Hot jumbalaya!

February 2, 2011

Title courtesy of the movie mrs. Doubtfire, if you didn’t catch that.

Uneventful day until dinner.

Breakfast was a toasted apple cinnamon fiber one muffin with spray butter and an apple.

Morning snack was half a pint of Blueberries. This batch was better then the other. More tart berries. And a few cocoa roast almonds.

Lunch was a safe way brand chicken and wild rice soup. I think I have officially decided i don’t love wild rice. The aftertaste is weird. This soup was good though. Lots of carrots but not enough chicken.

I had some special k garIic herb crackers on the side. These were delicious and only 90 calories for 24 chips. They donthave much fiber or protein but I bought for the volume.

Afternoon snack was the other half of the blueberry pint.

Later I was still hungry and had a handful of soy nuts.

Vita top in my winter coat.

Fitness: normal wed routine (see my workouts tab). Today I added a bunch of moves I learned from 6 week 6 pack. For some reason when was the leader of these they didn’t seem as hard as when Jillian Michaels leads but still nice to mix up the class a bit.

Dinner was a lovely meal and nova bball. Watch at Jae’s. he made a jumbalaya type dish. It was awesome!

Hoot jumbalaya:
-Spanish rice with peppers and onions
-shrimp coated in Moroccan spice
-mango and jalapeƱo turkey sausage

-stuffed mushroom with tomato and mozz
-garlic bread

The jumbalaya was a good amount of spiciness.

The stuff mushroom was a delicious addition as well.

I went back for more garlic bread because it had a crispy crust and a soft middle. Sooo good.

Glass of vin on the side.

Then nova beat Marquette. Nice little dinner.

Pardon the photos. Not that my photos are ever that spectacular but my battery died today so these are from the iPhone.


Burn burn burn it up

December 19, 2010

After my weekend binge (sooo many cookies, 2 fast food stops, wedding hor devours, etc), I knew I had to get back on track this week. I felt like eggs so on my way into work I stopped at McDonalds (yeah, yeah fast food again but it was with good intentions) and got some scrambled eggs. That’s it, 170 calories of eggs. When I got to the office I opened them up and they had thrown a biscuit in there as well. It smelled so good. I looked up the nutritionals for it and opted out. I took the biscuit and immediately tossed it so I wouldn’t be tempted.

I toasted an Arnold multi grain sandwich thin and made a sandwich with the egg and Goya hot sauce. Delicious. I really need to just bring egg beaters and some Pam to work and make my own eggs in the microwave. Da well, this is delicious in the mean time.

I was freezing in my cube and drank the last of a berry tea bag I had during my normal morning snack time.

I ran an errand at lunch and picked up my gift for tomorrow’s Santa’s Sloppy Seconds we’re having at Lunch Club. Excited to see what everyone gets (it’s like white elephant I guess). While out I was able to pick up lots of seasonal teas! Peppermint, pumpkin spice, and more eggnoggn’. I returned to have a chicken noodle soup lunch.

With a side of ranch rice quakes. First time I’ve had the ranch. These were delicious, not too over powering…just right.

Afternoon snack I broke into the peppermint tea. Unfortunately the tea is caffeine free but it is very minty, which i like. And I had a banana.

More Vita holidays:

Fitness: i needed a looooong workout today after the weekend. So I decided to redo last Monday’s gym session. I started by doing pushups for the challenge (yes, still week 4 day 1:( ). I then ran for 30 mins on the treadmill, doing fartleks. These were tough, whenever I wanted to slow down I thought of cookies burning up (burn, burn, burn it up up upppp) haha. Stats:

After that i went to bootcamp class. The hour in there goes so fast! Today she used the bosu ball which was different and really exhausted my arms, abs and legs with different moves. She also used the kettlebell, which I have come to really enjoy. Another great hour and a half gym session and I still was home by 7:30.

I was starving when I got home. I made quick dinner of leftovers. Mixed veggies and white beans from last week, a little TJ wild rice, Morningstar chikn’ patty.


I love these veggies, lots of variety, excellent with hot sauce.

I also have had a love affair with chikn’ patties for a while. Mostly because they are so easy. Just heat in the microwave for 1-2 mins.

I decided I do not like this rice. I threw away most of the bag but kept trying it. It’s okay mixed with other stuff (you know, when the flavor is masked). Anyway I will definitely not be buying this variety again.

I really wanted to try my baking again so I had a cake ball and a cookie after dinner. Both were sooooo good today!! The cake ball was really moist and creamy. It tasted undercooked form the moisture of the jelly- in a good way. And I love the combo of chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate. These are awesome. The cookie is also delicious! They are very fluffy and cake-like and the pb and dark chocolate chips are so good in it. I am so proud of my guilt free desserts. Next time I will have to calculate the exact nutrtionals on these. There will be a next time.

Turmeric education

December 15, 2010

Breakfast was a new peanut butter (you’re welcome for not eating oats, Sam)-Naturally nutty chocolate cherry pb. When I opened it up I was delightfully surprised that there were actual dried cherries in it.

-1 tbsp NN chocolate cherry pb
-ww bagel thing toasted

The peanut butter was good but I couldn’t really taste chocolate or cherry. The cherries in it were a nice touch though.

Morning snack banana.

Lunch was healthy choice again. This time cheese tortellini.

This was basically tomato soup with some spinach and a few tortellinis. It only added up to 180 calories so I had a Thomas’ Light English Muffin toasted and spritzed with Olivio butter spray which I then dipped into it.

Afternoon snack was a cut up apple.

Pre workout pb vita top. Speaking of which, so excited to order the new pumpkin spice vita flavor today!

Fitness: taught kick boxing tonight. Nothing special to report back on… My class never gets old for me. The hour goes so fast, I could go for longer.

Dinner escalated quickly. It started with TJ’s microwaveable wild rice… good stats, looked interesting, bad smell when I opened it.

On the stove I poured some frozen mixed vegetables and white beans in a pan coated with butter spray.

In the oven I broiled purdue baked chicken breast 5 minutes each side.

I mixed it all together and split into 3 servings (only 2 have chicken because that was all I had). It turned out a robust size about 430 calories a serving (590 with chicken). Mistake one, should have broken it into four servings if I wanted the chicken. 500 calories is enough for dinner.

Mistake two, I then tried to spice it up by taking about 1/3 of an Oikos non-fat Greek yogurt and mixing it with turmeric, cayenne pepper, and “no salt” salt (sounds weird… It’s low sodium salt).

The idea was good. Definitely needed some type of sauce because the rice still smelled weird, but I went a little heavy handed on the turmeric. Apparently a little goes a long way. I only have turmeric in my cabinet because Dan uses it in his famous (in my mind- i love it!) chili. I probably should have asked him before I poured a heaping amount into the yogurt. It was not good. I ended up eating the crispy baked chicken, which, as always, was awesome. I tried to get through the rice and veg but just couldn’t. It was a big dinner anyway so I guess I’m “eating intuitively” by stoping mid meal? I tried putting some curry powder to tone down the turmeric (did not work), but hence the yellow color of the remnants:

You win some, you lose some I guess. I will probably fear turmeric for a while now. I feel like I can’t make a real decision if I like the rice or not but I will try it tomorrow sans sauce. Thank God I didn’t put sauce over all of it!

Beware of turmeric.

Cleansed the palate with this sliver of Lauren’s birthday pumpkin cake. The icing was so good I knew I had to back away before I scraped the whole cake. Cake was good too but I have a weakness for icing. It’s an unhealthy obsession actually. So they make cakes anywhere there are 90% icing? Dream.

Burning off weekend feasting

December 13, 2010

First off, I bought this at Starbucks yesterday and I love it:

Other than that, seems like a boring day today, at least until my loong gym sess. And all my pics are from the iphone because i was charging my camera battery and left it at home.

Breakfast of oats. These smelled delicious but were a little boring compared to my oat experiments last week.

-half banana
-1/8 c steel cut
-1/4 c multi grain
-salt, cinnamon, sweet n low

Morning snack other half of the banana.

Lunch was a chicken carbonara lean cuisine with crushed red pepper.

This is one of my favorite lean cuisines! Delicious cheesy, bacony sauce and lots of chicken. Spiced up with crushed red.. Looming in the background.

Afternoon baked apple snack. I got this apple in one of my lunch boxes last week. I don’t usually eat red delicious, I think they are grainy textured and not tart enough for me but thought maybe I would like it better “baked”. And by baked I obviously mean in the microwave. it was def better baked. I still need to get some cinnamon to keep at work!

Holiday vita top:

Fitness: went to MLS in Bryn Mawr to use more of my Philly dealyo classes. I got there early enough to run 5k on the treadmill…I was pretty slow and did it in about 27 mins. I don’t care for the treadmill but this was less painful then my last treadmill 5k. I finished by walking for .8 mile and made it a nice round 4 miles. After that went to boot camp. Another pretty good bc. This class was completely different from the last one, which i have mixed feelings about. I missed the kettlebells, she used two 5 lb weights instead and did a ton of reps. I thought 5lbs wouldn’t be enough but she really pumped out lots of reps. Again, there were some good cardio moves but they still used the step class moves more then I like. I hate step class! The ones she used today were easier and less dance-y, so i liked that. I got in an hour and a forty today which was needed after the binge this weekend. I have a feeling this may be a theme of the coming month. Now I am feeling really tuckered out so hopefully I will sleep really well tonight.

Snappy dinner since I was starving post gym and had a longer drive home since I went to MLS. I popped this Trader Joe’s spicy Kung pow chicken in the microwave. Drink was skim milk as always.

It had chicken, white rice, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and peanuts in a Kung pow sauce. It took about 5 minutes to heat up… It was recommended to heat for 8 mins and then let sit for 2 but I was way too hungry and impatient for that.

It was good. I especially liked the peanuts in it. The mushrooms were delicious too but there weren’t enough of them. The broccoli was plentiful which was nice, as was the chicken. It was not spicy…I had to kick it up myself with this:

I was still a little hungry afterward so I had a handful of raisins. About 50 calories worth.

Now in bed really tired with tired legs. Goodnight!

Moroccan flava

December 8, 2010

I had an all day meeting 8:30 am- 4:30 pm today and of course, despite every effort to be on time, the traffic was horrendous and I was running late. Food is provided at the meetings, but it’s usually danishes and muffins for breakfast, so I quickly made my oats before I went down to the meeting. This was a new variety!

Cheesy apple oats

-1/2 c multi grain oats
-1/2 c ricotta
-sprinkle pumpkin pie spice
-pinch salt
-sweet n low packet
-half an apple cut up
-water (put a little too much for my liking but made for a nice pic)

It was scrumtrulescent. The ricotta made it creamy and the apple was baked in the microwave and was soft and sweet.

I snacked on this bite of coworker jodi’s chocolate chip scone (left) and a coffee with one packet splenda (not pictured).

Lunch was provided and I modified it. It was a lunch box that had a roast beef sandwich, banana, brownie and cookie, and homemade chips.

I pulled off the sides of bread that had mayo and ate half the sandwich and the meat from the other half. The bread was an onion roll and was very dry and crumbly. Not in a good way. The meat was also way overdone. I am not a fan of most rare meats, but roast beef needs to be raaaare. Sandwich- ehhh :/.

I also ate the other half of the apple from the morning.

And I portioned out some of the homemade chips (because they are my weakness and I love them but they are greasy so I always feel kind of gross after). Mmmmm

For afternoon snack I had a banana.

Hidden vita top sponsored by coworker Leslie’s bling office supplies. Season’s greetings.

Fitness: taught a wonderfully hard kickboxing class. Felt much better then I did on Monday!

Dinner was a la Jae!

He starving crew, Lauren, chris, me emaciated and waiting to be fed:

Started with this small glass of red wine.

Dinner finally served!

Dinner was shrimp in Moroccan spices, chicken, Spanish rice, and salad of greens and tomato drizzled with lite balsamic vinaigrette. My plate:

Shrimp. These were big and spicy and so flavorful. Jae brought the spice back from our trip to Morocco in October (hence the picture of me with the monkeys). The food there was great with lots of couscous, tajine, and salads. They also had huge spice markets called souks where we purchase spices for really cheap.

Chicken had a lemony kick.

Rice was a touch al dente and I liked it that way.

Fresh and simple salad.

The starving crew emaciated and waiting to be fed:
I had 3 of these mints before bed. I can never have see in the house again apparently haha.

Hot run, not so hot yoga

December 2, 2010

Breakfast this morning was oats again. I’m on an oats kick. Probably cause it’s so cold out side and they are warm and cozy and filling.

Today I spruced them up and made peanut butter banana oats!

-1/8 c steel cut
-1/8 c multi grain
-1 1/2 tbsp PB2
-1/2 banana
-pinch salt
-packet sweet n low

These were peanut buttery and bananay- which makes them super creamy- and crunchy from the steel cut.

For snack I broke out my final fruit natural. I don’t really like these. And I don’t really like grapefruit. I have always wanted to like it, it looks good, it’s good for you, you get to eat it with those fun spoons, but it’s too bitter. I drained the juice and tried to like it. No go.

I sprinkled with sweet n low. Still no.

I got 2/3 through and gave up. I just don’t like grapefruit. I washed out the bitterness with the other half of my banana.

Lunch was tuna noodle casserole leftovers with some added Goya.

The leftovers were not quite as good as the orig. The soup got a little mote watery. It noodles were still good tho, maybe better.

Afternoon apple.

Preworkout vita. I despise the movie elf but going with my holiday theme, here ya go:

Fitness: I went back to MLS Fitness for running and hot yoga. I hopped on the treadmill for a 5k. It was rough. I did it in about 8:57 pace. The treadmill is so boring! I liked this one had a loop you watched yourself go around but I was staring at it so the time passed very slowly. It was also waaay too hot in the gym so I was dying. It was pleasant. I just kept telling myself only .6 miles left… .5…. .4, you get it. Ew.

I was extremely ready to stop and go to hot yoga. Well it was yoga, with a heater- not necessarily hot. I think it was hotter in the gym. Regardless, the class was really good! Moved quickly, lots of hop openers (which I like), and some of the hardest balancing poses I’ve ever done! Anyway I like the combo of running and yoga even if I was expecting it to be hot yoga. I just need to run outside and I can take or leave the heat but I really need some triangle poses and it would have been perfect.

For dinner I had Jae over so I cooked up a bunch of whole wheat pasta and chicken snausages.

My plate:

-little pasta
-crushed red

Pasta= 1 c-ish:

Sausage covered in sauce:

-biiiig scoop salad mix
-balsamic vinegar
-ff feta

I’ve been drinking about 2 cups of milk with dinner every night. Kind of boring for pictures so just FYI.

Rest of my night… Couch/ tv with friend Jae and roommate Lauren – shower – pack for NY – bed.

While I was packing I ate a few of these… It’s an addiction I need to get rid of them!

(more holiday ambience… Busted out my snowflake blanket haha)

Wet ankles

December 1, 2010

Woke up this morning feeling well. I did pop another Sudafed for good measure tho. Also woke up to a miserable rainy day. But it said it was warm out and I thought maybe it was only sprinkling so didn’t wear me boots. Hence my wet ankles. I despise when the bottom of your pants get wet in the rain. It make my whole body feel cold.

For breakfast some more oats. This time I tried just the multi grain to see how it was. And I made them Festive Holiday Oats:

-1/4 c multi grain oat
-1 tbsp splenda brown sugar blend
-pinch salt
-1/2 banana
-sprinkle of green cupcake topping crystal things to make it festive
-handful frozen pomegranate seeds

Red and green! These were delicious. I def like these oats better then the regular rolled oats. Not as well as steel cut but steel cut you don’t get as big a serving for your calories. I also am loving these frozen pom seeds I bought. Frozen fruit on hot oats is amazing.

Snack was again the other half of the banana.

I also ate this ricotta that coworker Leslie was raving about and was a stickler with making Me take a pic ;)

For lunch I went to the work freezer and perused. I knew I was going to have a noodle dish tonight and I only had 2 non noodle lean cuisines. I whipped out this Amy’s cheese enchilada.

It had corn and black beans. And i spiced it up with some of my hottest hot sauce: crazy mother puckers liquid lava. Very spicy. I usae like 6 drops.

Unfortunately the work microwave (which has the power of the surface of the sun), booked it so all the cheese oozed out onto the rest of the stuff. It was still delicious. This had a little more calories then I would normally eat for a weekday lunch (about 370) but it was very satisfying and oozing with yummy cheese and enchilada sauce.

I also had this serving of salad with tomatoes and spring mix donated by coworker Brian.

I missed my apple snack because I was in a meeting but I dis still have my vita top hiding in a poinsettia in the office.

There you are! (yes I did sneak and take this pc in a high traffic area of my office. I’m that cool.)

Fitness: normal Wednesday routine. Taught kickboxing. There were lts of people in there today and it was a hard class.

Dinner I had big plans haha. I bought these tofu shirataki noodles a couple weeks ago(they are hard to find around here).

I decided to do an easier version of hungry girl’s tuna noodle casserole.

-1 bag tofu shirataki noodle
-1 can tuna
-1 can, or in my case box, of condensed cream of mushroom soup (I use tj portobello mushroom soup-delish!)
-4 tbsp parmesan cheese
-1/2 bag of green beans
-lots of crushed red pepper

I drained, rinsed, and patted dry the tofu shirataki. I microwaved the green beans for 3 mins in a bowl with a little water. I drained the tuna and added tuna, soup, and crushed red pepper to noodles and stirred it all up. 4 mins in the microwave. Half way stir and add Parmesan to top. Enjoy! The total calories is about 460. It’s a huge bowl! I only ate half.

This was the first time I’ve made anything like this. It’s actually only the second time I’ve eaten tofu shirataki. An I am not sure I’ve ever even had tuna noodle casserole.

My 2 cents on Tofu shirataki:
1. They smell weird out if the package
2. The consistency is a little strange. Chewier then regular spaghetti.
3. I love love love the amount you can eat for so few calories! A whole bag has 40 cals- amazing.
4. They have some fiber and protein as well. Bonus.

I enjoyed the dish it was a ton of food and I still get to have dessert!

Which was this sour box of Raisels! Sour in a good way. These are golden raisins covered in citric acid (the powder they put on sour patch kids- I would eat anything covered in that!). There are a few flavors. The lemon are a fav.

Lauren and I also put up our tree! Yay Christmas. Haha… Our tree is a little sad. Took us 5 mins to put up.