I got (jelly) on my seat… (Jelly)

November 29, 2010

That’s a reworked speed quote for those who didn’t pick up on it. But that’s what I’ve been walking around with all day after an unfortunate run in with some jelly.

Woke up feeling very well rested and got my blogpress ap to work finally so I was happy about that. Short post about blogging from an iPad to come (hence the back up of posts the past 2 days).

Anyway got to work and toasted a ww (whole wheat) bagel thin and slapped a tbsp of naturally nutty cinnamon peanut butter on there and some sugar free raspberry jelly.

Somehow the jelly managed to drip down my arm and stomach onto my pants. Would not wash off in work bathroom. Sick. Anyway the breakfast was good but like i said just an unfortunate jelly attack.

For morning snack i had a ginger snappish tea and a Yoplait light strawberry banana yogurt. This is not my favorite flavor. They have so many better ones. Not buying again.

Then lunch came very quickly! Sign of a good day.

For lunch I busted out this whole wheat cheese raviolis (genuardis eating right brand). Good stats

They were good but def needed spices and salt. I added crushed red and some of coworker Brian’s garlic salt. Not bad for canned ravioli and whole wheat is so hard to come by. I would buy them again.

I knew I would be having a late dinner so i had a bigger snack today. Pepita mix and some pistachios.

Then my boss came around with a godiva box she got as a holiday gift. I chose this. Seemed like a fruit filled one.

I got lucky it was raspberry filled! Sidenote: I used to love chocolate covered cherries as a kid and would get a box for Christmas evey year. Now I would probably cringe if I got a whole box of chocolates. It would take me a year to eat but if someone found me a few prices of choco raspberries and cherries I wouldn’t be upset. Just saying.

Vita top in the holiday spirit. I’ve been trying to really get into it this year. Watched home alone with Jae last night (“if you want some someones gonna have to barf it all up. Cause it’s gone”), changed my computer desktop, have been listening to Xmas music in the car. What do you do to get in the swing of the holidays? I also have my eye out for half price nutcracker tickets!

Fitness: cashed in a Philly dealyo deal ($50 for 10 classes at a gym not too far away). Tonight I tried the boot camp class. it was pretty good. The gym, MLS Fitness in Bryn Mawr, was nice. The floor in the aerobics room was bouncy which was kind of cool. the class had some good parts
-they used kettlebells
-there were some really hard cardio parts
-they used paper plates to slide your feet to do lunges which was really hard.

-too much use of step class moves
-would have liked harder strength/ kettlebell moves
-should have done some additional cardio before. Not a problem though because it didn’t start until 6.

Also got to stop at trader joes for once. I wish it were closer or that parking by my house wasn’t such a b. I love it there. I could spend hours.

For dinner, I went to Pam’s. She made an awesome dinner that was also leftovers with a twist! Turkey Salad:

-little bit of blue cheese
-garbanzo beans
-trader joes raspberry vinaigrette

She also made an argentinian squash dish. She baked squash with corn, milk, flour, tomatoes… I think (probably butchering the recipe). Either way it was really good! And healthy!

Now I am caught up on all my posts! I mentioned in an earlier post I had award time blogging from the iPad. After getting the sd card connector, The apps were really touchy and wouldn’t work. annoying. So I got Behind. I am going to do a post at some point for blogging on an ipda because now I’ve worked it out and love it.

For now, goodnight!

More leftovers

November 27, 2010

Woke up this morning and went on my final Phoenix run. We only did 3 miles but Bernie was booking it. On my sore legs I tried to keep up but he was running like 7 min miles.

Pre-run snack whole wheat toast with apricot jam.

After getting ditched I made oats for everyone. This was a really good batch

-1/2 c steel cut
-1/4 c rolled
-1 tbsp brown sugar
-half banana
-about 2 c water eyeballed
– 2 handfuls frozen bloobs (blueberries)

Heat first 5 ingredients together for 3 mins, stir halfway, and then add the bloobs for some melty, frozeny blooby goodness.

Basically sat on then couch all day after that. It was glorious just doing nothing. For lunch I had reinvented leftover. Open face turkey sandwich and mashed po-tots.

-whole wheat toast
-cold turkey (I decided I like the leftover turkey better cold)
-cranberry sauce
-green bean casserole

It was all the flavors I love at thanksgiving on a sandwich. Delish. I want to learn how make a slimmed down cranberry sauce I love it so much I could set it all the time.

For a snack later I had more raspberries. Dinner will be a special post coming up!

Atomic horseradish and Harry Potter

November 27, 2010

Too bad for Nova’s loss today :(… Not sure whether to be glad because years where they start off super they fizzle out or to take this disappointment as an indicator of the season. Can someone get a statement from Shane Clark again? Thanks.

This afternoon I had a snack of raspberries. One of my favorite flavors of all time.

Then dinner was leftovers with a twist. Spicy turkey lettuce wraps

-leftover turkey
-part skim mozzarella
-sirracha (sp?)
-big red lettuce leaves

Melted the mozz, scooped on the ciarracha (new sp?). They were good.

On the side I had green bean casserole and stuffing (which I over served myself… Only ate about half)

After that is when we busted out… dun dun dun… The shrimp ring.

And atomic horseradish.

Atomic horseradish challenge.

After cleansing the sinuses. Stings the nostrils. We went to see HP7 which I loved!! I almost cried in the first 10 mins and then sobbed at the end. I really didn’t remember much from the book except for tidbits. Ignorance is probably bliss because I am usually disappointed about what they leave out when making the movies. I can’t wait for the next one. I am sure there will be more tears :/

Thanksgiving 2010

November 26, 2010

Going to make this post minimal words and lots of pics.

Basically yesterday I sat on the couch watching man v food marathon and football. and ate.

For lunch I had a roast beast sandwich with brown mustard lettuce and tomato on whole whhhhheat bread.

And now the good stuff.

our table and place settings:

Chef Sam cooked an awesome thanksgiving with all the staples!

  • turkey
  • green bean casserole
  • mashed potatoes
  • brown and serve roooooolls
  • turkey and stuffing carved up
  • cranberry sauce
  • sweet potato casserole

My plate:

my favorite dish is the greenbean casserole. mmmmm crispy onions

My extremely large glass pf wine that held approximate one half the bottle:

Some cute attendees:

Dessert: triple cherry pie, whipped cream, blue bell ice cream. Sam wanted a special shout out for blue bell ice cream she says its the best. it was very tastey with the cobler like pie. i loved the crisssssp on top!