Yogurt Party!

December 16, 2010

I was selected to host an Athenos Greek yogurt “house party“. I apply for these all the time and this is the first one I was selected for! Yay! I ran to Walmart (only place near me they sell the Athenos yogurt) before work, aka really early so I could still arrive on time. They were in stock but only had honey and blueberry flavors. That was the start to my morning.

At work I made holiday oats that were a version of a blog I follow. Kath’s ComfOat and Joy. I stu,bled upon this recipe and as you can tell from recent binge eating of mints, I love mint! I used the mints you’ve seen and crushed then up.

-1/2 c rolled oats
-3 starlight mints crushed
-1 tbsp crushed pecans
-sprinkle of vanilla extract
-sweet n low
-pinch of salt
-1/2 c silk nog

I then poured on silk nog but I poured a little too much without thinking. I like my oats to be a tad dry and these were swimming in nog. I do love nog though! They tasted awesome still, minty and delicious. 2 changes i would make 1 use the nog while cooking instead of poured on top and less of it. 2 pour the mints on at the end. Many of them melted into it which was good but I wanted crunchy prices of mint. Later these will be perfected!

I skipped morning snack since I overindulged with the nog. But when a coworker offered me a homemade green olive covered in a meatball and fried. I had to eat it. This was amazing Mmmm.

For lunch I put out the yogurt spread for the party complete with free yogurt and swag.

Instead of yogurt for lunch, I microwaved up a lean cuisine margherita pizza. I’ve enjoyed their pizzas in the past and this one did not disappoint. It was tomato, had some onion, cheesy and the crust was thin and crispy. I cut it into 4 slices to make it last longer and added some garlic salt and Goya. I love pizza, even if it’s a tiny lean cuisine serving.

Coworker Brian enjoying the yogurt. Haha

For my afternoon snack, I finally tried the yogurt! I chose blueberry because it only had 100 calories vs the 160 for the honey (I actually don’t like honey anyway). It was good. Very creamy and the blueberry topping was a good compliment for it. If I feel like yogurt it isn’t my favorite but I might buy it again if it comes to my acme. It had 11 grams of protein which is awesome!

Vita with holiday lobster:

Fitness: I was going to take a spin class tonight but when I got into the room the sub was a teacher I despise. There are only a few teachers that I absolutely can’t sit for a minute in their class and I stumbled into this. I then family guy style slowly backed out of the room and then ran away. I switched it up on the fly and started by banging out my week 4day 1 pushups… Yup been on this set for like 2 weeks now, not even close to completing it. Afterward I did the fartlek workout I did on Tuesday. 3.5 miles in 32 mins. It was a ton harder today. I think it was a combo of new treadmill, hotter in the gym today, and end of the week so my legs must me a little more tired right? Not sure but strange how it can be so easy one time and hard the next. After the running I jumped on the step mill (the stair master that is the actual steps) for 30 mins. I plugged in the weight loss program and it had some heart rate raising intervals in there but wasn’t as hard as the preprogrammed speed intervals that I normally choose when I am on this machine. That was alright with me after the fartleks though.

I was nervous about dinner… I really couldn’t bring myself to eat that rice from last night but when I got home I realized I had just scooped then veggies on top, so I was able to separate the 2. I reheated a chicken from last night, lots of beans and veggies, and a tiny bit of rice to try.

I put no salt, hot sauce and garlic on the veggies and a tbsp of light ranch dressing for dipping the chicken.

This was much better then yesterday. That variety of veg called “soup vegetables” is really good. It has okra, green beans, carrots, onions, corn, potatoes and tossed with the garlic and hot sauce was really good. The addition of beans makes it hearty. The chicken wasn’t as crispy since it was reheated but is still so good.

I still don’t know how I feel about the rice. I can’t really get passed the weird smell, which is out of character for me (well the only other thing I can think of is tofu shirataki that smells weird but I like that). I don’t hate it… But I also won’t be buying it again. I transferred all the veggies into one Tupperware and saved some the rice so we can try again after a few days haha.

For dessert I had 3 starlight mints. Now I’m packing for my cousins wedding this weekend and watching Charlie Brown Christmas. I am actually not a huge fan of the CB movies but it’s the only Christmas thing on right now and I really wanted some Christmas. Definitely need to watch Christmas Vacation this weekend! I usually watch it a million times and I’m I haven’t seen any of it this year!

Is there a Christmas movie you watch a million times during the holidays or can’t go without watching?

Burning off weekend feasting

December 13, 2010

First off, I bought this at Starbucks yesterday and I love it:

Other than that, seems like a boring day today, at least until my loong gym sess. And all my pics are from the iphone because i was charging my camera battery and left it at home.

Breakfast of oats. These smelled delicious but were a little boring compared to my oat experiments last week.

-half banana
-1/8 c steel cut
-1/4 c multi grain
-salt, cinnamon, sweet n low

Morning snack other half of the banana.

Lunch was a chicken carbonara lean cuisine with crushed red pepper.

This is one of my favorite lean cuisines! Delicious cheesy, bacony sauce and lots of chicken. Spiced up with crushed red.. Looming in the background.

Afternoon baked apple snack. I got this apple in one of my lunch boxes last week. I don’t usually eat red delicious, I think they are grainy textured and not tart enough for me but thought maybe I would like it better “baked”. And by baked I obviously mean in the microwave. it was def better baked. I still need to get some cinnamon to keep at work!

Holiday vita top:

Fitness: went to MLS in Bryn Mawr to use more of my Philly dealyo classes. I got there early enough to run 5k on the treadmill…I was pretty slow and did it in about 27 mins. I don’t care for the treadmill but this was less painful then my last treadmill 5k. I finished by walking for .8 mile and made it a nice round 4 miles. After that went to boot camp. Another pretty good bc. This class was completely different from the last one, which i have mixed feelings about. I missed the kettlebells, she used two 5 lb weights instead and did a ton of reps. I thought 5lbs wouldn’t be enough but she really pumped out lots of reps. Again, there were some good cardio moves but they still used the step class moves more then I like. I hate step class! The ones she used today were easier and less dance-y, so i liked that. I got in an hour and a forty today which was needed after the binge this weekend. I have a feeling this may be a theme of the coming month. Now I am feeling really tuckered out so hopefully I will sleep really well tonight.

Snappy dinner since I was starving post gym and had a longer drive home since I went to MLS. I popped this Trader Joe’s spicy Kung pow chicken in the microwave. Drink was skim milk as always.

It had chicken, white rice, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and peanuts in a Kung pow sauce. It took about 5 minutes to heat up… It was recommended to heat for 8 mins and then let sit for 2 but I was way too hungry and impatient for that.

It was good. I especially liked the peanuts in it. The mushrooms were delicious too but there weren’t enough of them. The broccoli was plentiful which was nice, as was the chicken. It was not spicy…I had to kick it up myself with this:

I was still a little hungry afterward so I had a handful of raisins. About 50 calories worth.

Now in bed really tired with tired legs. Goodnight!

Airport Dinner Fail

November 24, 2010

Woke up this morning out of a deep sleep very confused because it was 7am and my alarm was set for 630am. I still managed to shower, finish packing, and get to work on time! I went to bed at 930pm so I guess i just really needed to rest to get rid of the rest of this illness. I feel pretty good today. I think one more night of sleep and I’ll be 100% and ready to run the 5k tomorrow before feasting on turkey.

For breakfast I stole another of roommate Lauren’s fiber one blueberry muffins. This time I got a pic before digging in. Still delicious warmed up. Braeburn apple on the side. This one was much better than the one last week! Exactly how I like them tart and not gritty.

I’m feeling very christmasy already so this eggnog’n tea hit the spot when I started to get hungry at 1030. Caffeine is a trick I use to curb my hunger at work. Most of the time I am just sitting in my cube thinking about my next meal so keeping my taste buds busy with the appetite suppressing caffeine helps.

At 1130 I had blown right through snack time so I had a few pistachios to tide me over before lunch at noon.

For lunch I was feeling Mexican and so I had the chicken enchilada suiza lean cuisine.

Goya on top. This is always a favorite. Mix the sauce from the enchilada on to the rice and enjoy. Side note: I sometimes like to use 2 hot sauces on this. One super spicy to mix in the enchilada sauce and goya to moisten the rice. I forewent today since my stomach is probably still healing.

Left work at 230 to get to the airport via cab. I tried a new company this time after 2 bad experiences with the local co and they were late too! Annoying. Luckily I had left plenty of time. When I got to the airport it was only about 430 but I was ready for dinner. I checked online and there was supposed to be a burger king that I figured I could get a chicken sandwich at but it was user construction :(. This threw me for a loop! For some reason I got really nervous about stats (this is what not working out does to me. Even more psycho). I perused all my options and didn’t like any of them. I realized I had some time and took a walk to another terminal. A lady had bourbon chicken samples (typical). I took one and their ploy lured me in! But…They had calorie counts on the menu! I saw a cold noodle dish for few calories and the chicken dishes weren’t bad either. When I went up the lady was very pushy. There were no cold noodles and in my already freaking out mode I managed to order steamed rice, spicy chicken and was forced into a 3rd side of veggies but they were swimming in something…. Butter? They weren’t on the cal count list! I immediately threw out half the rice so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it.

The meal…. was bad. The scoop of spicy chicken and veggies she gave me had about 2 slivers (tiny, thin slivers) of chicken and the rest was just buttery veggies. Lame. Learning my lesson about airport food. Not reliable. Packing my own.

I had a box of raisin snacky snack on the flight.

When I got to Houston (running to the gate because my time between flight was 30mins), my next flight was delayed. Of course after I sprinted through the airport like a crazy person (fitness for the day?) now I had some extra time. I wanted froyo but they only had columbo yogurt which I am not a huge fan of. I got this tall light vanilla frappuccino instead- milk serving for the day!

Now I’m in Phoenix! Colder then I expected.

Ps here is a great giveaway opp! I have been wanting to try coconut butter since I’ve seen in it the blog world. I found it at a small market near Dan’s house in NY but when I was looking at the stats the calorie count seemed pretty high and unnecessary so I didn’t buy it. Now I am having some remorse. I would love to try it! I love coconut! Hopefully I win! You can enter here if you want to be my competition!

Running in the rain…

November 18, 2010

Woke up this morning pretty tired but I rallied to finally unpack my suitcase from last weekend and put away laundry. Productivity where I can fit it in is always good.

When I got down to the kitchen to throw my daily snacks in my purse I saw a tub of low fat ricotta I still had from when Dan and I made eggplant lasagna so i threw a few tbsp in a tupperware knowing i could use it for something.

That’s how this creation was born:

  • 1 whole whate bagel thin, toasted (slightly blackened.. oops)
  • 2 tbsp low fat ricotta
  • 1 tbsp apples butter
  • sprinkle of salt

Pear on the side but I think it would have been good in the sandwich as well. Tha sandwich was really good– apple butter and cheese combos i’ve been using for a while (i usually use Laughing Cow Light Original but the ricotta worked nicely). You could do without the salt but I thought it might be too sweet otherwise… and I love salt.

For my morning snack I again had a banana while working in my cube.

Lunch is a new lean cuisine I have never tried before! Pasta Romano with bacon.

Going to go with the crushed red pepper flakes on this one.

This was a really good lean cuisine and will most likely enter the rotation. You could definitely taste bacon in it, lots of sauce, good amount of pasta. Highly suggested.

Snack is a Braeburn apple. I like my apples tart like a green apple but the consistency of a fuji. the display at the grocery store made these seem right up my alley (sorry no pic of said display). The consistency of this apple did dissapoint. it was too grainy like a red delicious. too bad i have like 6 of these in my fridge at home :(

Preworkout snack is a PB vita top… In the loving claw of our marketing “friend” the lobster. Who is still sporting his sheriff Halloween costume.

My workout today was a 5.3 mile run through Manayunk. I haven’t run in a while but really wanted to so I was very sad when i left work and it was slightly raining. I had almost given up and started driving to the gym to workout there but the thought of running on the treadmill just sounded awful to me.  Luckily by the time i headed out for the run it had stopped raining.. there was no wind.. a brisk 50 degrees… great running weather with a few layers on.  Anyway the new path I had routed myself was quite hilly but I felt pretty good during it.  It took me abotu an hour to run which i am kind of upset about but Manayunk hills are rather steep so i’ll blame them.

Dinner is leftovers from last night heated up in the microwave and eaten while packing for NY and getting ready for volleyball and blogging.

Not so pretty to look at:

  • -quater of baked potato
  • eggplant slices
  • chicken breast and mushrooms
  • big dallop of FF sour cream over all of it
  • and of course…  chipotle Tabasco:

With a BIG glass of milk on the side because its about to go bad.

Walking over to the game- about 2/3 of a mile away- first playoff game for the Loose Seals (any Arrested Development watchers?- love that show).

This was quite a dillemma for me tonight… Would you rather run in slight rain or on the treadmill??

Blue cheese and pickles… who am I?

November 16, 2010

I was rather hungry when I woke up this morning but did not know what I wanted and was very limited in my options. Much to my “d’light”…….. when I got to work I had Jimmy D’light breakfast sandwich in the freezer that i had forgotten:

The D’light is alright.. definitely not as good as a homemade breakfast sandwich…

-Dislike: the bread is a little chewy and sometimes a bit soggy. I am not a huge fan of american cheese but seems like it would b e dry without it

-Like: great to store in work freezer. The muffin has a nice wheaty flavor and goya kicks it up a notch

*Goya- a staple in my microwave diet to add flavor- my go to hot sauce when you want to use a lot of sauce because it isn’t that spicy.

For a snack I had some kashi good friends cereal… it was a pretty big serving for a little over 100 calories so I liked that i got to gnaw on it for a while
(the picture is actually a full cup serving i had scooped out for myself this morning thinking i would eat it for breakfast.. so i cut it in 2/3 for my snack)

Lunch was an easy Lean Cuisine:

The Tortilla Crusted Fish is one of 2 of the fish lean cuisines i eat (the others i find too fishy or weird tasting).

I mixed in my really spicy (can only use 5 drops) Hot Licks Suicide hot sauce. The fish is a little dry even when bites are taken with rice but it is still delicious. Next time I will bring in Goya as a back up to add some sauce to the fish part.

My afternoon snack was the same as yesterday… I really needed to buy fruit tonight!.. and I did. and my preworkout snack was a deliciously chewy Fiber One bar (that i took a picture of hanging on the fish/toy thingy in my cubicle- yay work).

After my usual Tuesday night routine of taking 45 mins of a pilates class and teaching my spin class I stopped at the grocery store for fruit. I was starting to get ravenous so this was a terrible idea– i wanted to buy everything in the store. I ended up getting fruit and some stuff for a REALLY quick dinner tonight and some 10 for 10 items that seemed like a good idea at the time.

So dinner was frantic because i was hungry at this point but since this my first week blogging I wanted to plate paper towel everything first before i ate it.

The meal started with this blue cheese.

I put a slice on one half of an everything bagel thin. The other side of “the thin” i covered in honey mustard. In the middle were pickle spears and ham. With a side of butter snaps.

The combo was actually really good. toasted everything bagel thins are awesomely everything bagel-y, I have recently come to like pickles (my most hated food until this year) and I never liked blue cheese but this only slightly tasted like it and it worked nicely with the ham and pickle spears.

The finished product:

On an awesome note I finally passed Week 3 Day 3 of the 100 pushup challenge. More to come on this but I had been stuck on this set for like 2 months! I almost gave up and then banged it out today. Has anyone ever tried this challenge and/or completed it?