Work field trip

Completely forgot that today I had a work field trip to participate in. I had to aid in visiting venues for a seminar. Woo time away from my cube!

Before I left for the field trip I had breakfast.

-fiber one cinnamon apple muffin Lauren made according to the package.
-baby food yogurt blends banana

The muffins Lauren made are good. They only have 160 calories so to small as a on it’s own breakfast item but really good reheated with spray butter and a yogurt on the side.

I missed morning snack time but at one the of the venues they had candy out and I couldn’t resist Swedish fish!

On the way back from our fun field trip, we stopped at panera for lunch. Isis you pick 2 and got a bowl of chicken noodle soup (100 cals) and half a tuna salad sandwich (240 cals). The soup is always a win there. It’s delcious. This was the first time I tried the tuna sandwich, normally I wouldn’t get that because mayo adds so much fat and calories but this was one of the lowest calorie counts for sandwiches on the menu so I decided to try. It was very mayonnaisey but good with onion, lettuce, and tomato. Hoping the calorie counts was right.

Afternoon snack was half a pint of blueberries. Mmmm for some strange reason these for 2 for $5 even in the off season. I quickly scooped them up since I loooove blueberries. These were a little disappointing. I like hard tart bloobs and these were a little mushy and not so flavorful. I guess that’s what get for buying them in the winter.

Fitness: since it was the last day it would be on demand and I only had time for a quick workout, I did Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack at home tonight. This routine is so weird to me, sometimes I am dying at the end and other times I could do it twice. Anyway as I’ve been saying it’s been a good go to at home workout. I hope they put another one on demand to take it’s place. In also played volleyball tonight which I really don’t consider fitness but I was moving around rather then sitting watching tv.

Between 6 week 6 pack and volleyball I made a quick dinner. Tasty bite Spinach dal and half a piece of ww naan with fat free mozz melted on top and a rice cake (I needed some crunch).

The spinach and lentils were delicious. Very soupy though. I enjoyed sopping it up with the naan. I added siracha (I really need to learn how to spell it) and it was awesome!

For dessert I had a handful of raisels. Don’t think I have talked about these yet. In the summer I stumbled upon these gems in the dried fruit section of Gunuardi’s (grocery store). They are ca white grapes dipped in citric acid. Sound gross? Citric acid is the coating on my favorite…. Sour patch kids!!!

When I discovered these healthier sour patch kids I was ecstatic. They aren’t quite like the original of course but these are really good and they have a bunch of flavors. Tonight I broke into the sour apple.

One Response to Work field trip

  1. samantha o'brien says:

    I’m sorry, but that bowl looks DISGUSTING!!! Did you try the egg poacher yet? I’m dying to hear of it worked!

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