Dress dilemma and panera

I had a doctor appointment this morning and no time to eat, so breakfast was on the road. Peanut toffee buzz clif bar.

The flavor has real chunks of peanut which are a great surprise to stumble upon when you bite down. I don’t taste the toffee however I still think this is a good bar. It has 240 calories thus a good size for a meal bar, even better if paired with a piece of fruit.

They had a pretty tree in the dr office. I am really enjoying and basking in Christmas decor this year. Makes me happy through the cold weather.

For morning snack i packed an apple but I had over used the crest white strips again (got busy and forgot they were in grrr) and a biting into cold apple sounded horrible on my sensitive teeth. Inspired by baked apples, I used my handy apple slicer and slapped them in the microwave for about 1:30 mins. These turned out awesome. They were juicy and sweet and hot on a cold day. If I had cinnamon or nutmeg in my desk (maybe new staple next to hot sauce for the winter), it really would have taken the snack to the next level. Mmmm baked microwaved apples.

Lunch was at panera. Yes, I used to fear panera’s seemingly healthy turkey sandwiches that turned out to be about 1200 calories. But if you order carefully there, you can get a lot of food for low cals! Today I had the “you pick 2” (half sandwich with either half soup or half salad). I ordered the chicken noodle soup and the asiago roast beef without cheese or spread.

This soup is awesome! Big noodles and big chunks of chicken and only about 80 calories info was different at the store and on the site…interesting). The sandwich isn’t too bad even without modifying it, but I like to keep my lunches under 400 calories during the week. Even without the spread or the cheese, the bread is asiago cheese bread and very cheesy and chewy. Could be a little dry without the spread but that’s what extra soup broth is for. I loooove this combo!

Snacked on a pear in the afternoon. I brought my apple slicer to work and have used it multiple times today… If you hadn’t noticed. Used at first because my teeth bitting straight into an apple with their sensitivity just sounded awful and then because I could. Now I heart the cutter! Pears usually drip all over me and this one was so easy to eat! Thank you, apple cutter!

Fitness: i had a crazy running around evening. I decided to skip pilates and run home to snag my zappos dress order to see if it fit and/or needed alterations. I love the dress but unfortunately I have a body similar to a young boy (read no hips) and it looks a little wierd. I rushed to the tailor (I had about 10 mins before spin…yikes) and they said they couldn’t do anything to it! The pleats on the front (it’s the pleats! -anchorman) made it impossible to alter. This annoyed me and I was glad to be able to go teach spin right then to get out some annoyance. It was a good class. I was fueled by yesterday’s bleh :/ workout and the dress situation and really pushed it.

I came home and snagged a good parking spot and made dinner. This is a new concoction I tried because I was afraid my lunch meat might go bad and broccoli is my fresh veggie of this week. Some of aforementioned lunch meat was eaten in the process.

-ham lunch meat pan fried with pam
-broccoli microwaved 3 mins
-laughing cow light blue cheese wedge
-2 tbsp ff Greek yogurt
-1 tbsp Dijon mustard
-cayenne pepper

This turned out so well! The charred parts of the meat tasted sort of like bacon. They were deliciously salty and crunchy and paired nicely with the broccoli and cheese sauce. I used Greek yogurt instead of milk to try and make it creamier but unfortunately the laughing cow didn’t really melt very well and I was left with chunks of blue cheese. Not a complete let down, but I would have preferred a creamy saucy coating. Any thoughts on how to melt this?

Alright so going to try ordering the dress I mentioned on Sunday in a smaller size and see if that fits. If it doesn’t I will either stick with the first one and suck up the not fitted hips or just wear something I have. At least that’s part of the beauty of zappos- free overnight shipping and free return shipping.

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