Red beans and rice soup fail.

Looking at my google calendar at work this morning and feeling a tad stressed. I have a busy week ahead of me. Lots to do at work, holiday parties, fitting in workouts, other errands that are popping up, etc.

Trying to get everything i can done today!

For breakfast I got 2 scrambled eggs from the restaurant(?) in my work building. With a side of ww bagel thin toasted and sprayed liberally with butter spray.

And a diet snapple:

I was in a meeting and missed morning snack time. Lame. lunch I was too busy to actually take today… I ate a healthy choice red beans and rice soup at my desk. It was no bueno. I added suicide hot sauce but it needed salt which makes me cringe because I know how much sodium is already in canned soup. I would have liked it to be less brothy and more red bean and rice-ish but I guess that defeats the purpose of soup.

I was hungry again throughout the afternoon.



Vita that I didn’t have time to get creative but kept with the holiday theme!

Fitness: I took an hour long spin class at the gym tonight. It was not my best workout. Not sure why, just one of those days when it was hard to push myself. Does anyone else have those days or weeks?

I ran some errands including buying my toys for tots gifts for work. Then came home and made dinner.

-Leftover whole wheat pasta and sauce sprinkled with crushed red and garlic
-purdue baked chicken cutlet (broiled in over for about 6 mins)
-broccoli tossed with salt and parmesan (steamed in microwave with a splash of water for 4 mins)

I love those pursue chicken cutlets they are convenient and taste bad for you.. In a good way because they aren’t. You can heat them straight up in the microwave for 1.5-2 mins but broiling them makes them crispier. Tastes like chicken fingers- you can imagine they’re fried. Delish. Broiled cutlet:

Now thinking about packing for NY since I am busy this week. Keyword thinking, way too hard to pack this far in advance. gonna read some more intuitive eating. Im only about 12 pages in but I think I am what they describe as a careful eater:

I somewhat agree so far but I am not sure I can change the way I’ve been eating for the past 7 plus years. And I think it is fine to have a knowledge of how many calories you consume. Especially in this day in age where there are so many scary stats at restaurants. One day you think you’re eating a turkey sandwich and being healthy only to return to your desk to look up the stats online.. And what you ate was upwards of 1000 calories. Then you cry. Yes, this actually happened to me….twice. Now I always look up what im ordering at bear rock cafe and panera. Everytime.

That’s good advice! (a league of their own quote)

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