…Come again another day

January 12, 2011

Ok so I still don’t love snow or the cold or the anxiety I get about shoveling my car out without it hitting something or getting stuck in the middle of the road. My the storm last night that caused a delayed start at work let me have a gloriously productive morning!

I woke up around 6:20 am anxious about how much snow I was going to have to deal with and if/ when I had to get myself to work. When I found out we didn’t have to go in until 10 am I laid in bed until 7. I wish I had slept but I couldn’t really fall back asleep because I was still unsure how the Manayunk roads would be (notoriously awful). Anyway I got up and(fitness) did Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack on demand. Then I went out and shoveled my stoop and the sidewalk in front of my house and my car out. I am counting this as fitness. I had to bend to use the tiny shovel I have and jump to reach my SUV to get the snow off.

Afterward I showered and did and load of laundry while getting ready for work. I felt very productive.

I had some extra time so I made breakfast at home.

French Toast

-1 c egg beaters
-sprinkle cinnamon
-2 pieces of wonder while grain white
-butter spray

I like my French Toast really eggy and more on the savory side then sweet. I added the cinnamon to the egg beaters for that touch of sweet. I dipped the bread in and made sure it was super saturated. Then I fried it up with some Pam cooking spray. When it’s done I spritz with butter spray and salt.


This was deliciously eggy and salty and cinnamony. Perfect. I actually don’t even like French toast unless it’s prepared like this. Filling yet only about 300 calories. I wish I had time to make breakfast at home more often. I also I highly suggest making this with whole wheat raisin bread as well or any fruit filled bread (high diet whole wheat o’ course).

On the see I had some of my remaining silk nog from the holidays that I diluted with milk.

Since I ate breakfast at 9 I wasn’t hungry for a snack but when lunch came around I was ready. I had the sesame chicken lean cuisine which I know I’ve blogged about before. I love this one. Awesome breaded chicken, sweet sauce, chewy noodles. Addition of goya…Mmm.

Right out of the box:

Mixed up:

By the way there was a Philly Dealyo today for Diet-to-Go. Which is unhealthy meal service. It was $45 for 5 days worth of meals. I signed up because I thought it would be cool to try and write about it on here. You have to pick up your food on a Tues or Fri and you get 3 meals totally 1200 calories. I will probably try it out next month.

My snacks throughout the afternoon were 2 oranges and 10 cocoa roasted almonds. I didn’t take a picture since these have been my snacks all week and thus so uncreative. Although, my snacks are never really creative.

I had to get dinner at the Wells Fargo Center since I basically went right from work. We went McFaddens at the ball park and I tired to be good but it didn’t work out too well. I ordered the roast beef sandwich without cheese and a side salad instead of fries. When it came out it had fries though and I couldn’t help but eat them.

I also meant to stop at half the sandwich but that went down too (I was rather hungry by the time we got there… Healthiness no no. I was ravenous). I also had a bunch of Chris’ french onion soup.

Oh and a blue moon. Delicious but bad night.

Anyway nova beat Louisville and thus it made for a good night.

Only would be better if tomorrow was Friday and I didn’t have 2 more days until the weekend. :( goodnight.