Vita top sandwich

February 22, 2011

Despite going to bed hungry last night, I had a normal amount of hunger for breakfast this morning. Funny how I can sleep it off.

I had a banana that was on the way to being over ripe so I got creative and invented this.

Vita Top Sandwich

-1 vita top heated and split in half
-1 tbsp RF pb
-about half banana thinly sliced (I ate the other half)

This was delicious. Very messy but oh my gaaa. Melty chocolate, pb and sweet banana. Soo good. Will probably be experimenting with these again. I am thinking a vita top cornbread sandwich is in my future.

Morning snack was a tiny apple I got from panera (way to small to eat on it’s own) and some mixed nuts and soy nuts.

Lunch was a pepperoni pizza lean pocket with some special k garlic and herb crackers. Hot sauce of course.

I am realizing that lean pockets are not very filling for me even when paired with a side of crackers. I am usually still hungry afterward. I should probably try pairing with a side of veggies instead.

Afternoon snack was a yogurt and kashi good friends topping.

I had a fiber one bar and some green tea made with water and one snl before heading to the gym.

Fitness: another day of W4 D1 of pushups and my usual Tuesday routine. I did a ton of hills today in spin. Hard/ great workout.

Dinner had to be quick because i get home late one Tuesdays and don’t like to waste time cooking and still hit my bed time. Getting home at 8 and still needing to eat, shower, and blog before bed at 9:30 (when I like to at least be in bed I would love to be asleep by then also) is a time crunch.

So after that rambling… Dinner was a TJ’s pasta Italiano and Gorton’s filet.

The meal was quick, made in less then 10 mins. I sprinkled with Parmesan and crushed red.

I ate half of the package of pasta, one filet, and some toast with spray butter. This was good, lots of different veggies- not enough eggplant though!- and easy to make (just slapped on stove but could have used in microwave) but too small of a portion. I was def hungry afterward.

It drove into the arms of dessert. Last piece of dark chocolate with sea salt and a few Swedish fish.

stomach flu sun-mon waaa

November 22, 2010

So I actually cheated and back dated my last post because I was too sick saturday and sunday to post.  I was also to sick to take pictures and didn’t really eat much.

i spent all day sunday laying in the fetal position in bed.  It was awful I haven’t been this sick in like 3 years. Dan was so nice putting up with my whining and taking care of me! Not be lame but he was awesome :)

Anyway, Sunday I consumed:

  • as much water as i could stomach
  • a cup of peidalyte… which wasn’t that bad but not that good either. i would get gatorade next time
  • lots of pepto
  • bags of swedish fish and sour patch kids.. split with Dan– don’t ask it is all i could stomach for some reason
  • a few mints
  • a few sips of a starbucks coffee-less sugarfree vanilla frappuccino. very non offensive to the stomach but couldn’t finish it or even get half way through.

I woke up this morning (monday) and was planning on going to work but still felt pretty bad and knew if i went i would never heal so I’ve been pretty much sleeping all day. I started to get hungry and again all i wanted was swedish fish but unfortunately i was out.  i had won some chocolate at the bbay shower saturday and it seemed non offensive and i could reach it from my bed:

I then ordered a Caprese Panini from The couch Tomato. Not pictured because i forgot my camera upstairs and was too weak to go get it and come back down

It had

  • toasty bread… with a little too much butter on it
  • buffalo mozzerella
  • basil (but was more like pesto)
  • tomato
  • i ordered it without the balsamic spread that was supposed to be on it

The panini was ok.. my stomach is still deciding if it was offensive its not feeling too well. I wish it had been less greasy and i wanted fresh basil not a pesto.

I heated up some tomato soup on the side but only ended up eating half of half a serving and half the panini and a glass of milk. now im back in bed.  drinking lots of water.

if anyone wants to bring me more swedish fish. feel free.