New year on the couch

January 2, 2011

Well i literally did not move from my couch today. Watched the villanova game, outrageous food, house hunters, etc

Breakfast bowl of fiber one mini wheats and a side of center cut bacon split with Danielle.

For lunch I decided to rework the tuna steaks from the other night. I didn’t have any ff mayo so this had:

-tiny bit (2 tbps maybe) light mayo
-brown mustard
-tuna steak
-light English muffin toasted
-weight watchers creamy Swiss triangle
-3 slices of American cheese stolen from Lauren.

These turned out really well! I even have extra for late in the week. I had one tuna melt and these green beans and a diet Coke.

I snacked on these fish throughout the day. I can’t buy these candies I can’t atop eating them! The past 2 days I almost went through 2 bags!

Dinner was ordered from Laxmi’s and I asked for it extra spicy. It was! And it was AMAZING! So spicy and delicious. I had the Dal Tadka and some of Dan’s chicken swartha and some Ginger naan.

I loooove this place. Usually when you order things extra spicy they never make is spicy enough. This was awesomely spicy. Loooove. Dan did not love as much because he was still in a fragile state from a game that made him take a shot of house gin yesterday.

End of holiday season and back to the real world tomorrow :(.