Fruit-filled day

March 16, 2011

For some reason my legs are super sore after my rub yesterday. I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking how sore I am. Weird. I don’t think I stretched enough or something. I always stretch well in my classes so will make sure to spend some extra time on that tonight.

My breakfast was chosen for 2 reasons. I have a ton of fruit as I mentioned yesterday and my legs needed some protein to recover.

-2 scrambles eggs from the cafe downstairs
-gold peak diet iced tea (bought downstairs on a whim)

This was just what I needed. I am really enjoying the array of fruit I have this week. I need to remember that in the future instead of just buying a bad of one type for the week.

Morning snack was more fruit, a banana still nursing my tea from breakfast.

And a few cocoa roast almonds.

Lunch was Campbell’s savory chicken and long grain rice soup. I added lots of hot sauce.

And had the last of my butter snaps on the side.

My afternoon snack was the same as yesterday and stuck with the fruit theme: strawberries and pineapple. Mmm.

Vita top Pre gym playing words with friend (B Suzie…challenge me!)

Fitness: Did 100 pushup challenge w4 d1 during a work break and completed it for the first time!! Indie 121 pushups total (with breaks). Moving on up! After work I taught my kickboxing class. My legs were still pretty tired and with the thought of 7 more miles left to do this week I didn’t push myself quite as hard as usual. Not sure my legs would have had it anyway. Hopefully they get it together for tomorrow.

Dinner was leftovers from Monday with a twist.

-seared tuna (reheated with jalapeño mustard)
-a few stalks asparagus
-couple tbsp part skim mozz
-little more then a tbsp ff thousand island dressing
-small side of rf kettle chips chips for crunch and a little extra fat (not the good kind but still filling)

This was awesome! The jalapeño mustard was really what that tuna needed. I was skeptical about this salad because I didn’t have much on hand to throw into it but I guess sometimes simple works.

I decided the other day I need to add a little more fat (the healthy kind mostly) into my diet during the week. It definitely keeps me from getting hungry. Yesterday was a good example. I ate really low fat all day and was star ing at 6:30 and wanted to binge. Anyway I’ll try and add some fat here and there with part skim cheese instead of nonfat, olives or avocados or things with omega 3s, nuts, etc. I guess we’ll see if can stick with it without adding too many calories.

I had planned to have a cadbury cream egg for dessert but I actually wasn’t hungry for it. My serving of chips felt like my splurge for the night and I was satisfied.

I am currently watching the new (last week) episode of Sister Wives. I have a strange obsession with this show. Its just so strange to me I have to watch. Anyway back to Cody and fam.

Sore back

February 16, 2011

Woke up this morning and my back up by my right shoulder was super tight and knotted up. I slapped on a to go heat pad to help it out and have been stretching all morning but it is so tangled up there. Waa next treatment will be Ben gay patch.

Breakfast was oats with a twist. I combined this weeks’ breakfasts an adde grapenuts.

-1/2 c oats
-1/4 c multi grain cereal
-1/8 c grapenuts
-1/2 banana
– mixed frozen berries
-pinch salt, packet snl

I liked the taste of the grapenuts in this but wish I had put them in after heating because they were no longer crunchy. Next time.

I also tried a few of a new find of Leslie’s vanilla and caramel almond mix. These were really tasty! Reminded me of Starbucks latte flavors.

Since I didn’t get to sleep until almost midnight last night I had the first of many caffeinated drinks this morning. Eggnogn’ tea.

Morning snack was going to be my banana leftovers per usual. But I caved and had this deliciousness! It’s a pretzel covered in caramel and chocolate! It was salty and chocolatey and worth the splurge. I would have loved to have 5 more of these. I wasn’t hungry or the banana half later so I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.

Lunch was a healthy request chicken and whole wheat noodles soup and half an everything bagel thin.

This soup was really good. The while grain noodles really hold up in the soup and don’t get soggy. Lots if chicken as well.

On my break I went and got a pedicure to trim my large talons. They had my favorite hard candy of all time. I don’t even know what they are called but they are the strawberry things with delicious strawberry filling I always go straight to chewing them. Mmmm. While noshing on that my back really enjoyed the chair massage. Great time for this.

Afternoon snack was a cup of mango. You will be seeing much more of this in the summer months. I love mango.

And I had to try out my new nut mix so a few of those. Salty mmm.

Vita in front of the golden gate bridge! This is because I booked a vacation to San Francisco in a month. Super excited!

Fitness: because of my knotted back I am taking a break from pushups. I will do it once this week if the knot goes away but I think it’s best to leave it alone. After work I taught kickboxing per usual. Get warm and moving around actually made my back feel a lot looser. It feels slightly tight now but not nearly as terrible as the rest of the day.

Than I came home to make tacos for Jae and I. There were chicken and fish. I had fish with lots of veggies.

-Gortons grilled fish fillet (1 and a half filets)
-part skim mozz (they were out of ff)
-wrapped in a low carb tortilla (split into 2)

-refied beans on the side
-mixed stir fry veg prepacked at the grocery store on the side

I resisted having an after dinner palate cleansing dessert. I have been having those way too much and the bites add up.

I was going to put Ben gay patch on my sore back to sleep but I’m feeling alright now. Glad I worked that out! Does anyone have a way they deal with a knotted back? Looks like its heat and exercise for me. The rubbing at the nail place helped too.