Weekend recap

I was again lazy this weekend. I swear one of these days I will at least document even if I don’t post.

Friday I stayed in and watched tv and baked no pudge for the tailgate bright and early Saturday. Saturday was tailgate, nova game ( :( ), old eagle (bar by my house), then Nan Zhou hand drawn noodle house in Philly, another bar and then home. Here are the pics.

Low fat bacon ranch dip I made.

I didn’t really like the dip but the boys thought it was alright for a low fat dip. It was a big container of ff sour cream, ranch dressing dry mix, and Oscar meyer real crumbled bacon (which is actually low fat). I let it sit overnight.

My favorite cheap beer. And really the only cheap beer I will drink now. I’m a beer snob apparently. Who knew.

Some awesome pumpernickel and onion pretzels. I had a ton of these waiting for the breakfast sandwiches to be ready.

The no pudge fudge I made. This was the cappuccino flavor and I frosted it with marshmallow fluff. The trick with no pudge is to take it out of the oven 10 mind before they suggest on the box. Makes the brownies goo-ier and more delicious. The fluff was awesome on it as well.

Heres my egg sandwich from the tailgate. Fried egg, sausage, and ketchup on an English muffin. Mmmm

Pig ears. No joke. These were actually really good. Very spicy with good flavor. I had a hard time getting over the chewy crunch of them though.

The most delicious noodles ever!! #14 pork shaved noodles with a fried egg. And lots of siracha. The noodles were so fresh and amazing. This huge bowl was only $5!

On Sunday I made a bunch of food (I determined to ace a takeout- less day). I took no pics though. The food included french toast, Mac n cheese, and a grilled cheese and ham (for Dan). the Mac n cheese was really good and worth mentioning but I am making it for Jae on Wed so I’m going to hold off on the recipe until then.

Next weekend I will try harder to snap more photos. And maybe even post! But one step at a time.

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