Taco day

April 8, 2011

After last nights debacle I really want to get a good workout in tonight. Going to try and run 3 miles before hot yoga. Well see if it happens.

I am missing Pb and fluff lately. I gave up pb for lent and I an actually out of fluff. So this morning I made toast with sunflower butter and banana.

-2 slices sprouted soy crunch bread
-tbsp SFB

This was delicious and hit the spot.

Morning snack was a piece of cold and doughy Philly soft pretzel. .

Lunch was provided by work today. It was a challenge because it’s Friday and I can’t eat meat… And also taco day. Luckily they had veggies and beans. My plates:

-1 flour tortilla
-refried beans
-black olives
-pickled jalapeño
-little bit of cheese

I also had some chips on the side.

And a diet snapple.

For dessert I had a little coconut chocolate bite thing and a cookie.

The cookies were deliciously soft and under done. Love.

I tried to get back on track in the afternoon but not after pcketing 2 cookies for tonight haha. Cup o’ grapes.

Low fat chocolate chunk granola bar.

Fitness: I hadn’t been to hot yoga in a few weeks and I got another sweet living social deal for the studio near my house so tonight seemed like a good time to return. I was slated to run 2 miles but since I have rescheduled my week a little bit I rushed over to try and get 3 miles in before class. This didnt really work. I only had time for 2. I really pushed it though! One was 8:05 an the next was 8:32. I hurried and went in just in time for class. I really appreciate hot yoga as a great sweaty stretch session during my half marathon training.

Dinner was at home.

Wile I made my salad, I snack on some tribe hummus and everything bagel pretzels. The Tribe Origins is just as creamy and delicious as sabra. Excited other brands are stepping it up!


-blue cheese
-grape tomatoes
-green beans (uncooked for crunch)
-baby bella mushrooms that I stir fried for a bit
-some of my roommates RF cilantro dressing
-couple scoops of everything bagel pretzels on the side

The salad was good. I made it without eating meat on Friday and did not resort to pizza!

For dessert I had one of the cookies I hoarded from lunch. Still so soft and amazing!

RIP Saxbys

January 16, 2011

Sunday was a lazy day- as it should be. Woke up kinda early and headed to Saxbys for a sugar free chai tea latte and much to my chagrin it is shut down!!! I almost cried. Where am I going to get my tart froyo in Manayunk and all those sugar free syrups! Waaa.

I had a few errands to run which brought us near whole foods so we went there for some supplies for our mini jets game watch party. Dan made his chili! I am going to post the recipe later in the week. It’s the best chili ever so get excited. For now pictures.

Breakfast at panera. Egg and Swiss on ciabatta:

Chili w ff sour cream and ff mozz

Sweet potato discs:

Cold sesame noodle salad:

-ww pasta and frozen peas
-2 tbsp sesame oil
-2 tbsp teriyaki sauce
-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
-Salt and pepper

Healthy-ish cookies that we dipped in ff cool whip. Mmm:

I also snacked on a few olives, Pretzels and jalapeño mustard, and a few gummy fish while watching the Jets beat the Patriots. I am not the biggest NFL fan but I tried to be supportive of Dans team and did my part with “woo”-ing and chest bumps. And yelling “bros!!” of course.