gym not too far away). Tonight I tried the boot camp class. it was pretty good. The gym, MLS Fitness in Bryn Mawr, was nice. The floor in the aerobics room was bouncy which was kind of cool. the class had some good parts
-they used kettlebells
-there were some really hard cardio parts
-they used paper plates to slide your feet to do lunges which was really hard.

-too much use of step class moves
-would have liked harder strength/ kettlebell moves
-should have done some additional cardio before. Not a problem though because it didn’t start until 6.

Also got to stop at trader joes for once. I wish it were closer or that parking by my house wasn’t such a b. I love it there. I could spend hours.

For dinner, I went to Pam’s. She made an awesome dinner that was also leftovers with a twist! Turkey Salad:

-little bit of blue cheese
-garbanzo beans
-trader joes raspberry vinaigrette

She also made an argentinian squash dish. She baked squash with corn, milk, flour, tomatoes… I think (probably butchering the recipe). Either way it was really good! And healthy!

Now I am caught up on all my posts! I mentioned in an earlier post I had award time blogging from the iPad. After getting the sd card connector, The apps were really touchy and wouldn’t work. annoying. So I got Behind. I am going to do a post at some point for blogging on an ipda because now I’ve worked it out and love it.

For now, goodnight!

On the road again.

November 28, 2010

6am flight back home. Had to leave at 4. slept for as long as I could, all through the first leg to Houston. I woke up and was hungry after running to my next flight (30 in between flights. Uggh). Thank god for my mom that packed me lunch!

I had another leftover dish

-whole wheat bread
-cranberry sauce..that started oozing into the bread but was awesome
-Side of pretzels.

A few hours later I ate these grapes.

By the time I landed and Jae so graciously waited for me, scooped me up, and took me home it was 2pm and I was hungry again. I was craving lentils.

I ordered from laxmi’s kitchen. New Indian place on main st in Manayunk. This was my 2nd experience and it did not disappoint.

Lentils (I forget what these were called but it said they didn’t use cream to cook it.)I asked for these extra spicy and it wasn’t really spicy at all but still delicious. I lured them over the basmati rice they came with.

I also had my first roti experience. I love naan so I never tried roti before because I was afraid to deviate. It was awesome! Roti is whole wheat and baked in the tandoori without butter or oil. It was doughy and amazing. I loved it. May be converted. I ate about half.

I also had half of this side salad.

I had a tiny piece of papadam but decided it wasn’t worth it and tossed it. I am a papadam snob because when I studied in London Bhajis near our dorm had THE best ever. Tasted like a huge munchos. Miss it.

Afterward I was craving something sweet so I had a pecie of lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. I love this bar just lightly salted. Dark and satisfying.

Over the course of the day I also had about 2 cups of silk nog. I was so excited to have found this a few weeks ago. I love eggnog and this is a great alternative. Only so hard to find. Anyway I hit the nog…hard.

Later i decided i was eating again so i could have more dessert I sipped it while munching on this dark chocolate covered Graham cracker at Jae’s. Also very good. Not as god as the lindt.

Then we watched home alone as our first Christmas movie of the season. Classic lines.

Konichiwa, b*tches

November 27, 2010

Sat night diner we went to Hayashi. It s a hibachi/ teppinyaki place in Phoenix.

I knew it wouldn’t be too healthy and decided I have been good so far and to not worry about it. And that was a good call because butter was a theme of the night.

Our Japanese Mexican chef j. Carlos made an onion volcano, spelled things in rice, and performed other amusing tricks.

I started with a chilled flavored saki tasting trio. Plum, coconut, and pear. I liked in that order. The pear was actually pretty foul. The coconut was better but I wouldn’t order it again. I really liked the plum which the waitress actually talked me into getting. This was my first time having chilled saki and I think I prefer it warm. The chilled tasted more like liquor.

For an app I had a few of baby bernie’s edamame. They were warm and salty. Mmm. I also had a delicious onion soup that was mostly broth but with some crispy onions at the bottom.

And a side salad with Ginger dressing. Love Ginger dressing.

Then came the rice and vegetable dish. I could have been healthy an ordered steam rice but no one else did and it seemed less fun. So went with fried which had bits of carrot, garlic, eggs and a heaping scoop of butter. It was good but I tried not to fill up from it. We also got a lot of veggies cooked in garlic and you guessed it. More butter. I really liked these and cleaned my plate.

I ate my dipped in these sauces the left was a delicious gingery sauce and right was a mustard.

For my entree I got scallops. They were awesome! Huge and juicy and charred on the grill. Soooo good.

These too were cooked with lots of garlic….and butter

I was so full i left a full meal on then plate (actually bernie ate it haha)

When we got home I was hungry again tho or not really but at least ready for dessert. 2 diff mint Hershey kisses.

Frozen blueberries with blue bell choc and vanilla ice cream. And some miracle whip (we were out of cherry cobbler pie). I heated the bloobs and this turned out delicious as well.

Good night of Mexicans posing as Japanese and family :)