Moroccan flava

I had an all day meeting 8:30 am- 4:30 pm today and of course, despite every effort to be on time, the traffic was horrendous and I was running late. Food is provided at the meetings, but it’s usually danishes and muffins for breakfast, so I quickly made my oats before I went down to the meeting. This was a new variety!

Cheesy apple oats

-1/2 c multi grain oats
-1/2 c ricotta
-sprinkle pumpkin pie spice
-pinch salt
-sweet n low packet
-half an apple cut up
-water (put a little too much for my liking but made for a nice pic)

It was scrumtrulescent. The ricotta made it creamy and the apple was baked in the microwave and was soft and sweet.

I snacked on this bite of coworker jodi’s chocolate chip scone (left) and a coffee with one packet splenda (not pictured).

Lunch was provided and I modified it. It was a lunch box that had a roast beef sandwich, banana, brownie and cookie, and homemade chips.

I pulled off the sides of bread that had mayo and ate half the sandwich and the meat from the other half. The bread was an onion roll and was very dry and crumbly. Not in a good way. The meat was also way overdone. I am not a fan of most rare meats, but roast beef needs to be raaaare. Sandwich- ehhh :/.

I also ate the other half of the apple from the morning.

And I portioned out some of the homemade chips (because they are my weakness and I love them but they are greasy so I always feel kind of gross after). Mmmmm

For afternoon snack I had a banana.

Hidden vita top sponsored by coworker Leslie’s bling office supplies. Season’s greetings.

Fitness: taught a wonderfully hard kickboxing class. Felt much better then I did on Monday!

Dinner was a la Jae!

He starving crew, Lauren, chris, me emaciated and waiting to be fed:

Started with this small glass of red wine.

Dinner finally served!

Dinner was shrimp in Moroccan spices, chicken, Spanish rice, and salad of greens and tomato drizzled with lite balsamic vinaigrette. My plate:

Shrimp. These were big and spicy and so flavorful. Jae brought the spice back from our trip to Morocco in October (hence the picture of me with the monkeys). The food there was great with lots of couscous, tajine, and salads. They also had huge spice markets called souks where we purchase spices for really cheap.

Chicken had a lemony kick.

Rice was a touch al dente and I liked it that way.

Fresh and simple salad.

The starving crew emaciated and waiting to be fed:
I had 3 of these mints before bed. I can never have see in the house again apparently haha.

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