Embrace spring

April 11, 2011

When I heard on the news this morning it was going to get up to 80 this weekend I knew flops and short sleeves were in my future. I can’t wait for warm weather! I am willing it with by open toes and no jacket today.

Breakfast was cereal.

-cup ff milk
-a little less then 1/2c grapenuts
-1/4c blueberry muesli
-5 cocoa almonds

I recently fed Dan grapenuts and he discovered even though he hated these as a child he enjoyed then now. If you haven’t tried them in adulthood… Do it!

Morning snack was a banana.. In hot sauce. “well, it needed it” -don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead quote… No?

Lunch was eaten outside… of my office. It Lean cuisine chicken enchilada Suiza. As always the chicken in this is weird mush. I need to try smart ones brand I am told. (apparently I only tok a pic of the box. Oops)

Afternoon snack was baaaad. And by afternoon I mean right after lunch. It was baad but it was really delicious and left me feeling guilty! It was someones bday so they had brought the most delicious cupcakes! You know I love icing! This icing was amazing and tasted like vanilla ice-cream. Sooooo good! The cupcake was moist and amazing as well.

Why have I started my week with a cupcake binge?

Preworkout I tried to hold out since I had the cupcake but I ate a handful of nuts so I wouldn’t die on my run.

Fitness: today I was slated for 4.5 miles. From this week on out my mileage starts to get big. Makes me nervous with the running and my classes how my legs will feel by the time saturday rolls around and I have to do my long runs. After the run I was excited to try out my new DVD.

I tried some of Jackie Warner’s weight training on demand but they are no longer on there so I ordered this one that has 5 workouts to do on days when my run isn’t so long. Besides I have been doing the pushups for so long now I miss weights in my life. I did the 50 min total body circuit and I really liked it. It wasn’t hard enough to do on it’s own but coupled with a run I felt good about it. The ab and arms sections were the hardest parts.

After a hot run, hot dinner did not sound appealing so I made a salad. Modeled after the sour apple salad I had at Couch Tomato recently that I enjoyed.

-salad mix
-grilled chicken pieces
-apple chunks
-rf blue cheese
-pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette

The salad was delicious! Apple and blue cheese go really well together! This dressing was one I saw and snatched up a while ago and never opened. It only has 25 calories per 2 tbsp. It was a little vinegary but very light and refreshing.

On the side I had some everything bagel pretzels.

Determined to have a productive night tonight. I need to start packing for my trip to Boston this weekend. (My good friends are getting married and it should be really fun.) But before then I have a busy week of sports and working out.

I wish the warm weather would stick around…


April 6, 2011

Good news! I got a promotion at work today. I am now officially Marketing Specialist. I don’t generally talk about work on this blog as a rule or even reveal where I work so I’ll leave it at that. No worries, you will still be seeing many snacking in the cubicle shots.

On that note, breakfast in the cube (as it is every morning) was cereal and milk I packed from home. I don’t do this often because I have to carry an extra container with milk (why don’t I have milk for the office.. Yeah, I don’t know. Too much work).

-last of my grape nuts, little less then a cup
-handful of blueberry muesli
-half a banana
-skim milk (I don’t measure, just like to drown my cereal in it)

I need more grapenuts. I love them. So filling an versatile. A great addition for cereal mixes.

Morning snack was the other half of the morning banana and some mixed nuts. This time I added cocoa almonds to the mix.

For lunch our department decided to go out and we went to a local place called Wild Rice. The menu was full of all kinds Asian dishes like rice bowls, dim sum, pho, and sushi. There was a lot to choose from!

I went with the Chirashi which was basically a bunch of sashimi with a little side of rice.

It also came with miso soup and a salad.

I ate almost everything and it was delicious. Also very good portion sizes. I say almost because the Ginger salad was covered in Ginger dressing so I skipped a lot of that. The rest was great.

Afternoon snack was an appale.  I also had a few cocoa almonds on the side for filling fat.

Vita top in my uggs that I wore into work this morning (I later changed into heels, no worries) Yes, it is still freezing here. In april.

Fitness: normal wed routine refer to the my workouts tab.

Dinner was a la Jae tonight. He is moving soon which makes me sad to think about :( and will probably make the blog less interesting haha. He made homemade mashed potatoes, shake and bake pork, rolls, and stir fry veggies.

-the mashed potatoes were made with a little margarine and low fat milk

-the pork was first coated with stone ground mustard and then dipped in shake and bake and baked (soooo good!)

-he had 2 veggie choices (sampled both of those)

-had half a roll. Mmmmm so flakey.


February 7, 2011

Still feeling the affects of drinking a lot on Saturday. :(

Breakfast needed to be bland haha. 1 c of fiber plus antioxidants cinnamon oats and ff milk.

Morning snack was an apple.

For lunch I had vegetable barley soup. It was awesome! It was tomato based but very thick. The barley was a little mushy but it delicious and filling.

I had 12 special k crackers on the side.

Afternoon snack I needed some filling fat so I reached for some soy nuts.

And then a cookie that was calling my name all day from the kitchen. It was small but I blame the queasiness today.

My vita top was hanging from a noose today. Because that’s how I felt at my desk. You’re welcome.

Fitness: since I wasn’t feeling so hot all day I wasn’t sure an all out cardio sess was really going to help. I have a group on for 5 hot yoga classes that expires in March and I’ve only used one so decided that might be a nice low key thing to do. With the added bonus of sweating out the remainder of the booze haha. It was a good class. Not hard and hour and a half is a little too long to hold my attention the whole time, but I enjoyed sweating and stretching… and my stomach thanked me.

When I got home all I wanted was veg. I microwave the remainder (about half bag) of my broccoli slaw and topped with marinara sauce.

On the side I had a full whole wheat naan heated in the microwave and topped with spray butter, garlic, and rf Parmesan. This hit the spot.

Handful of raisels to get the garlic taste out of my mouth.

Now I have vowed to go to bed super early so I’m putting the iPad down. Tomorrow I should feel normal again.

New year on the couch

January 2, 2011

Well i literally did not move from my couch today. Watched the villanova game, outrageous food, house hunters, etc

Breakfast bowl of fiber one mini wheats and a side of center cut bacon split with Danielle.

For lunch I decided to rework the tuna steaks from the other night. I didn’t have any ff mayo so this had:

-tiny bit (2 tbps maybe) light mayo
-brown mustard
-tuna steak
-light English muffin toasted
-weight watchers creamy Swiss triangle
-3 slices of American cheese stolen from Lauren.

These turned out really well! I even have extra for late in the week. I had one tuna melt and these green beans and a diet Coke.

I snacked on these fish throughout the day. I can’t buy these candies I can’t atop eating them! The past 2 days I almost went through 2 bags!

Dinner was ordered from Laxmi’s and I asked for it extra spicy. It was! And it was AMAZING! So spicy and delicious. I had the Dal Tadka and some of Dan’s chicken swartha and some Ginger naan.

I loooove this place. Usually when you order things extra spicy they never make is spicy enough. This was awesomely spicy. Loooove. Dan did not love as much because he was still in a fragile state from a game that made him take a shot of house gin yesterday.

End of holiday season and back to the real world tomorrow :(.

New years eeeeve

December 31, 2010

Well my day didn’t completely go according to plan but it was good none the less.

Fitness: Woke up around 8 and went to the gym for a long sess. I did 45 mins of a body works class that was actually really hard and very leg intensive. Many square, lunges, and leg lifts on my already sore legs. I held back a bit because I knew i needed to save some energy for spin. I left body works a little early to get to spin. The teacher talked a lot and didn’t have the music loud enough. He also too really long recovery breaks. Annoying. I made the most of it and pushed myself really hard during the drills (he had some pretty good drills) and during his breaks I kept pushing. By the end of the hour, I had pushed myself and got a really good work out. After spin I went out and did my pushups (w4 d4). Then I did a bunch of ab work such as crunches, obliques on the standing machine thing, leg lifts, etc. I feel awesome now. I wish I had that much time to dedicate to the gym more often.

After working out I went tot the grocery store to pick up dinner for tonight and goods to bring to the house party I’m going too. You see my new years plans are low key tonight… House party at my college friends that live one street over. Taking it easy because tomorrow we are waking up early for some kegs and eggs action and taking the train into center city for The mummer parade. Going to be drinking all day, watching a little bit of people dressed up in crazy costumes and string bands, and hanging out in bars. I’m excited.

Anyway, by the time I got home around 12 I was starving. I had a lot of cereal for breakfast. I was so hungry I didn’t measure it out. Fiber one mini wheats and skim milk.

One really full bowl.

Another half full bowl.


As you can see, I love cereal drowning in milk. Mmmmm.

After I showered, cleaned my room, did some laundry. If you can believe it this wall was covered in random stuff (Christmas gifts, coats, etc).

I removed stuff from the floor and bow it only has this. Much less cluttered.

I snacked on 10 cocoa roast almonds

And a starbucks via with silk nog to get me some caffeine energy for the night.

Now I’m headed to get Dan from the train and make food. Back tomorrow in the new year!

Hap new! (inspired by my fav way to wish happy birthday from hap b… Don’t ask)