March 22, 2011

Today my company was holding a seminar at a local hotel that I had to work. The eats were tricky because of this.

I had to be there super early so lots of coffee was involved throughout the day. I was happy to see they had skim milk at the hotel.  I had 2 cups like this (skim milk sweet n’ low).

For breakfast I had some fruit and a small biscotti that was a splurge but awesome! Very moist unlike most bisoctti.

This meal did not fill me up however so later I had a banana.

And half a whole wheat bagel with jelly.

Lunch i wasn’t able to photograph since we were out with clients but we went to Maggiano’s. I was slightly unhappy with the restaurant because their nutritional information was not readily available even on the internet! My coworker who is calorie couting found something that gave the stats for a few things on the menu and we picked based on that.

I had a soup and salad combo. it was a tiny cream of chicken and potato soup, it was good but very small (hence the low calorie count haha) and a spinach salad. The salad was awesome!! I added shrimp which was warm and grilled on top of the spinach, bacon, pine nuts, roasted onions and blue cheese. I asked for the dressing on the side and used the fork dip method. The salad was awesome I would definitely go back for it. It didn’t feel too heavy once I removed the dressing. Next time I would get the regular size salad with shrimp instead if the combo.

Anyway, prerun I had a fiber one bar (a real one! haha) and another cup of coffee black with one sweet n low (not pictured).

Fitness: 6 miles on the agenda today. I was so tired from being up early and working the event I was really dreading it but I knew it had to be done. Even though I thought it was going to be terrible but it turned out grey! Once I got started I felt good and was able to maintain and overall about 9 min/mile pace. Very happy about that! Stats:

When I finished the run the exhaustion set in. I had a dinner planned but was feeling too tired and lazy to cook it. Since I had driven to do the run completely on Kelly Drive, on my way hone I stopped at Rita’s to pick up dinner.

Yes, I had water ice for dinner. This is a Swedish fish and slenderita gelati. Love. They somehow got this to taste except like swedish fish. And the low fat gelati is so creamy and amazing with it.

Not the best dinner but I was feeling lazy and that’s what sounded good at the time. I am sure come summer you will see lots more froyo or Rita’s for dinner. Especially after hot weather runs.

Now I am already in bed at 7:00pm. Going to watch tv and go to bed super early so I don’t have another force myself to work out moment tomorrow.

Tuna curry

March 1, 2011

Woke up this morning without the snooze button. First time in a while. I am still working through my food without going to the grocery store (special post about why tonight).

Breakfast was cereal mix. Last of fiber plus cinnamon oats and some grapenuts with skim milk. Love how grape nuts sink to the bottom. Mmmm

I was on a call during my morning snack time. I wanted my fruit but I could reach the work gifted ff snack pack and some mixed nuts. I need to buy more pudding, as i said yesterday, this is a tasty, chocolatey, salty snack.

Lunch was not frozen for once.

-TJ’s tuna green curry
-asparagus from last month
-last bits of my special k crackers

The tuna curry was so good. It had a little kick and the tuna was big chunks. However, this isn’t a dish to have often because it has 10 grams of fat (fine) but 9 of them are saturated. This is do to the coconut milk but still not a very good stat.

Afternoon snack… I finally got out the fruit. Cup full of very cherry berry blend from TJ’s.

Preworkout Fiber one.

Fitness: missed pilates today when I went to pick up my food (again explanation to come) bought taught my usual spin class. It was a good one. Lots of speed work with some hills thrown in which is pretty normal, but today I was out of breath often. Sign of a good workout.

My dinner is going to be on the next post because I have a special meal plan going on the next few days. To be continued…

Day of crushed red

February 15, 2011

I was going to have oats again today but grapenuts were easier.

-1/2c grapenuts
-1/2 banana
-skim milk

Morning snack was, yes, the other half of the banana and a peach.

First crushed red feature: Lunch was lean cuisine chicken parm. This one is a good not but not my favorite because it’s easy to make my own guilt free version of this that tastes just as good, if not better. The chicken is the biggest piece of any lean cuisine i think but the spaghetti is really soggy and over cooked.

I had 12 butter snaps on the side since it’s Tuesday and I won’t have dinner until later, I’m trying to get a few extra calories in. And I apparently forgot to snap these.

Afternoon snack was a ff blueberry yogurt with a handful of Kashi Good Friends.

Acme brand Fiber Max bar Pre gym. Looks and tastes the same as the real thing. You’re welcome.

Fitness: tonight is a looong night. Pilates, teaching spin, and then I have volleyball starting at 9:40pm. This is waaay past my bedtime. I am usually in bed by 9:15 and try to be asleep between 9:30 and 10. What can I say, my days are less painful with lots of sleep!

After the workout and before late night volleyball, I had dinner. Other half of grilled chicken package from last night with green giant cheesy broccoli and rice.

Feature 2: Lots of crushed red.

This is one of my favorite quick microwave meals. I only wish the rice was whole grain. So delicious anyway and only 370 calories for a ton of food.

Handful raisels for dessert.

All microwave dinner

January 25, 2011

Oats for breakfast seemed cozy on this cold winter morning.

-1/8 c steel cut
-1/2 c rolled oats
-tsp pecans
-salt, sweet n low
-half banana
-handful frozen mixed berries for TJ’s (mostly blackberries tho)

The blackberries in this were awesome. Delicious sour kick to the oats. I have 2 whole bags of this frozen mixed fruit so pretty excited about that haha. Get ready to be sick of reading about frozen berries.

Morning snack-a-roo: other half of the banana.

Lunch was healthy choice tortilla soup with sun chips and of course Goya. Hot sauce is another thing that if don’t mention you can probably just assume it’s there, especially Goya with my lunches.

Anyway, This soup does not have enough chicken. The tortilla strips are good but it is not very hearty.

Afternoon snack of soy nuts and cocoa roasted almonds. I also had a coffee (no pic) which quickly perked up my tired afternoon.

Ever notice sometimes what a little bit of caffeine can do to your mood? That’s why I try not to drink it everyday. I like the energy and mood boost I get with the low tolerance.

Fake fiber one bar Pre gym in my cozy ugg that I wish I was wearing…

…instead of these heels.

Fitness: I tested myself in my pushups today. Instead of doing a routine I I’d as many as I could and then did and easier day. What I ended up with was 44-14-10-10-24. I can’t believe I’m only at 44 after so many MONTHS of doing this! I still plan to stick with it though… I will get to 100 one day! Aside from cursing the 100 pushup challenge, my other fitness was my regular Tuesday routine (see the my workouts tab).

Dinner was back to my roots aka totally prepared in the microwave– thanks to a few Trader Joe’s items.

Tuna in red panang curry sauce and Thai style lime pilaf.

Took a total of about 6 mins to put together and made 2 meals at about 420 calories each.

1. I started by heating the rice 2 mins in it’s pouch. Not sure why I bought this rice because its not whole grain, must have thought it was.
2. Mixed the TJ’s tuna pouch with a 100 calorie can of tuna (it didn’t look like enough meat and there was extra sauce so this was a good choice especially to be able to stretch it into 2 meals) and heated in microwave 2 mins.
3. Toss green beans in salt, red pepper flakes and garlic powder then heat in microwave 2 mins.

The rice was good but nothing special. If it were whole grain I’d buy it again but it wasn’t worth the lack of fiber.

The tuna was really good! It was in no way “hot” as described on the package (note the Goya addition. Would have been better with siricha (sp?)) As I said before I was glad I added more tuna to it!

Always enjoy French cut green beans.

All in all a good meal. I will enjoy it again… Probably tomorrow.

2 fish for dessert.

Btw When I eat this small serving of fish, I don’t really consider it dessert. Its basically just a palate cleanser after dinner. I’m not a psycho, I know what dessert is and I would not consider 2 fish it. But anyway its nice tonhave a touch of something sweet after dinner haha.

Gnight, pals.

Spiked milkshakes!

January 16, 2011

I knew this weekend was not going to be the best eating wise, thus (fitness:) I got up early on Saturday and went to spin class. Class was good and i felt knew I would feel less guilty indulging afterward. I had this fiber one bar pre class.

After spin, I quickly ran home and made myself a Starbucks Via with silk nog while I showered and got ready for the Villanova game. These are so good for a quick coffee drink (didn’t get a pic).

Pre game we all went to Bobby’s Burger Palace in University City. This is Bobby Flay’s burger joint. It’s amazing. I had the LA burger, it had avocado relish, tomato, and cheddar. This was good but Dan got the dallasand it was better.

Dan and I split onion rings and sweet potato fries.

We also split the best milkshake ever! Vanilla caramel bourbon milkshake. “A blast in a glass!” (btw I don’t care for Deana from the j. Shore. But I care for Sammi less. Just a side note). This milkshake was amazing. Lots of gooey caramel and just enough bourbon where you could taste it but ita was delicious and not gaggy. Soooo good. I wanted another! And one after the game but I had to have some self control.

I also had a miller light with my meal. And then, a few blue moons (2) at the wells Fargo center.

Well as you probably know, the game was very scary. Nova turned it around in the end and all was well. The rest of the day was spent lounging around until we had to get ready for Higgins’ birthday extravaganza. Before we left, dan and I had a few pretzels in spicy mustard (no pic)

For said extravaganza, we went to Sampan in center city. Our reservation was at 8:30. We got there at 730 and held down the bar… For what turned into 2 1/2 hours!! It was pretty annoying. We were starving by the time we sat down! They sent out some free stuff since we had to wait so long but I don’t think I would go there again after that incident. Everyone was t.o.ed. Anyway, the food was Asian Tapas and i liked pretty much everything I had. The Pork Bao Buns were my favorite. However after that wait, the ridiculous price of the food added insult to injury. All in all it was a fun night with friends but I would not recommend this restaurant. In general I am not a huge fan of tapas (I’d rather just have an entree), even with a reservation we waited a ridiculous amount of time (we were there 5 hours total!) and it was super expensive.

Ps I had planned to take pictures of the dinner but I was so hungry and ravenous I had to forego.