More leftovers

Woke up this morning and went on my final Phoenix run. We only did 3 miles but Bernie was booking it. On my sore legs I tried to keep up but he was running like 7 min miles.

Pre-run snack whole wheat toast with apricot jam.

After getting ditched I made oats for everyone. This was a really good batch

-1/2 c steel cut
-1/4 c rolled
-1 tbsp brown sugar
-half banana
-about 2 c water eyeballed
– 2 handfuls frozen bloobs (blueberries)

Heat first 5 ingredients together for 3 mins, stir halfway, and then add the bloobs for some melty, frozeny blooby goodness.

Basically sat on then couch all day after that. It was glorious just doing nothing. For lunch I had reinvented leftover. Open face turkey sandwich and mashed po-tots.

-whole wheat toast
-cold turkey (I decided I like the leftover turkey better cold)
-cranberry sauce
-green bean casserole

It was all the flavors I love at thanksgiving on a sandwich. Delish. I want to learn how make a slimmed down cranberry sauce I love it so much I could set it all the time.

For a snack later I had more raspberries. Dinner will be a special post coming up!

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