I forgot…

March 10, 2011

I forgot… To write my post throughout the day. Weird. I almost always blog throughout the day as I eat things or to plan what I will eat. Today I got to the iPad and there were no drafts. I was so confused. I had forgotten to blog. Blaming this on being very busy at work today. I had a few meetings, some small task and one big project that I was really getting into. The project is what I am calling Marketing Department: Buried Alive. I am de- and organizing (and throwing out stuff in) our space and I’m feeling very productive. I need to do this to my stuff.

Anyway the eats of the day…

For breakfast I was craving yogurt didn’t have any. I picked up a fruit n’ yogurt parfait at McDonalds and I added some cocoa roast almonds to bulk it up a bit.

It think I’ve only had this one other time but it is delicious a great fast food breakfas option.

Banana morning snack on top of the rain boots I had to wear to work today.

Lunch was one of the last diet-to-go meals, Chicken Philly Sub.

-whole wheat roll
-tiny piece of grilled chicken
-onions and a tiny spec of pepper
-slice American cheese
-honey mustard mayo
-peach cobbler

This was a disappointment. The chicken was minuscule, there were barely any peppers, mayo…really?! and A slice of yellow cheese. Bleeh.

I put some mayo because I thought it might be too dry without on the other half of the bread I put hot sauce.

The alleged peach cobbler was just yogurt with canned peaches so I gave it away.

I ate these baked tortilla chips instead.

Unsatisfying meal. :(

Afternoon snack was half a pint of strawbs.

Vita top dreaming of the beach.

Fitness: I had volleyball today at 6:30 so not too much time to workout. My training had me due to run 3 miles. It was miserable out so I was forced to the treadmill. I managed 3 miles in 26:34. Not too bad but felt pretty painful to me. The treadmill is so boring and for some reason I am much slower on it then I am outside. I chalk this up to being able to set your own run/jog pace outside which actually has me keeping a faster overall pace vs the steady staring at the clock treadmill. Anyway after the run I did W4D1 of the 100 pushup challenge. Recap of this day for ya: 60 secs in between 21-25-21-21-32+. I totaled 111 today doing 21-25-21-21-23. Slowly sloooowly sloooowly getting to the 100 in a row mark. After that I went to volleyball playoff game. We won in 2 games (best 2 out of 3).

I was starving when I got home for dinner! I had to think fast. I went into the freezer and pulled out….

-5 chicken meatballs I bought at Costco
-a TJ’s pasta eggplants dish that I had made, split into 2 portions and frozen one
-carb style wheat toast

I also added olive bar olives, crushed red pepper, “no salt”, and rf Parmesan.

This was a very filling I probably ate a few too many meatballs but they were stuck together so I thought why not.

Now I’m getting to bed early. I most likely have another terrible treadmill workout in the morning. Unless it stops raining PLEASE!


Pretzel Pocket

March 8, 2011

Today I was not liking the diet-to-go breakfast. A bran muffin and greek yogurt for 390 calories. First that is too much for breakfast. I stop at about 350 unless it’s something special. The muffin was tiny and 250 calories. I ditched the muffin and filled the yogurt with about a cup of Puffins pb cereal and a few strawberries.

This was a good combo but I wish it ha been plain yogurt. I do not like honey (not sure why just don’t enjoy that taste) and this was honey on the bottom. Anyway I slimmed this down to about a 300 calorie meal that was a lot bigger then the original.

For a snack at 11am I had a banana.

Lunch was back to diet-to-go (i have 3 more meals of this) Barbecue Chicken & Sauce with Anise Roasted Potatoes, Baked Beans, Green Beans & Almonds

i chose this one today because I know my dinner will be lacking veggies and this one had the most. It was only 380 calories. Good size for this tasty lunch. The chicken was good…

But I liked all the sides that came with this. Baked beans.

Green beans and almonds.

Potatoes. Surprisingly not a huge fan of these because they were made with anise. I don’t care for black licorice flavor. It was just a hint bit I could taste it. I doused it in BBQ sauce to salvage.

Afternoon snack was half a flat of strawberries. I got these 2 for $5 at acme.

And some mixed nuts.

Fiber one high fiber chewy bar before the gym.

Fitness: same old Tuesday routine. I missed pilates last week so glad to be back. At work I again struggled though W4D1 of 100 pushups. I’m stuck on this one doing a total of 109 pushups on about 10 mins.

I’ve decided that Tuesday dinners need to be fast. I don’t get home until after 8pm, I’m starving, and I only have an hour before I like to be blogging in my bed. Soooo that brings me to dinner. Ever since i heard of their existence (not sure how), I have been dying to try pretzel bread lean pockets. I found them at Costco and hopefully I like them because it’s a large box. Drum roll…

Grilled Chicken Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzel Bread Lean Pocket with sides of rf kettle chips and butter snaps dipped in my last tbsp of hummus.

The lean pocket was great. It smelled like a fresh pretzel baking… Amazing and I was surprised that the jalapeño cheddar actually had a little kick (I still added hot sauce.

I am glad I bought the big box of these, I will enjoy them.

Dessert was a godiva chocolate.

Now I am watching Nova embarrass themselves in the Big East Tournament. Which leads me to question who will I be supporting this march madness? Nova is going to go out mortifyingly early.. I think Notre Dame maybe my team after at. Gott keep it in the Big East. Nova, why?!

Diet-to-go full day (3) modified

March 7, 2011

Took the day off from photos and watching what I ate sunday and definitely regretted it. The scale was up about 4 lbs (not uncommon after weekends but ew).

I still haven’t been to the grocery store in a while and I have a few days worth of diet-to-go left so went with today’s schedules meal plan. The total for today’s meals were 950 calories. This is perfect for me since I like my snacks.

Breakfast was a Mushroom Strata. Wasnt sure what that meant exactly but it seemed to be a crustless quiche with mushrooms and chives maybe and a sausage of some sort, probably chicken or turkey.

It was very good! Probably made with some butter because I was pretty sure I could taste that but it was amazing.

The sausage was good too. Tasted like maple.

I ditched the V8. This filled me and I was not hungry for a morning snack.

I also stuck to the plan at lunch. Bistro Chicken Salad

Small portion but filling enough and so good! I ate it cold. The pasta looked like bow tie but with a ball in the middle filled with cheese I think. I really liked it.

There was lots of chicken and veggies like corn and crunchy cucumber. Unfortunate came breadsticks pop up again…

Afternoon snack were 3 more nectarines I stole from Lauren. I will make it to the store this week to get my own fruit! I swear.

Preworkout I had a nature valley sweet and salty almond bar. Not sure where I got this from (prob work). Anyway it was not worth the stats. 160 calories and only 2g fiber and 3g protein. The bar tasted alright but it was small and not very filling.

Fitness: scheduled my second to last hot yoga class for tonight so I changed my training plan around this week. Doing Friday’s workout today. I ran 2 miles around the yoga place in 17:52 (average 8:31 min/mile pace). Then took the class. The class was fast paced and pretty hard at points. Still wasn’t as hot in there as before they expanded the studio but I did sweat a bunch this time. Good class.

For dinner I wanted something quick so I had a diet-to-go meal I had frozen last week.

Started with a few olive bar olives.

Porcini Mushroom Chicken

-Chicken stuffed with mushrooms
-wild rice with mixed veggies
-side steamed veggies

I really liked this meal because it had a ton of veggies. The chicken was well cooked and the stuffing inside was delicious.

Lima beans were a nice touch.

I am usually skeptical about wild rice because I think it tastes funky. With the mixed veg (and some hot sauce I added) it turned wild rice into a like for me.

I had some puffins cereal for dessert. These are amazing I can’t wait to mix them with grapenuts haha.

Diet-to-go abandoned

March 4, 2011

I found another reason this morning that diet-to-go is not for me. I like to eat what I feel like eating. I froze 2 of the meals for when I feel like eating them later. And went back to pb for breakfast.

-last 2 slices carb style bread
-tbsp RF pb
-tbsp fluff
-tbsp sf jelly

I missed you.

For my morning snack I stole these clementines from my roommate. Thanks, Lauren! I had 3 since they are small.

Lunch I went back to diet-to-go because that’s what I had on hand at work. This was supposed to be Thursday’s but I thought it was a little too many calories for yesterday. Friday I generally eat a little more so I had the 470 calorie lunch which got downsized and then had some additions.

Hummus, Pocket bread, carrot and cranberry salad (added terra chips)

The hummus and pocket bread were good but overly bready and small. I didn’t finish the hummus it was a huge serving for the small bread.

I did not like the cranberry salad. Can’t really explain it, not for me.

I added the terra chips from the lunch the other day to beef up my meal.

Overall not impressed with this meal. Leftovers:

My afternoon snack was a box of Raisels I had in my work stash.

Pregym vita top and Brian being scary. Haha.

Fitness: it was on my schedule to run 2 miles today but I had said I would sub the 5:45 kick boxing class at the gym tonight. I managed to get there, run 2 miles on the treadmill in 26:33 minutes (!) and get to the kickboxing class on time! I did the run fartlek style so the quick pace i was trying to bang out would seem less daunting it worked Amazingly I wasn’t super exhausted afterward.

Lauren came to my class and we decided to order dinner afterward. I was craving the tuna sashimi I has the other day from Shan Chuan. Tekka Don and this time I knew to add green.

-tuna sashimi with wasabi
-brown rice
-mixed steam veggies
-dipping sauce (may have been general Tso)

This was epic as Charlie Sheen would say. Winning!

After I picked up Dan we stopped for dessert. Hot fudge sundae. They forgot the juts so I added chopped pecans I happened to have at home. Mmmmm.

Diet-to-go Full Day 2

March 3, 2011

I decided that it has been much easier to get up lately because the sun is now up before my alarm goes off. Makes it so much easier. I can’t wait for daylight savings time when it stays light later too.

Today instead of just blindly following the diet-to-go meals I checked out the nutritionals. I noticed that Thursday meal total was 1290 while Friday was only 910. As I usually eat a little more on Fridays I am switching up some meals to even this out.

I started with the assigned Thursday breakfast: Scrambled Eggs Rancheros

This came with scrambled eggs topped with a salsa-like sauce, a whole wheat tortilla, and a sausage. The total calories were 280.

I really liked the tortilla and eggs. This is definitely something I would make myself. I am actually intrigued that reheated scrambled eggs were not terrible. I am guessing they had to undercook them before they packaged, but maybe this is something I should do if I want eggs a few days in a row.

The sausage was a nice addition as well and I am guessing it must have been a lean one because of the low calorie count of the meal.

This breakfast was much better for me and probably much more filling then yesterdays with a lower calorie count.

Because I plan to make some substitions to today’s meal plan I planned to enjoy all my usual snack times. However I was in a meeting this morning and missed the 11 am one.

Lunch is where I switched out Thursday’s meal for Friday’s that had less calories.

New Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Tuna

This was a pasta salad in a little bit of mayo I think. Not really sure. It had tuna, a cucumber (wish there were more), carrot shreds, some feta cheese (needed more of that too), and black olives (loved).

It was tasty but I think I could make a better version. It was not whole wheat pasta and needed more of the aforementioned mix ins. I may make my own version in the future, good idea but not well executed.

Afternoon snack was a pre-portioned (by Coworker Leslie… thanks!) bag of cinnamon burst cheerios. These were delicious! Apparently they have a bunch of added fiber, which is my qualm with regular cheerios. Man up that fiber and/or protein!

preworkout I had a samoas cookie fiber plus antioxidants bar- caramel coconut fudge. And if you don’t believe me about my constant rant that these taste like the girl scout cookie, this was featured in Hungry Girl Newsletter for the same reason yesterday!

Fitness: Today I left work a little early to get in my training run (3 miles) and make my hot yoga “appointment” (I bought 5 hot yoga classes for $25 via a living social deal a while back and have 3 more to use and I am determined to use them all before they expire March 27). First off, unfortunately for a LARGE chunk of my run my garmin wouldn’t connect to the satellites. It was very frustrating and I am really not sure how far I went. I took a different route for the run then I did on Monday to mix it up, so that didn’t help either. I was out running for about 35 mins and I feel like I was keeping a pretty fast pace for most of it. I had to make it at least 3.5 miles. No way to tell because the garmin data is messed up. Yoga was kind of lame today they expanded the studio which was good to fit more people. However, I was still really close to the people on other side of me and I was near a drafty opening so it never got hot for me. I barely broke a sweat. Not that sweating means anything toward your workout but I like it. :(

Dinner was going to be back to the regular diet-to-go scheduled meal but my roommate Lauren and I had a hot yoga date so we continued it on to dinner. The diet-to-go stuff can be frozen if need be so no big deal. I tried out Pot Belly for the first time.

Ever since I realized they had skinny subs and published nutritional data I’ve wanted to try it out. I ordered the skinny mushroom melt (mushrooms, Swiss, provolone, and American on slimmed down bread) with hot peppers, onions, and Italian seasoning.

The sandwich was tasty but very small. The hot peppers definitely made it better, they were really spicy.

I had a side of baked lays.

The total for this meal was around 450 calories. Not too bad for a meal out but I was not very full. The price tag was right $5.79. Really not bad.

I had a go diva white chocolate heart when I got home. It had hazelnut filling. Mmmmm.

Diet-to-go full day 1

March 2, 2011

As the title suggests today I am trying my first full day of diet-to-go meals (the diet to go items will be marked in green from here on out to highlight them for ease of viewing). First off let me starts by saying, I am having anxiety about today’s meal plan because per the website, it totals 1,440 calories. That would be fine, perfect even, if those 1,440 were spread out over the course of the day with meals and snacks. However, the way the program works is you get 3 meals a day. I may have to make some substitutions or something… we’ll see.

The breakfast was something I was agonizing about since I saw what it was last night.

Oat and Raisin Scone with Orange Marmalade and Orange Juice.

1. Per the website this meal has 330 calories on the high-end for breakfast for me but doable
2. only 1 gram of fiber- which leads me to believe it is not whole wheat
3. the scone itself is tiny- I like to get more bang for my calorie buck so to speak
4. the orange marmalade was pure sugar aka empty calories
5. orange juice? really? isn’t the number one rule of weight loss do not to drink your calories? why not include an orange instead? I drank this anyway because I was sneezing a lot and orange juice usually makes me feel better when I have a cold but I don’t condone drinking it.

I decided to just eat the whole meal anyway. I have wanted to make scones myself for a while now and this is clearly a low-fat version (5 grams of fat for the meal) so a good option if that’s what I’ve been craving. The scone, although small, was dense and had lots of raisins. It was dry as most scones are but the marmalade was good with it. Now I am just waiting to see if it can hold me over until lunch time.

And… it did. Sort of. It was weird because around 11am my mind/ stomach usually say “alright time to eat”. To keep me busy I had a gingerbread tea instead but I was feeling a tad hungry around 11:30. would much rather eat a smaller meals and be able to have snacks. Especially at work when you count on those breaks.

Lunch: Salmon Burger on a Multi-Grain Roll with Mango Salsa, Veggie Chips and V8

This looked really good but it came with a hefty calorie count of 630. As you probably have guessed I usually eat around 300-400 calories at lunch so this is way over my allotment. When I looked at the meal I decided it could be downsized so I can have my normal snacks later (I am used to eating snacks, I can’t go without eating from noon until dinner at 7:30pm!).

1. I made an executive decision to get rid of the V8. I am not a big fan and like I said before I hate wasting calories by drinking them.

2. I also got rid of the Terra chips and to save for another time. I love these but I don’t eat them often and I am kind of surprised it is considered part of this diet. Although they are “veggie chips” they are not good for you. It’s just fancier fried potato chips.

I also got rid of half of the whole wheat bun. it was a lot of bread and unecessary.

The salmon burger was good but it looked a little oily (not sure what they used to bind it together). The mango salsa on top was what made the meal ! It was more like a jelly but was amazing on the salmon.

Afternoon snack: another frozen fruit cup that I forgot to snap a picture of apparently but refer to yesterday’s sweet and tart frozen berries.

preworkout vita disguised as a diet-to-go meal.

Dinner: Vegetable Ravioli with a Ratatouille Mix & Red Pepper Sauce and Chocolate Mousse

This sounded great! Can’t say I’ve ever had ratatouille and I was excited to get a dessert in this one… It lived up to my hype, but it was very small. There were only about 3 raviolis.

I did enjoy the sauce, it had chunks of eggplant which were a pleasant and well received surprise.

I added a roll Jae had in his house to sop up the delicious sauce.

The mousse was also good and a nice small palate cleanser of a dessert just as I usually have. However, I had also bought a cadbury creme egg and was too excited to not have it. I looooooove cadbury creme eggs. Probably stems from my love of icing. I mean they are filed with creamy icing-like goodness.

The dinner had 430 calories. I added probably 150 with the roll and 150 with the cream egg. Huge dinner. Oops. Good thing I didn’t eat the whole lunch!


March 1, 2011

A while back I purchased a Phillydealyo for Diet-to-go. The next few days you are going to see what this plan looks like…

$45 for a 5-Day Low Fat Meal Plan

Diet-to-go as they describe it is “a calorie-restricted food delivery company. From our chefs in the kitchen to their customer service reps on the phones, they are obsessed with providing you the healthiest, most affordable and best tasting calorie-restricted meals on the planet. Diet-To-Go’s goal is for you to love their meals so much that achieving your goals of losing weight, maintaining weight or improving your overall health and well-being becomes much easier.”

The deal: five (5) days of Low-Fat Traditional or Low-Fat Vegetarian meals for $45. See the website here: http://phillydealyo.philly.com/deal/philadelphia/diettogo . The regular cost is $101.99.

Per the website, I will get 5 days of meals (3 meals a day) that total 1,200 calories. They also recommend adding 2 glasses of milk a day. I chose the Low-Fat traditional.

The change for me… I usually eat between 1300-1500 calories a day. I also have a lot of snacks. This program may be a little light for me and without any snacks I may be hungry between meals too. I am going to try and follow the program, I mean its only a few days.. we shall see. FYI, this isn’t something I am interested in doing all the time– too much money for me but I am excited to see how the food is and maybe get some ideas from their meals.

I picked up on today (Tuesday) after work and made my first meal for dinner.

Herb crusted whitefish with creamy polenta, broccoli florets, and sesame breadsticks.

All I had to do was take out the lemon and breadsticks and heat in the microwave for about 3 mins then squirt the lemon on the fish. I served with my usual side of skim milk which was actual also recommended by deit-to-go.

It was really good! The fish was a big portion of white, flakey and tastiness. It reminded me of tortilla crusted fish lean cuisine but much bigger and fresher. The lemon worked well with it also but it needed a little salt.

The polenta was something different I wouldn’t normally make for myself and reminded me of grits. I liked.

Broccoli was broccoli. A little chewier then if I made it fresh but good addition.

The breadsticks were packaged and pretty lame. Would like it better and could have been healthy if it was a whole wheat roll or something but I still ate them… Obvi.

All in all I really liked my first diet-to-go meal. I am skeptical about some of the upcoming meals but I won’t spoil the surprise.