Busy busy

February 27, 2011

Woke up on Saturday to tackle my busy day in a hungover state. Nothing a little advil and a mimosa couldn’t cure though.

Our at home tailgate a la Higgins was delicious. He made whole wheat challah French toast with a warm berry compote and sausages.

The components:

This bread was awesome.

Berries were awesome too and perfect for me since I don’t really like maple syrup.

I had this cherry from the huge box I re-gifted to the boys house at new years.

At the game Dan and split these Chickie and Pete’s crab fries. $8.50 yeeeeeeah.

The game was a debauchery and I am not hopeful for Nova in the tournament this year :(. Dan and I had to duck out a little early to get up to NY for his sister’s engagement party.

I had tons of homemade deliciousness there but refrained from stalking the food.

Sunday was low key but Dan and I successfully saved money by making our own food vs ordering takeout.

Eggbeater sandwich with tomato, light Swiss cheese, and ketchup on a cheesy roll and a banana.

Chicken quesadilla made with rotisserie chicken, tomato, hot sauce, fat free mozzarella, and fat free sour cream on a smart and delicious tortilla toasted.

I snacked on s’mores goldfish, a granola bar, a few bites of a Wendy’s frosty, part of a chicken cutlet, I think that’s all… throughout the day. I also did some fitness! Unusual for a Sunday for me. I did a 30 min yoga program that was on demand. It had some great hip openers.

So tired now. G night.

Dan’s Birth

February 3, 2011

…day! Happy birthday, little guy.

My camera battery was still dead today so excuse the iPhone photos.

For breakfast I went back to pb, jelly, and fluff. Sooooo delicious.

Morning snack was an apple.

Lunch out courtesy of a work vendor. We went downstairs to our local cafe. They didn’t have the hummus for my usual veggie wrap, so I improvised. This is their fajita wrap without the cheese and sour cream. I ate the first half (this is the leftovers. You get the picture).

It had grilled chicken, peppers, and onions in a panini pressed wrap. I spooned on salsa and hot sauce. I had a tiny 70 calorie bag of chips on the side (not pictured).

In the afternoon, I snacked on a slice of sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bread topped with spray butter.

The vendor came bearing gifts! This was my favorite one… A Starbucks-like tumbler. I posed my vita top with it. I was embarrassingly excited about this haha.

Fitness: I had a pretty nice (treadmill) run today. 3.5 miles in 30 mins. Then I walked/ jogged to make it 4 miles in 37 mins. After the run I took a yoga class. The class was actually pretty hard. She did a lot of balancing poses in a row which had my legs tiring and cramping up. It also felt good to stretch out after the run. Run then yoga combo is a love of mine.

By the time I got home, I was REALLY hungry so I was glad to have leftovers of Jae’s jumbalaya from yesterday. I think I forgot to mention their were white beans in this also. Tonight leftovers had no sausage and only shrimp (must have scooped poorly yesterday). It was again really good though!

I also had a slice of the ciabatta from last night toasted with spray butter.

And a side of olive bar mix. A few cubes of cheese, mushroom, red pepper, and o’ course olives.

Now my legs are feeling like jelly and it’s time for bed. I haven’t gotten to wish Dan a happy birthday because his phone is dead! Waiting to do that and going to bed.

Hap b, Danathon!

NY Tourists

December 4, 2010

This is minimal words weekend.

Fitness: ran 3 miles. Walked about 5 more later… Tbd (to be discussed.

Preworkout: pumpkin granola bar:

Breakfast: egg, tomato, wrap:

Snack: sugary nuts from a street vendor:

Starbucks non fat peppermint white chocolate mocha latte:

Warm up bar stop. Blue moon:
A one…

A twooo… And water.

Indian food dinner. Andaz. Some papadam and sauces:

Split bottle of malbec. This was good but as Dan said, “I think I prefer beer with spicy Indian food”

Chiken vindaloo, Chana saag (one if the eat dishes ive ever had), rice, roti. My plate:

I had more Chana saag and roti.

Pistachio ice cream thing and rice desserts split:

Dan spilled a potato: Hahah:

The 5 more miles I spoke of were spent touristing NY. We went up 5th ave, past the tree, past a bunch of department store window displays, into St. Pats, into the met, through central park. It was chilly but fun. Parts had waaay to many people.

Now: fire, couch, literally chestnuts roasting on said fire, poker?

I had a pic but it is now lost. I’m sure you can imagine… Maybe.

Atomic horseradish and Harry Potter

November 27, 2010

Too bad for Nova’s loss today :(… Not sure whether to be glad because years where they start off super they fizzle out or to take this disappointment as an indicator of the season. Can someone get a statement from Shane Clark again? Thanks.

This afternoon I had a snack of raspberries. One of my favorite flavors of all time.

Then dinner was leftovers with a twist. Spicy turkey lettuce wraps

-leftover turkey
-part skim mozzarella
-sirracha (sp?)
-big red lettuce leaves

Melted the mozz, scooped on the ciarracha (new sp?). They were good.

On the side I had green bean casserole and stuffing (which I over served myself… Only ate about half)

After that is when we busted out… dun dun dun… The shrimp ring.

And atomic horseradish.

Atomic horseradish challenge.

After cleansing the sinuses. Stings the nostrils. We went to see HP7 which I loved!! I almost cried in the first 10 mins and then sobbed at the end. I really didn’t remember much from the book except for tidbits. Ignorance is probably bliss because I am usually disappointed about what they leave out when making the movies. I can’t wait for the next one. I am sure there will be more tears :/