Diet-to-go full day (3) modified

Took the day off from photos and watching what I ate sunday and definitely regretted it. The scale was up about 4 lbs (not uncommon after weekends but ew).

I still haven’t been to the grocery store in a while and I have a few days worth of diet-to-go left so went with today’s schedules meal plan. The total for today’s meals were 950 calories. This is perfect for me since I like my snacks.

Breakfast was a Mushroom Strata. Wasnt sure what that meant exactly but it seemed to be a crustless quiche with mushrooms and chives maybe and a sausage of some sort, probably chicken or turkey.

It was very good! Probably made with some butter because I was pretty sure I could taste that but it was amazing.

The sausage was good too. Tasted like maple.

I ditched the V8. This filled me and I was not hungry for a morning snack.

I also stuck to the plan at lunch. Bistro Chicken Salad

Small portion but filling enough and so good! I ate it cold. The pasta looked like bow tie but with a ball in the middle filled with cheese I think. I really liked it.

There was lots of chicken and veggies like corn and crunchy cucumber. Unfortunate came breadsticks pop up again…

Afternoon snack were 3 more nectarines I stole from Lauren. I will make it to the store this week to get my own fruit! I swear.

Preworkout I had a nature valley sweet and salty almond bar. Not sure where I got this from (prob work). Anyway it was not worth the stats. 160 calories and only 2g fiber and 3g protein. The bar tasted alright but it was small and not very filling.

Fitness: scheduled my second to last hot yoga class for tonight so I changed my training plan around this week. Doing Friday’s workout today. I ran 2 miles around the yoga place in 17:52 (average 8:31 min/mile pace). Then took the class. The class was fast paced and pretty hard at points. Still wasn’t as hot in there as before they expanded the studio but I did sweat a bunch this time. Good class.

For dinner I wanted something quick so I had a diet-to-go meal I had frozen last week.

Started with a few olive bar olives.

Porcini Mushroom Chicken

-Chicken stuffed with mushrooms
-wild rice with mixed veggies
-side steamed veggies

I really liked this meal because it had a ton of veggies. The chicken was well cooked and the stuffing inside was delicious.

Lima beans were a nice touch.

I am usually skeptical about wild rice because I think it tastes funky. With the mixed veg (and some hot sauce I added) it turned wild rice into a like for me.

I had some puffins cereal for dessert. These are amazing I can’t wait to mix them with grapenuts haha.


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