Coollld as iiice

February 1, 2011

You’re cold as ice to me! Singing that as I scraped the obnoxious ice off my car this morning. Really had to chip away at that. So annoying.

I made breakfast at home before coming to work.

-2 slices carb style bread
-1 tbsp reduced fat pb
-1 tbsp marshmallow fluff
-2 tbsp sugar free raspberry jelly

I love pb and fluff. This was delicious! I scaled down the servings of the pure sugar and pb to make this an about 250 calorie breakfast. The bread was high protein and fiber so that helped keep me full.

I snacked on an apple mid morning. And a coffee. Both ofnwuicho forgot to snap pics of apparently… sorry. just shows, been needing coffee thus far this week. I think I’m missing some sleep.

Lunch was Amy’s enchilada with Spanish ice and beans and some baked tostitos.

This amys isn’t my favorite. It needed salt but I am always hesitant to add salt to frozen meals. I would still buy again but I would start with the other varieties first.

Chips were good for sopping the beans.

And suicide hot sauce for my hotness.

Half blueberry pint and some nuts for afternoon snackage.

South beach diet choc pb bar Pre gym.

As an aside if you haven’t noticed I’ve been eating a little more on Tuesdays. I don’t get home until 8 on tues and am always ravenous. So, I am trying to eat a little more during the day so I don’t binge when I get home and am rushing to make dinner. So far it is working out. I’m only adding an extra maybe 100 calories but I think it helps.

Fitness: W3 D2 of 100 pushup challenge. I manhandled this one. Well not really but it was manageable. Tough at the end when I had to do 25+, but i was able to do 33. I kind of just want this challenge to end! But I am sticking to it. Aside from that I did my normal Tuesday workout (see my workouts tab).

So I mentioned making Mac n cheese on Sunday and I was saving the recipe for when I served it. Today I realized I wasn’t serving it because it’s Jae’s turn to cook. So I had it for dinner.

-whole wheat Mac n cheese
-imitation crab (I ate it cold this time)
-broccoli, snap pea, and broccoli slaw
-extra hot cocktail sauce (!) and some light peppercorn ranch for dipping

Now for the Mac n cheeeeeeese (pronounced as in old school) recipe

-whole wheat pasta. I chose shells cause they reminded me of velvet shells n cheese.
-fat free cottage cheese
-nutritional yeast (just discovered this from the blog world. It is super good for you and has a cheesy nutty flavor)
-ff cheddar i used slices but shredded would have been perfect as well.
-whole wheat flour (for thickening)
-salt, pepper, cayenne, nutmeg for spice

1. Cook your pasta as normal
2. Put cottage cheese in a pot on the stove
3. When it becomes smooth stir in nutritional yeast (to taste. You actually can skip this step if nutritional yeast scares you but u wanted to try it and it seemed like it couldn’t hurt)
4. Stir in cheddar.
5. Add spices to taste
6. Stir in ww flour to thicken to your liking
7. Pour over cooked pasta

This Mac n cheese is guilt free and turned out to be a really good healthy version. Dan was skeptical and approved! If your skeptical about the cottage cheese, it actually becomes smooth and is the “cream” in your dish. And if you don’t care for the nutritional yeast omit it. I am not sure it added much flavor.

The leftover version was good too. The Mac stuck together a little more and was delicious and whole wheaty.

Next time I make this I will top with shredded ff cheese and bread crumbs and bake in the oven a bit.

Wet ankles

December 1, 2010

Woke up this morning feeling well. I did pop another Sudafed for good measure tho. Also woke up to a miserable rainy day. But it said it was warm out and I thought maybe it was only sprinkling so didn’t wear me boots. Hence my wet ankles. I despise when the bottom of your pants get wet in the rain. It make my whole body feel cold.

For breakfast some more oats. This time I tried just the multi grain to see how it was. And I made them Festive Holiday Oats:

-1/4 c multi grain oat
-1 tbsp splenda brown sugar blend
-pinch salt
-1/2 banana
-sprinkle of green cupcake topping crystal things to make it festive
-handful frozen pomegranate seeds

Red and green! These were delicious. I def like these oats better then the regular rolled oats. Not as well as steel cut but steel cut you don’t get as big a serving for your calories. I also am loving these frozen pom seeds I bought. Frozen fruit on hot oats is amazing.

Snack was again the other half of the banana.

I also ate this ricotta that coworker Leslie was raving about and was a stickler with making Me take a pic ;)

For lunch I went to the work freezer and perused. I knew I was going to have a noodle dish tonight and I only had 2 non noodle lean cuisines. I whipped out this Amy’s cheese enchilada.

It had corn and black beans. And i spiced it up with some of my hottest hot sauce: crazy mother puckers liquid lava. Very spicy. I usae like 6 drops.

Unfortunately the work microwave (which has the power of the surface of the sun), booked it so all the cheese oozed out onto the rest of the stuff. It was still delicious. This had a little more calories then I would normally eat for a weekday lunch (about 370) but it was very satisfying and oozing with yummy cheese and enchilada sauce.

I also had this serving of salad with tomatoes and spring mix donated by coworker Brian.

I missed my apple snack because I was in a meeting but I dis still have my vita top hiding in a poinsettia in the office.

There you are! (yes I did sneak and take this pc in a high traffic area of my office. I’m that cool.)

Fitness: normal Wednesday routine. Taught kickboxing. There were lts of people in there today and it was a hard class.

Dinner I had big plans haha. I bought these tofu shirataki noodles a couple weeks ago(they are hard to find around here).

I decided to do an easier version of hungry girl’s tuna noodle casserole.

-1 bag tofu shirataki noodle
-1 can tuna
-1 can, or in my case box, of condensed cream of mushroom soup (I use tj portobello mushroom soup-delish!)
-4 tbsp parmesan cheese
-1/2 bag of green beans
-lots of crushed red pepper

I drained, rinsed, and patted dry the tofu shirataki. I microwaved the green beans for 3 mins in a bowl with a little water. I drained the tuna and added tuna, soup, and crushed red pepper to noodles and stirred it all up. 4 mins in the microwave. Half way stir and add Parmesan to top. Enjoy! The total calories is about 460. It’s a huge bowl! I only ate half.

This was the first time I’ve made anything like this. It’s actually only the second time I’ve eaten tofu shirataki. An I am not sure I’ve ever even had tuna noodle casserole.

My 2 cents on Tofu shirataki:
1. They smell weird out if the package
2. The consistency is a little strange. Chewier then regular spaghetti.
3. I love love love the amount you can eat for so few calories! A whole bag has 40 cals- amazing.
4. They have some fiber and protein as well. Bonus.

I enjoyed the dish it was a ton of food and I still get to have dessert!

Which was this sour box of Raisels! Sour in a good way. These are golden raisins covered in citric acid (the powder they put on sour patch kids- I would eat anything covered in that!). There are a few flavors. The lemon are a fav.

Lauren and I also put up our tree! Yay Christmas. Haha… Our tree is a little sad. Took us 5 mins to put up.


November 17, 2010

Woke up this morning with really sore teeth. Waa. I kept my crest white strips on a touch too long last night and now my teeth are sensitive.

I drove to work contemplating what breakfast would be. I knew I wanted to incorporate fruit into it though, since this week has been lacking. Realization- coworker who didn’t like whole wheat bagel thins gave me her stash.

-whole wheat bagel thin
-naturally nutty cinnamon peanut butter

I toasted the thin (the only way I like these) and the peanut butter melted on. Sidenote: This flavor is my least favorite of the naturally nutty flavors and the oil doesn’t incorporate as well as it does in some of the others even though it’s no stir. The pear was hurting my sore teeth so I cut it up and proceeded with caution.

For a snack I dipped back into my fruit stash and had a perfect banana (not too ripe or unripe).

Lunch was an Amy’s frozen Tamale Verde. I don’t buy these often because of the price but I really enjoy them. At lunch i thought that I really should start plating these frozen meals for the blog but i’m thinking its more real this way. So ill stick to their packaging.

I of course doused this in Goya. Mmmm spice.

The tamale did not dissapoint it was good consistency and filling and the black beans inside- although a little sparese were good.  My one qualm was when heating this up the rice got nooked while the tamale was still cold in the midle.  The rice turned out slightly dry as a result.  It could just be the ridiculously powerful microwave at my office that I used.  It was still delicious but the rice NEEDED the goya saucing.

For a snack I had brought an apple but I couldn’t bear the thought of biting into it with my sore teeth so ate the rest of yesterdays Kashi Good Friends (1/2 a c about?) and added some pepitas i had at my desk. the pepitas added some salt which was good. and i still liked that i could much on the cereal for a while.

For my preworkout snack– Deep Choclate Dream Vita Top- hiding from the camera in my magazine holder at work. Lame? yes.. but i may make a game of this now haha. You will never know where it may show up next.. just sayin.

Today’s workout was my usual Wednesday routine. I taught my kickboxing class.  So many people there today– i loved it it gets me more pumped to teach the more people there are and i think more people enjoy it because if something gets too hard they can just blend into the crowd.  Does anyone else really enjoy classes with tons of people either when you are teaching it or when you are in it for motivation?

Afterward I went over to Jae’s for a lovely dinner he prepared.

He made chicken masala and it was delicious and he even made healthy substitutions for me as he always does.  He’s so good..

-chicken covered in a little flour
-masala wine sauce

On the side there was a baked potato (cooked in the microwave– about 10 mins for 2) with non fat sour cream, eggplant that he sliced up-  baked in the oven for 30 mins, a reduced fat crescent roll, nd of course.. tabasco.

And a glass of red wine that I stole from Chris who was not present. thanks, Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

Jae left me with all the leftovers so I am pretty excited about that for dinner tomorrow or lunch.  Alright off to bed.. sans the white strips tonight!