Rubbing elbows at the Four Seasons

December 10, 2010

Finally Friday of my extremely busy week.

Started with a ww bagel thin toasted, naturally nutty cinnamon honey pb, and sugar free raspberry reserves. “Ooooooh it’s a jar of preserves” -family guy.

I had to give a speech for a work vendor and I was preparing all morning and ate this banana while looking over my notes. No pic… I also drank some of my final eggnoggin’ tea :(.

Lunch was at the Four Season’s and awesomely plated. Started with salad with lots of strange tree-like greens and half a grainy roll.

Main course was juicy chicken I took the skin off of and ate 2/3 of with a side of fried eggplant and grilled tomato.

Dessert was awesome as well. This was like a chocolate lava cake. When you prodded the cake exterior is was oozing in the middle with chocolate good ness. I ate the middle out of said cake and left the cake. Everything else was consumed also… I love whipped cream, ice cream, and white chocolate raspberry sticks!

Fitness: I wanted to go to rowing but I was held up at work. I went home and did my “at home body weight and interval” workout. Took me about 50 mins to go through twice. I will post the workout soon!

Dinner on the roooooad.

-purdue baked chicken from the fridge
Toasted everything bagel thin
-one side honey mustard
-one side plain Greek yogurt

Side of buttery pretzels snaps.

Amazing Saxby’s latte. I love Saxby’s because they have a huge variety of sugar free syrup. I recreated my seasonal splurge star bucks drink here! Non-fat, sugar-free peppermint, white chocolate latte. It was everything I hoped it would be. Star bucks really needs to get on the sugar free bandwagon. They only have 3 flavors now!

Busy= missing posts

December 10, 2010

Back tracking to Thursday… It was super busy. Another all day meeting.

Started the day with oats.

Cheesy pear oats

-1/2 c multi grain
-1/8 c steel cut
-1/4 c ricotta (end of the cheeeeeeese so I ate it in the container)
-pinch salt
-pumpkin pie spice
-sweet n low packet
-half pear

Lunch was a horrible experience. I took one sandwich that ended up being covered in dressing.. Nightmare. I switched it out for this ham and cheese on rye with mustard.

Pear side:

I ended up removing some of the bread when I realize it might be honey mustard dressing on it. I also got rid of some of the cheese, you couldn’t taste it on the sandwich anyway.

The leftovers:

Some chips… So hard to resist.

Banana for a snack before the holiday party.

At the holiday party I had 3 hor devours that I didn’t get pics of. I would have eaten more but I was busy being the company photographer. A bacon wrapped scallop… Awesome. A cheesesteak spring roll…awesome. salmon and cream cheese lollipop… Awful. Waaaay to much cream cheese… it was all you could taste.

Dinner plate:

-green beans
-eggplant and roasted tomato
-mashed po-tots

The dinner food was excellent. It was the best of our company holiday party that I have attended. For dessert o had a small pumpkin bread thing.. I was not too happy about this, i am pumpkined put this season and an awesome peanut torte bite thing. It was creamy and had peanut pieces in a delicious crusty shell.

Throughout the night I had 2 glasses of merlot. Managed to sneak a pic of one:

At the after party at Iron Hill Brewery I had a raspberry wheat beer that was great. Need to go back there for a tasting.


November 17, 2010

Woke up this morning with really sore teeth. Waa. I kept my crest white strips on a touch too long last night and now my teeth are sensitive.

I drove to work contemplating what breakfast would be. I knew I wanted to incorporate fruit into it though, since this week has been lacking. Realization- coworker who didn’t like whole wheat bagel thins gave me her stash.

-whole wheat bagel thin
-naturally nutty cinnamon peanut butter

I toasted the thin (the only way I like these) and the peanut butter melted on. Sidenote: This flavor is my least favorite of the naturally nutty flavors and the oil doesn’t incorporate as well as it does in some of the others even though it’s no stir. The pear was hurting my sore teeth so I cut it up and proceeded with caution.

For a snack I dipped back into my fruit stash and had a perfect banana (not too ripe or unripe).

Lunch was an Amy’s frozen Tamale Verde. I don’t buy these often because of the price but I really enjoy them. At lunch i thought that I really should start plating these frozen meals for the blog but i’m thinking its more real this way. So ill stick to their packaging.

I of course doused this in Goya. Mmmm spice.

The tamale did not dissapoint it was good consistency and filling and the black beans inside- although a little sparese were good.  My one qualm was when heating this up the rice got nooked while the tamale was still cold in the midle.  The rice turned out slightly dry as a result.  It could just be the ridiculously powerful microwave at my office that I used.  It was still delicious but the rice NEEDED the goya saucing.

For a snack I had brought an apple but I couldn’t bear the thought of biting into it with my sore teeth so ate the rest of yesterdays Kashi Good Friends (1/2 a c about?) and added some pepitas i had at my desk. the pepitas added some salt which was good. and i still liked that i could much on the cereal for a while.

For my preworkout snack– Deep Choclate Dream Vita Top- hiding from the camera in my magazine holder at work. Lame? yes.. but i may make a game of this now haha. You will never know where it may show up next.. just sayin.

Today’s workout was my usual Wednesday routine. I taught my kickboxing class.  So many people there today– i loved it it gets me more pumped to teach the more people there are and i think more people enjoy it because if something gets too hard they can just blend into the crowd.  Does anyone else really enjoy classes with tons of people either when you are teaching it or when you are in it for motivation?

Afterward I went over to Jae’s for a lovely dinner he prepared.

He made chicken masala and it was delicious and he even made healthy substitutions for me as he always does.  He’s so good..

-chicken covered in a little flour
-masala wine sauce

On the side there was a baked potato (cooked in the microwave– about 10 mins for 2) with non fat sour cream, eggplant that he sliced up-  baked in the oven for 30 mins, a reduced fat crescent roll, nd of course.. tabasco.

And a glass of red wine that I stole from Chris who was not present. thanks, Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

Jae left me with all the leftovers so I am pretty excited about that for dinner tomorrow or lunch.  Alright off to bed.. sans the white strips tonight!