Diet-to-go full day 1

March 2, 2011

As the title suggests today I am trying my first full day of diet-to-go meals (the diet to go items will be marked in green from here on out to highlight them for ease of viewing). First off let me starts by saying, I am having anxiety about today’s meal plan because per the website, it totals 1,440 calories. That would be fine, perfect even, if those 1,440 were spread out over the course of the day with meals and snacks. However, the way the program works is you get 3 meals a day. I may have to make some substitutions or something… we’ll see.

The breakfast was something I was agonizing about since I saw what it was last night.

Oat and Raisin Scone with Orange Marmalade and Orange Juice.

1. Per the website this meal has 330 calories on the high-end for breakfast for me but doable
2. only 1 gram of fiber- which leads me to believe it is not whole wheat
3. the scone itself is tiny- I like to get more bang for my calorie buck so to speak
4. the orange marmalade was pure sugar aka empty calories
5. orange juice? really? isn’t the number one rule of weight loss do not to drink your calories? why not include an orange instead? I drank this anyway because I was sneezing a lot and orange juice usually makes me feel better when I have a cold but I don’t condone drinking it.

I decided to just eat the whole meal anyway. I have wanted to make scones myself for a while now and this is clearly a low-fat version (5 grams of fat for the meal) so a good option if that’s what I’ve been craving. The scone, although small, was dense and had lots of raisins. It was dry as most scones are but the marmalade was good with it. Now I am just waiting to see if it can hold me over until lunch time.

And… it did. Sort of. It was weird because around 11am my mind/ stomach usually say “alright time to eat”. To keep me busy I had a gingerbread tea instead but I was feeling a tad hungry around 11:30. would much rather eat a smaller meals and be able to have snacks. Especially at work when you count on those breaks.

Lunch: Salmon Burger on a Multi-Grain Roll with Mango Salsa, Veggie Chips and V8

This looked really good but it came with a hefty calorie count of 630. As you probably have guessed I usually eat around 300-400 calories at lunch so this is way over my allotment. When I looked at the meal I decided it could be downsized so I can have my normal snacks later (I am used to eating snacks, I can’t go without eating from noon until dinner at 7:30pm!).

1. I made an executive decision to get rid of the V8. I am not a big fan and like I said before I hate wasting calories by drinking them.

2. I also got rid of the Terra chips and to save for another time. I love these but I don’t eat them often and I am kind of surprised it is considered part of this diet. Although they are “veggie chips” they are not good for you. It’s just fancier fried potato chips.

I also got rid of half of the whole wheat bun. it was a lot of bread and unecessary.

The salmon burger was good but it looked a little oily (not sure what they used to bind it together). The mango salsa on top was what made the meal ! It was more like a jelly but was amazing on the salmon.

Afternoon snack: another frozen fruit cup that I forgot to snap a picture of apparently but refer to yesterday’s sweet and tart frozen berries.

preworkout vita disguised as a diet-to-go meal.

Dinner: Vegetable Ravioli with a Ratatouille Mix & Red Pepper Sauce and Chocolate Mousse

This sounded great! Can’t say I’ve ever had ratatouille and I was excited to get a dessert in this one… It lived up to my hype, but it was very small. There were only about 3 raviolis.

I did enjoy the sauce, it had chunks of eggplant which were a pleasant and well received surprise.

I added a roll Jae had in his house to sop up the delicious sauce.

The mousse was also good and a nice small palate cleanser of a dessert just as I usually have. However, I had also bought a cadbury creme egg and was too excited to not have it. I looooooove cadbury creme eggs. Probably stems from my love of icing. I mean they are filed with creamy icing-like goodness.

The dinner had 430 calories. I added probably 150 with the roll and 150 with the cream egg. Huge dinner. Oops. Good thing I didn’t eat the whole lunch!