Work is..

Delayed?! Not cancelled?! So ridiculous. None of the roads were plowed except for the highway and we got about a foot and half of snow!

Anyway, I enjoyed sleeping in an extra hour and then had to get up to shovel my stoop and my car out. I was starving when I woke up so I ate this fiber one topped with one tbsp of pb before heading out to shovel.

It took me an hour to clear everything, get my car out, find a new spot on a plowed road for it, and trek back to my house. I think we consider this some fitness for the day! My heart rate was up hauling that snow and walking in snow up to my knees!

When I got to work, I had worked up and appetite and had a slice of sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bread with spray butter and a mint tea with one sweet n’ low.

For lunch I had an Amy’s light and lean black bean and cheese enchilada and about 25 goldfish.

I never tried the light and lean Amy’s. This was really good!

I would buy it again. It needed to be a touch bigger though but I like adding the goldfish I stole from coworker Leslie.

The fish were tasty. I wish they had some fiber in them. Fiber one, make a line of goldfish snacks!

Thought I would mention this now since I’ve grown accustomed to eating this post meal. After lunch I’ve been wanting a palate cleanser so I’ve been chewing gum. Currently I’m chewing this dessert delights mint chocolate chip ice cream. It in no way tastes like the ice cream or would stave off an ice cream craving but it is tasty and a good after lunch palate cleanser like I said.

Afternoon snack was an apple and some soy nuts eaten in a hurry between meetings at work.

I was really stressed about getting a parking spot in Manayunk tonight. When I got home, much to my chagrin, I was right and the parking situation and roads were a nightmare. I ate this vita on the way out of the office, so nothing creative.

I thus decided to skip a traditional workout for the night and spent another hour shoveling (total 2 today!). This time I helped Jae with his driveway to earn my keep for stealing a space there (more fitness)

Afterward it was my turn for our weekly dinner. I broiled some turkey meatballs in the oven and topped some barilla plus rotini with green giant creamed spinach (a touch of green to the meal) and tomato sauce. And a side of make shift garlic toast.

These TJ’s meatballs are a new favorite. I like them better then purdue.

The creamed spinach worked in the sauce but made it a little watery. I would suggest just regular spinach but it worked in a pinch.

The garlic toast using spray butter and garlic powder is quick and easy.

I had my last 2 fish-ies for dessert.

*btw since I blog using the iPad, it changes a lot of words using predictive test. I don’t always catch the changes. Bear with me.


One Response to Work is..

  1. Margie says:

    Too much snow but affords a great cardio/weight lifting workout–burns lots of calories too.

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