Rain and Train

February 28, 2011

Exciting day, well sort of, It’s my first official day of half marathon training! What a lovely rainy day it is for it. Hoping the rain goes away so I can run outside tonight. I am excited to have a structured plan to follow for a little bit and mix up my routine.

Breakfast: didn’t go to the grocery store last week so don’t have many options. I did have vita tops and pb though.

Choc PB Pumpkin Vita Sandwich

-pumpkin vita top cut in half and heated
-1 tbsp naturally nutty choc cherry pb

Not as good as the choc vita and pb combo but still a good easy breakfast.

Morning snack was some frozen very cherry berry blend from trader joe’s.

Lunch was a lean pocket and 20 (about 100 cals) savory herd special k crackers. All dipped in hot sauce of course.

Afternoon snack was a fat free chocolate snack pack someone had given me at work. I mixed in a few mixed nuts for some added protein and crunchy, salty, deliciousness. Good snack.

I also had a grande skinny caramel latte that my boss brought back from a Starbucks run.

Preworkout vita braving the rain.

Fitness: as I mentioned this week starts my training. At my work break i decided to move on and try my hand at W4D2 of pushups. Couldnt do it all but gave it a pretty good run. 25-29-25-25-19 (was supposed to do 36+ on the last one) with 90 secs in between. Later, I was slated to run 3 miles ended up per the garmin at 3.14 and took 26:50 (avg pace 8:33) Which is fast for me! I was huffing and puffing at the end.

-mile 1 8:21
-mile 2 8:40
-mile 3 8:36
-last .14 8:40

30 mins is less time then I usually workout (i prefer to get in a full hour a day) so I decided I would add a weight session to days with runs under an hour. Besides, i haven’t done much weight lifting since committing to the 100 pushup challenge and i could really use it. I went with an on demand total body sculpt program. It was 20 mins long and used 10 lb weights. It was not very hard and didn’t do enough reps of the exercises to tire my muscles. Would not do this one again. To get the full our I also did a 10 sexy legs. This one was good for 10 mins and had some new leg moves I have never seen. Next time I need to kick up the weight session though- maybe go with the Jackie Werner on demand stuff as I originally planned. Off to volleyball later tonight. Last game of the season before playoffs.

While I was doing the weights in my living room I roasted some asparagus in the oven. Best way to cook it- about 30 mins at 350. The ends get a little burnt and crispy and somehow extremely delicious. Since I still haven’t gone to the grocery store I still have limited options. I paired the roasted asparagus with a hormel compleats roast beef and gravy (which is a top mashed potatoes).

The combination was very good. A little too salty and not the best mashed potatoes but what can you expect for something that heats up in 90 secs.

Now I am watching nova get killed by Notre Dame. Observations:
1. Where does Notre dame get so many good white athletes. We only ever have one token white kid that never plays.
2. Did the ND student section chant “shots, shots, shots…” during one of our free throw attempts? Because if they did, I can respect that.
3. Fish in a barrel, my friend. Nova’s the fish Notre dames court is the barrel. (towns the fish, people are the barrel….)

Moroccan flava

December 8, 2010

I had an all day meeting 8:30 am- 4:30 pm today and of course, despite every effort to be on time, the traffic was horrendous and I was running late. Food is provided at the meetings, but it’s usually danishes and muffins for breakfast, so I quickly made my oats before I went down to the meeting. This was a new variety!

Cheesy apple oats

-1/2 c multi grain oats
-1/2 c ricotta
-sprinkle pumpkin pie spice
-pinch salt
-sweet n low packet
-half an apple cut up
-water (put a little too much for my liking but made for a nice pic)

It was scrumtrulescent. The ricotta made it creamy and the apple was baked in the microwave and was soft and sweet.

I snacked on this bite of coworker jodi’s chocolate chip scone (left) and a coffee with one packet splenda (not pictured).

Lunch was provided and I modified it. It was a lunch box that had a roast beef sandwich, banana, brownie and cookie, and homemade chips.

I pulled off the sides of bread that had mayo and ate half the sandwich and the meat from the other half. The bread was an onion roll and was very dry and crumbly. Not in a good way. The meat was also way overdone. I am not a fan of most rare meats, but roast beef needs to be raaaare. Sandwich- ehhh :/.

I also ate the other half of the apple from the morning.

And I portioned out some of the homemade chips (because they are my weakness and I love them but they are greasy so I always feel kind of gross after). Mmmmm

For afternoon snack I had a banana.

Hidden vita top sponsored by coworker Leslie’s bling office supplies. Season’s greetings.

Fitness: taught a wonderfully hard kickboxing class. Felt much better then I did on Monday!

Dinner was a la Jae!

He starving crew, Lauren, chris, me emaciated and waiting to be fed:

Started with this small glass of red wine.

Dinner finally served!

Dinner was shrimp in Moroccan spices, chicken, Spanish rice, and salad of greens and tomato drizzled with lite balsamic vinaigrette. My plate:

Shrimp. These were big and spicy and so flavorful. Jae brought the spice back from our trip to Morocco in October (hence the picture of me with the monkeys). The food there was great with lots of couscous, tajine, and salads. They also had huge spice markets called souks where we purchase spices for really cheap.

Chicken had a lemony kick.

Rice was a touch al dente and I liked it that way.

Fresh and simple salad.

The starving crew emaciated and waiting to be fed:
I had 3 of these mints before bed. I can never have see in the house again apparently haha.

Dress dilemma and panera

December 7, 2010

I had a doctor appointment this morning and no time to eat, so breakfast was on the road. Peanut toffee buzz clif bar.

The flavor has real chunks of peanut which are a great surprise to stumble upon when you bite down. I don’t taste the toffee however I still think this is a good bar. It has 240 calories thus a good size for a meal bar, even better if paired with a piece of fruit.

They had a pretty tree in the dr office. I am really enjoying and basking in Christmas decor this year. Makes me happy through the cold weather.

For morning snack i packed an apple but I had over used the crest white strips again (got busy and forgot they were in grrr) and a biting into cold apple sounded horrible on my sensitive teeth. Inspired by baked apples, I used my handy apple slicer and slapped them in the microwave for about 1:30 mins. These turned out awesome. They were juicy and sweet and hot on a cold day. If I had cinnamon or nutmeg in my desk (maybe new staple next to hot sauce for the winter), it really would have taken the snack to the next level. Mmmm baked microwaved apples.

Lunch was at panera. Yes, I used to fear panera’s seemingly healthy turkey sandwiches that turned out to be about 1200 calories. But if you order carefully there, you can get a lot of food for low cals! Today I had the “you pick 2” (half sandwich with either half soup or half salad). I ordered the chicken noodle soup and the asiago roast beef without cheese or spread.

This soup is awesome! Big noodles and big chunks of chicken and only about 80 calories info was different at the store and on the site…interesting). The sandwich isn’t too bad even without modifying it, but I like to keep my lunches under 400 calories during the week. Even without the spread or the cheese, the bread is asiago cheese bread and very cheesy and chewy. Could be a little dry without the spread but that’s what extra soup broth is for. I loooove this combo!

Snacked on a pear in the afternoon. I brought my apple slicer to work and have used it multiple times today… If you hadn’t noticed. Used at first because my teeth bitting straight into an apple with their sensitivity just sounded awful and then because I could. Now I heart the cutter! Pears usually drip all over me and this one was so easy to eat! Thank you, apple cutter!

Fitness: i had a crazy running around evening. I decided to skip pilates and run home to snag my zappos dress order to see if it fit and/or needed alterations. I love the dress but unfortunately I have a body similar to a young boy (read no hips) and it looks a little wierd. I rushed to the tailor (I had about 10 mins before spin…yikes) and they said they couldn’t do anything to it! The pleats on the front (it’s the pleats! -anchorman) made it impossible to alter. This annoyed me and I was glad to be able to go teach spin right then to get out some annoyance. It was a good class. I was fueled by yesterday’s bleh :/ workout and the dress situation and really pushed it.

I came home and snagged a good parking spot and made dinner. This is a new concoction I tried because I was afraid my lunch meat might go bad and broccoli is my fresh veggie of this week. Some of aforementioned lunch meat was eaten in the process.

-ham lunch meat pan fried with pam
-broccoli microwaved 3 mins
-laughing cow light blue cheese wedge
-2 tbsp ff Greek yogurt
-1 tbsp Dijon mustard
-cayenne pepper

This turned out so well! The charred parts of the meat tasted sort of like bacon. They were deliciously salty and crunchy and paired nicely with the broccoli and cheese sauce. I used Greek yogurt instead of milk to try and make it creamier but unfortunately the laughing cow didn’t really melt very well and I was left with chunks of blue cheese. Not a complete let down, but I would have preferred a creamy saucy coating. Any thoughts on how to melt this?

Alright so going to try ordering the dress I mentioned on Sunday in a smaller size and see if that fits. If it doesn’t I will either stick with the first one and suck up the not fitted hips or just wear something I have. At least that’s part of the beauty of zappos- free overnight shipping and free return shipping.

Thanksgiving 2010

November 26, 2010

Going to make this post minimal words and lots of pics.

Basically yesterday I sat on the couch watching man v food marathon and football. and ate.

For lunch I had a roast beast sandwich with brown mustard lettuce and tomato on whole whhhhheat bread.

And now the good stuff.

our table and place settings:

Chef Sam cooked an awesome thanksgiving with all the staples!

  • turkey
  • green bean casserole
  • mashed potatoes
  • brown and serve roooooolls
  • turkey and stuffing carved up
  • cranberry sauce
  • sweet potato casserole

My plate:

my favorite dish is the greenbean casserole. mmmmm crispy onions

My extremely large glass pf wine that held approximate one half the bottle:

Some cute attendees:

Dessert: triple cherry pie, whipped cream, blue bell ice cream. Sam wanted a special shout out for blue bell ice cream she says its the best. it was very tastey with the cobler like pie. i loved the crisssssp on top!