New years eeeeve

December 31, 2010

Well my day didn’t completely go according to plan but it was good none the less.

Fitness: Woke up around 8 and went to the gym for a long sess. I did 45 mins of a body works class that was actually really hard and very leg intensive. Many square, lunges, and leg lifts on my already sore legs. I held back a bit because I knew i needed to save some energy for spin. I left body works a little early to get to spin. The teacher talked a lot and didn’t have the music loud enough. He also too really long recovery breaks. Annoying. I made the most of it and pushed myself really hard during the drills (he had some pretty good drills) and during his breaks I kept pushing. By the end of the hour, I had pushed myself and got a really good work out. After spin I went out and did my pushups (w4 d4). Then I did a bunch of ab work such as crunches, obliques on the standing machine thing, leg lifts, etc. I feel awesome now. I wish I had that much time to dedicate to the gym more often.

After working out I went tot the grocery store to pick up dinner for tonight and goods to bring to the house party I’m going too. You see my new years plans are low key tonight… House party at my college friends that live one street over. Taking it easy because tomorrow we are waking up early for some kegs and eggs action and taking the train into center city for The mummer parade. Going to be drinking all day, watching a little bit of people dressed up in crazy costumes and string bands, and hanging out in bars. I’m excited.

Anyway, by the time I got home around 12 I was starving. I had a lot of cereal for breakfast. I was so hungry I didn’t measure it out. Fiber one mini wheats and skim milk.

One really full bowl.

Another half full bowl.


As you can see, I love cereal drowning in milk. Mmmmm.

After I showered, cleaned my room, did some laundry. If you can believe it this wall was covered in random stuff (Christmas gifts, coats, etc).

I removed stuff from the floor and bow it only has this. Much less cluttered.

I snacked on 10 cocoa roast almonds

And a starbucks via with silk nog to get me some caffeine energy for the night.

Now I’m headed to get Dan from the train and make food. Back tomorrow in the new year!

Hap new! (inspired by my fav way to wish happy birthday from hap b… Don’t ask)

Faux spaghetti

December 30, 2010

Since I got in to work so early yesterday because no one is on the road these days, I let myself sleep and extra half hour. I still made it in on time. Love the lack of traffic!

I really wanted oats for breakfast but I had no banana to whip in to make them creamy so I did a 180 and toasted a pumpkin vita top ad made grits instead.

Morning snack was this reserved pomegranate greek yogurt from TJ’s. This was so good! 110 calories, thick and creamy. definitely need to buy again.

For lunch I had a Smart Ones Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach.

This was the first time I’ve ever had this and it was amazing! lots of cheesy sauce, lots of spinach, creamy ricotta. I kicked it up with a little salt and crushed red pepper. My only qualm was the calories were a little low (about 260) could have used some protein in there. I added this side of mini airplane pretzels I had in my desk (50 cals) to bulk it up.

At lunch I went out and got a pedicure since no one was around. She rubbed my shins a lot which felt awesome and then rubbed smooth, hot, oiled up stones on my legs which felt great. of course I later found that a few toes were ruined either by my spin shoes or just my regular shoes (reason #100973 why you should live in a climate where you can always wear flops).

(secret photo… You’re welcome)

Afternoon snack was some gingersnappsh tea and 18 cocoa roasted almonds.. I weighed them out they were about 2/3 of an oz so between 100-150 calories. Missed getting a photo because I was too busy weighing. Oops.

Vita Preworkout

Fitness: I had a hard time deciding what workout I wanted to do today. I decided on rowing class since I haven’t been in a while but right before I left I realized that because of the holiday i risked it being dead and just being a class of me and the instructor. In a quick turn of events, I decided to take a spin class. However when I got there no instructor showed up so I ended up teaching it (been happening often to me i guess). Even though I wasn’t in the teaching mind set I got into it and the class flew by. I love getting paid to do something I would be doing anyway!

Special dinner… I have been dying to try spaghetti squash recently so I checked at the Acme by my gym and they had it! A big one! I snacked on a tbsp TJ’s cilantro jalapeƱo hummus and butter snaps while making.

1. I started by halving the squash. This was tough it took a lot of muscle to cut through the uncooked skin.

2. Put half in a bowl and microwaved for 12 minutes until it was soft.
3. Scooped out top seeds and strands and threw away.
4. Using a fork scooped out the innards. This is when it started looking like spaghetti.

5. Top with sauce and eat.

I decided to make my own sauce flavor today… Not sure why. I used crushed tomatoes, and added crushed red, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, mrs dash Italian medley, oregano, and capers withe the juice. It turned out spicy and caper-y. I loved it.

I paired my meal with 5 perdue turkey meatballs that I heated in the oven while the squash was using the microwave (what I normally would have used).

The squash was an awesome spaghetti substitute. It was very filling, good texture… I will definitely make again!

I had the last of a salad bag with a tbsp of the hummus and some balsamic vinegar for some green and as another way to eat more hummus.

So nice to have off tomorrow! I mustered up energy to sweep my room but not enough to put everything away but I have a load of laundry in. Now I’m watching Nova play Temple in my sweats. Gonna go to bed early because I have big plans of gym and pampering tomorrow. :)

Dessert… I cant stop eating dessert these days! It’s getting out of hand! I broke into my gift from my brother Shawn… 72 chocolate covered cherries. It was a thoughtful gift remembering my childhood love for these but I need to get them out of the house so I don’t wake up and they are all gone one day and I’ve eaten 4,000 calories of chocolate and cherries. Anyway I had one and it was deliciously goupy but not sweet. Not as good as I remember. I think I might prefer the cream kind now because of my love of icing. I did enjoy it though, brought me back.

Alright, let’s go nova!

Nut rant

December 29, 2010

Back to the grind today… Well, sort of. Woke up at my usual time and got ready for work. First day of the week (usually monday), I try to tidy up my room a bit. I did that today since it is the first day of my week and was ready to leave on time. Here’s where that “sort of” comes in, there was no traffic. It took me like 15 mins door to door. There are also not many people and the office is dead. So back to my schedule but not completely because it’s so quiet around here.

Breakfast was an Arnold multigrain sandwich thin with one tbsp naturally nutty chocolate cherry pb. I finished the bag of thins. I really want my next bread purchase to be different. I want to try Ezekiel bread (it’s sprouted high protein bread). I am not sure where to find it though. As you may be able to tell the markets around me are not really for the health conscious. Special trip to whole foods perhaps? Does anyone know if they have it?

I have no fruit left since I was out of town, so I had the last Athenos blueberry Greek yogurt for my morning snack. This yogurt needs to become available at places other then Walmart otherwise I can’t buy it (too out of the way).

Lunch was a lean cuisine (I still have a few in the work freezer reserves).

I love the sesame chicken lean cuisine! It’s in competition for my favorite (said competition includes the vegetable egg roll and chicken carabanara). The chicken is deliciously breaded and the sauce is sweet. The noodles are overcooked in a delicious take out Chinese sort of way. I only wish there was more chicken. When I eat it I cut the chicken into as many bites as I can to drag out the time it takes to eat.

Afternoon snack (another improvised snack without fruit) was last of the bag of pistachios…. 24 to be exact*.

*I always make sure to portion out my snacks but especially when I am having nuts. Nuts are really good for you with healthy fats and protein but they are also calorie dense. A few nuts is a lot of cals so it’s best to keep track. 24 pistachios is about 100 calories.

Vita top before the gym and braving the snow.

Fitness: no one was around at lunch and I didn’t want to go out and spend money, which inevitably happens if I just browse on my lunch hour. So instead I went down to the gym downstairs. I repeated week 4 day 1 of the pushup challenge. FYI, since I’ve been stuck here for a while and will remain here for an unforeseeable amount of time, this set is:

100 pushup Challenge Week 4 Day 1

60 sec break
60 sec break
60 sec break
60 sec break
32+ (meaning to fatigue)

Right now I can do everything except the last set. I can only do 15-18.

After pushups I walked on the treadmill while watching CNN, blogging and reading Runners World. Multi tasking at it’s finest. Leisurely walk stats:

After work I taught my kickboxing class.

It was dinner with Jae night so I went over expecting a special “slaves away all day cooking” type dinner since he has off this week and is doing nothing…. but apparently he was hungover. Just kidding dinner was really good. Especially with the addition of Paula Dean… Hot sauce.

-purdue baked chicken breast with Tabasco mild green sauce
-mixed veg with aforementioned Paula Dean hot sauce
-Spanish rice
-lots of salt and pepper

For dessert I had 10 cocoa roasted almonds. These are sooo good. Definitely had to remember my rant earlier about nut portions and count them out, otherwise I would eat a million.

Tomorrow is my Friday! Yay!

Back home to the snow

December 28, 2010

Well I’m back in Philly. I was greeted by lots of snow :(.

Similar to this but not quite as bad (pic from last terrible winter storm). Actually i am being dramatic and thats e only snowy pic i have on hand :) this storm was nowhere near as bad but I hate snow unless I don’t have to be anywhere until it melts or I’m skiing.

Dan and I arrived at the Philly airport only 10 mins late and had to wait to get off for about 30 mins. Unpleasant but could have been worse. In an event of quick thinking we had the cab driver drop Dan at 30th st station to train it home and then drop me in snowy Manayunk. I was not happy to see the very icy streets and the fully snow covered steps leading to my house. I dropped my stuff off and was determined to get rid of the snow so i didn’t have to deal with it before work in the morning. I put on my rain boots, found the snow shovel and salt and hit the streets.

Lucky for me the snow was really powdery and did not take too lng to get off the stairs and create a path in front of my house. I then sprinkled salt to make sure there were no slippery patches.

The best part of my night was when I went to my car and there was NO SNOW on it!! God smiled upon me and said you are my most wondrous creation. Also the snow around the tires was minimal and light and fluffy so I am pretty sure I should be fine getting out. Just to be safe a shoveled a bit of it away.

When I was finished shoveling I made dinner with what I had in the house.

Spinach artichoke chicken lean pocket covered in Frank’s Red Hot and a mixed green salad with the last of my sabra Greek olive hummus and some balsamic vinegar.

I got the idea for hummus and balsamic from Gina and it was really good. Since i usually crave hummus and will eat it as a really unnecessary appetizer to my dinners, this is a great way for me to get my hummus fix without inhaling to s of pretzels and other random calories I don’t need.

At home workout 1

December 28, 2010

Thought I would share this. It’s a workout I did one day when I planned on running but when I went outside it was raining. This took me about 40 mins and my legs were maxed out. You can do it as many times as you want and mix up the intervals if you want too. I used my bike to get my heart rate up in a different way, but no equipment necessary.

Body weight and interval

Need: stationary bike or jump rope or nothing- jump in place

Jumping jacks moderate effort 2 mins
Bike or jump rope all out effort 3 mins
20 squats
Mountain climber all out 2 mins –> hardest part!
20 lunges on each leg –> also really hard
Bridge with leg kicks 2 mins
20 heel raises (off step or incline for extra credit)
Knees up 2 mins
50 crunches
Kick your butt 2 mins
20 Lateral leg raise on each leg
180 degree jumping turns 2 mins

Repeat 1 or more times

Takes about 40-50 mins for 2 sets