Rainy Sunday

Woke up on Sunday and Dan wasn’t feeling well.. As you may imagine after the four locos, shots,and chivas haha. we decided to splurge and order room service. It ended up being awesome! I got the kid’s scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of rye toast because that was a little cheaper then the adults haha. It ended up being a good size and it came with a delicious mashed potato ball thing and a grilled tomato.

Dan enjoying his eggs Benedict/ going comatose in bed.

We ate and watched movies all morning, it was very relaxing and especially nice tone warm and dry because it was gloomy and pouring out. At checkout at noon, we scrambled (like always, checkout times are the bane of my existence) to pack our stuff and get out. I dropped Dan at the meadowlands for the Jets game and then drove myself home.

I spent the afternoon with Lauren using a groupon we had bought for jeans and sipping on another non-fat sugar free peppermint white chocolate latte from Saxby’s. I love them!

With the groupon I ended up getting a pair of petite Seven jeans for $50 off and was pretty pleased about it. Now I have to take them to get hemmed. At 4″11 and a quarter even the petite jeans are too long. Annoying.

After shopping Lauren and I grabbed an early dinner at Chipotle. I had a burrito bowl. The tortillas there add too many calories to justify.

-hot sauce
-tomato salsa
-corn salsa

Mmm I really enjoy pulled pork in all forms. Lauren and I also split some chips.

I had plans to head to the gym since my eating today hasn’t been the best but don’t think I am going to make it. I am enjoying lounging around. Going to go clean my room and maybe catch up on Intuitive eating reading.

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