Terribly tired Tuesday

You’re probably sick of hearing how tired I am. But I am exhausted. Softball that gets me home at 10:30pm kills. I have to wind myself down afterward and don’t get to sleep until 11:30. and this leave me dazed and unhappy the next day and yearning for my bed.

Anyway onto the eats…

Breakfast yogurt. I’ve said it before, Fruit on the bottom Chobani is so good!

-black cherry 0% Chobani Greek yogurt
-some grapenuts

Morning snack was a peach and some nuts.

Lunch: I am still chipping away at those pretzel bread lean pockets!

-pretzel bread chicken jalapeño lean pocket
-lots of hot sauce
-everything bagel pretzels

Afternoon snack: cup o’ grapes and some nuts.

Pregym fiber one bar.

Fitness: usual tuesday routine. Pilates and spinning. I also did 100 pushup challenge w4d2.

Quick Tuesday dinner:

-salad mix
-rf blue cheese
-baby Bella mushrooms
-rf cilantro dressing

On the side I had the last of the everything bagel pretzels and a couple of the new cheesy garlic pretzel I bought (delicious!).

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