My Workout Schedule

As a fitness instructor, I keep a regular workout schedule… For a while I was either teaching or taking a cycling class.  Recently, I got a little burnt out and i’ve tried to mix it up as much as possible. Regardless, a few days are the same 95% of the time.  The weekends are usually my rest days but if I can muster up the motivation (and am not hungover) I try to do something.. It’s a constant battle.  

Monday: free
Tuesday: 45 mins of pilates, 1 hour teach cycling class
Wednesday: teach kickboxing class (45 mins cardio, 15 abs and stretching)
Thursday: free
Friday: free

In addition to the cardio, I lift weights to target my arms, back, shoulders, etc or currently i am attempting the 100 pushup challenge. I shoot for 2 times a week (varying days. Mon and we’d or tues and thurs). I also like to do yoga to stretch but always in addition to cardio.  

Currently, “Free” day workouts depend on weather… Or mood.  I like that I can choose now, because I used to be teaching  or deep into my obsession with spinning.  

-if the weather is nice 
     I will run 3-7 miles trying to avoid my neighborhood hills, unsuccessfully 
-if the weather is bad 
     I may take a spin class
     I can also take a rowing class at the local row gym in Manayunk. 
     I’ll explore classes at other gyms (i.e. MLS fitness phillydealyo)
-my last resort
     my at home spin bike
     the treadmill 
     other machines like stairmaster, elliptical

Recently I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire so I will try any workout and am excited to do it! (see kettlebell incident).  I stalk groupon, phillydealyo, and living social deals for new fitness ops. So far this has led me to try hot yoga and I just bought one for a gym that has TRX training. I am always on the lookout for more. 

You can see my reviews of different workouts, here: My Two Cents. 

Daily additions:

Every morning I do 25 crunches. I do them straight legged on the bed for an unstable surface. 

I contract my abs in the car on the way work. 

When I arrive at work I do a series of exercises while my computer is warming up:
-15 squats
-15 front leg lifts on each leg
-15 back leg lifts on each leg
-15 side leg lifts on each leg
-15 plie squats
-15 tricep dips or pushups on my desk if not doing the challenge 
-15 leg lifts leading with heel to target inner thigh

These daily additions are habit and I do them 95% of Monday- Thursdays (Fridays I go to the gym in the morning most times and don’t do them). I’m of the mindset that every bit counts. Think about it, at the end of the week that’s about 700 extra moves I’ve done.    

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