February 23, 2011

I am determined not go to the grocery store this week (maybe Friday). I had a bunch of fruit and milk (this usually drives me there) and a few items I can make into dinners. It’s hard when what you have isn’t exactly what you want but I’m going to make it work.

My point leads me to breakfast because I’m out of my morning banana. Which rules out making oatmeal or grapenuts since I need my banana with those. Well not need but like. Thus, I made a fruity fluffernutter with a side of vitamin and coenzyme q10.

-2 slices carb style bread
-1 tbsp RF pb
-1 heaping tbsp marshmallow fluff
-1 tbsp sugar free raspberry jelly

Like a fluffy delicious cloud.

Morning snack was an apple (luckily I have one more of these for the week).

Lunch was campbell’s savory chicken with brown rice soup and a bagel thin with spray butter.

I was excited to see brown rice in a soup! These Campbell’s soups with whole grains are awesome. Better sop it up now before it’s summer and I’m over soup.

Afternoon snack was a little bit of nut mixture, then the last of my yogurts (gasp!) with kashi good friends sprinkled in. This has replace my second serving of fruit lately. Going to have to get creative on snacks the next 2 days.

You’re welcome.

Vita top hard at work banging those keys.

Fitness: wed routine teaching at the gym (pronounced like dime with a g).

Lucky for me it’s Jae’s week to make dinner so that saves me a bit as far as grocery shopping.

I snacked on some really firm tasty tomatoes with salt and pepper while Jae prepared our feast.

And drank this diet pepsi.

-pork in Moroccan 35 spice
-chunky applesauce
-mashed sweet potatoes
-mixed veggies
-portobella stuffed with tomatoes and part skim cheese

The pork was thick and tender and juicy and spicy all at once.

Paired nicely with the applesauce.

The sweet potatoes were made with a little butter, s & p. Mmmm.

The roll and veg were really good too.

The mushroom could have been a meal on it’s own. Twas a delight.

I couldn’t even clear my plate. I ate a bout 2/3. Lots of leftovers. You’ll see haha.

RIP Saxbys

January 16, 2011

Sunday was a lazy day- as it should be. Woke up kinda early and headed to Saxbys for a sugar free chai tea latte and much to my chagrin it is shut down!!! I almost cried. Where am I going to get my tart froyo in Manayunk and all those sugar free syrups! Waaa.

I had a few errands to run which brought us near whole foods so we went there for some supplies for our mini jets game watch party. Dan made his chili! I am going to post the recipe later in the week. It’s the best chili ever so get excited. For now pictures.

Breakfast at panera. Egg and Swiss on ciabatta:

Chili w ff sour cream and ff mozz

Sweet potato discs:

Cold sesame noodle salad:

-ww pasta and frozen peas
-2 tbsp sesame oil
-2 tbsp teriyaki sauce
-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
-Salt and pepper

Healthy-ish cookies that we dipped in ff cool whip. Mmm:

I also snacked on a few olives, Pretzels and jalapeƱo mustard, and a few gummy fish while watching the Jets beat the Patriots. I am not the biggest NFL fan but I tried to be supportive of Dans team and did my part with “woo”-ing and chest bumps. And yelling “bros!!” of course.