Blog Break

April 26, 2011

I am not dead. 

But I think I will be taking a break from the blog for a bit. I am frustrated with it because I don’t have enough time to devote to make it really good. For now I am still snapping pictures of my eats and we’ll see if I feel differently about it at the end of the week.  Until then, thanks for reading and check back. This may just be a break and not the end.

All day meeting day dos

April 21, 2011

I had another meeting all day today and again that meant navigating the provided food. As always I knew the breakfast would be bagels and pastries so I skipped and opted for oatmeal and cocoa roast almonds.

The banana is pictured but I actually ate it as my morning snack later…

For lunch I had the same issue as yesterday. My nemesis was back! I chose the ham again since I knew it was safe. I didn’t notice cheese yesterday but today I removed the tasteless slices. I also scraped some of the honey mustard off the bread because there was a lot more today.

I splurged and ate the chips again today. And I got rid of r cookies and pasta salad.

Afternoon snack were some unpictured peanuts and this orange. It was an excellent orange! I stole one for tomorrow. I was upset because I thought there were going to be soft pretzels but it was chips and guac instead which I was not feeling.

Anyway I pretty successfully managed myself through the temptations again. On the way out of the office I had a caramel coconut fudge bar. I am out of vitas. Gasp!

Fitness: I had a bit of a time crunch today because I had to run 4.5 miles and get to my volleyball game at the gym that’s further from my house by 6:30pm. I planned a route (I do my route planning on btw. It’s not completely accurate but close) and inshore it so I ended at the gym.

Dinner was thus late for me because I was eating at almost 8pm. I guess similar to Tuesdays. I quickly threw together leftovers. Baked chicken patty and green bean salad from yesterday and then some quick side pretzels and mushrooms.


Green bean salad

Mushrooms and pretzels

Dipping sauces: hummus and jalapeño mustard

Heading up to NY tomorrow early from work to celebrate good Friday with dan’s family. Should be a huge feast. Can’t wait! Happy Easter everyone!

Working lunch

April 20, 2011

Today was an all day meeting at work and you know what that means… Free food.

We started late today, at 9:30am but I had eaten breakfast as always when I got in at 8am. I would normally opt for that anyway because the provided breakfasts are never what I like to call healthy. Today there were bagels and scones. Anyway I started my day with a mango chobani (another 2% by accident). This one was a really good one though! If they nay have mango in 2% I might just buy again. I topped it with grapenuts and had a plum on the side.

The best part about these meetings is the fruit. Here is always a huge fruit tray that only a few people graze at. I not only graze but take this opportunity to make a major dent in said plate. My first serving.

I kept my snacks small today and without the added fat since I was unsure what the lunch situation would be and if there were any treats I might want to partake in.

When lunch came around it was my nemesis if caterers. The quality of this one place my company uses is really poor and they are always condiment heavy. Example I got the roast beef sandwich once and it was well done t the point of chewiness. I don’t even like rare meat but I know rb tastes better that way. Gross. Another time I took the bag marked mozzarella and it was not fresh mozz and was covered in some Dort of mayonnaisey dressing. Sick.

Today I took ham because I remembered having it in the past and not absolutely hating it. It was again pre-condimented with a honey mustard. I wasn’t sure if it was dressing or actual honey mustard (if it was dressing I would have ditched), but there wasn’t much on it anyway so I just ate it. The sandwich was alright. Nothing to write home about.

Since I had been good all day and planned to give away the rest of the stuff in the bag (oily pasta salad, a brownie, and cookie), I let myself eat the homemade chips. This is one thing I like from this nemesis. They are skin on and sprinkled with old bay and a nice treat.

Afternoon snack was exactly like the morning one. They had put out soft pretzels but since I had already splurged with the chips I skipped this.

Later I took a sly picture of my vita while the meeting was wrapping up.

Fitness: normal Wed routine… Kb class. Side note about class today, one woman in the class had a tank top/ bra combo in and while we were doing jumping jacks her boob popped out. I’m talking full boob and nipple. And she didn’t notice for like 30 secs. I almost died. And tried my best to avert my eyes from staring in the mirror. Yikes/ hahah. I digress

Dinner was quickly thrown together.

These baked chicken patties were buy one get one half off so you’ll be seeing a bunch of these. They are very versatile but today I just dipped in reduced sugar ketchup.

I made a quick cold green bean salad with a can of green beans, white vinegar, cayenne, salt, and a little olive oil.

I finished the remainder of the mashed potatoes from last week.

And I had some cheesy garlic pretzels on the side. Same pic twice, sue me.

I am trying not to eat a lot of sweets this week because I think I’ve been a little out of hand with dessert lately (and I know this weekend is going to be a bad one!). But I had one mini egg to whhhhhhet my whhhhhistle.

The more you know..

April 19, 2011

My friend (Hi, Michelle!) was asking me about my habit of eating the peanuts shells and all and I did some googling.

My research found that alot of people like eating the shells. Yeah, its delicious. Told ya.

This was the most reliable source I found: National Peanut Board

Q: Is it okay to eat peanuts shell and all?
A: While the USDA does not consider the shell or hull of a peanut a food product, many people report that they enjoy peanuts including the shell and food scientists indicate that it’s okay. The chemical composition of peanuts shells varies with the peanut variety and shelling conditions but here is their approximate composition: Crude Fiber 60%; Cellulose 25%; Water 8%; Crude Protein 6%; Ash 2%; Fat 1%

There you have it. eat your shells!

Terribly tired Tuesday

April 19, 2011

You’re probably sick of hearing how tired I am. But I am exhausted. Softball that gets me home at 10:30pm kills. I have to wind myself down afterward and don’t get to sleep until 11:30. and this leave me dazed and unhappy the next day and yearning for my bed.

Anyway onto the eats…

Breakfast yogurt. I’ve said it before, Fruit on the bottom Chobani is so good!

-black cherry 0% Chobani Greek yogurt
-some grapenuts

Morning snack was a peach and some nuts.

Lunch: I am still chipping away at those pretzel bread lean pockets!

-pretzel bread chicken jalapeño lean pocket
-lots of hot sauce
-everything bagel pretzels

Afternoon snack: cup o’ grapes and some nuts.

Pregym fiber one bar.

Fitness: usual tuesday routine. Pilates and spinning. I also did 100 pushup challenge w4d2.

Quick Tuesday dinner:

-salad mix
-rf blue cheese
-baby Bella mushrooms
-rf cilantro dressing

On the side I had the last of the everything bagel pretzels and a couple of the new cheesy garlic pretzel I bought (delicious!).