All microwave dinner

January 25, 2011

Oats for breakfast seemed cozy on this cold winter morning.

-1/8 c steel cut
-1/2 c rolled oats
-tsp pecans
-salt, sweet n low
-half banana
-handful frozen mixed berries for TJ’s (mostly blackberries tho)

The blackberries in this were awesome. Delicious sour kick to the oats. I have 2 whole bags of this frozen mixed fruit so pretty excited about that haha. Get ready to be sick of reading about frozen berries.

Morning snack-a-roo: other half of the banana.

Lunch was healthy choice tortilla soup with sun chips and of course Goya. Hot sauce is another thing that if don’t mention you can probably just assume it’s there, especially Goya with my lunches.

Anyway, This soup does not have enough chicken. The tortilla strips are good but it is not very hearty.

Afternoon snack of soy nuts and cocoa roasted almonds. I also had a coffee (no pic) which quickly perked up my tired afternoon.

Ever notice sometimes what a little bit of caffeine can do to your mood? That’s why I try not to drink it everyday. I like the energy and mood boost I get with the low tolerance.

Fake fiber one bar Pre gym in my cozy ugg that I wish I was wearing…

…instead of these heels.

Fitness: I tested myself in my pushups today. Instead of doing a routine I I’d as many as I could and then did and easier day. What I ended up with was 44-14-10-10-24. I can’t believe I’m only at 44 after so many MONTHS of doing this! I still plan to stick with it though… I will get to 100 one day! Aside from cursing the 100 pushup challenge, my other fitness was my regular Tuesday routine (see the my workouts tab).

Dinner was back to my roots aka totally prepared in the microwave– thanks to a few Trader Joe’s items.

Tuna in red panang curry sauce and Thai style lime pilaf.

Took a total of about 6 mins to put together and made 2 meals at about 420 calories each.

1. I started by heating the rice 2 mins in it’s pouch. Not sure why I bought this rice because its not whole grain, must have thought it was.
2. Mixed the TJ’s tuna pouch with a 100 calorie can of tuna (it didn’t look like enough meat and there was extra sauce so this was a good choice especially to be able to stretch it into 2 meals) and heated in microwave 2 mins.
3. Toss green beans in salt, red pepper flakes and garlic powder then heat in microwave 2 mins.

The rice was good but nothing special. If it were whole grain I’d buy it again but it wasn’t worth the lack of fiber.

The tuna was really good! It was in no way “hot” as described on the package (note the Goya addition. Would have been better with siricha (sp?)) As I said before I was glad I added more tuna to it!

Always enjoy French cut green beans.

All in all a good meal. I will enjoy it again… Probably tomorrow.

2 fish for dessert.

Btw When I eat this small serving of fish, I don’t really consider it dessert. Its basically just a palate cleanser after dinner. I’m not a psycho, I know what dessert is and I would not consider 2 fish it. But anyway its nice tonhave a touch of something sweet after dinner haha.

Gnight, pals.

New year on the couch

January 2, 2011

Well i literally did not move from my couch today. Watched the villanova game, outrageous food, house hunters, etc

Breakfast bowl of fiber one mini wheats and a side of center cut bacon split with Danielle.

For lunch I decided to rework the tuna steaks from the other night. I didn’t have any ff mayo so this had:

-tiny bit (2 tbps maybe) light mayo
-brown mustard
-tuna steak
-light English muffin toasted
-weight watchers creamy Swiss triangle
-3 slices of American cheese stolen from Lauren.

These turned out really well! I even have extra for late in the week. I had one tuna melt and these green beans and a diet Coke.

I snacked on these fish throughout the day. I can’t buy these candies I can’t atop eating them! The past 2 days I almost went through 2 bags!

Dinner was ordered from Laxmi’s and I asked for it extra spicy. It was! And it was AMAZING! So spicy and delicious. I had the Dal Tadka and some of Dan’s chicken swartha and some Ginger naan.

I loooove this place. Usually when you order things extra spicy they never make is spicy enough. This was awesomely spicy. Loooove. Dan did not love as much because he was still in a fragile state from a game that made him take a shot of house gin yesterday.

End of holiday season and back to the real world tomorrow :(.