My 2 Cents

…on different ways to workout*.

Excuse the random stolen photos (I will post my own eventually)…

Indoor cycling/ spinning: I have loved cycling for over 5 years now. I love teaching it, I love taking it. It’s an amazing workout where you can tailor it to your level. Someone tells you what to do but it’s up to you to push yourself. A good teacher with good music is very important to the class but you are going to be out of breath and get a great work out if you want to either way.

Kickboxing: The kickboxing class that I teach is unlike any other I have taken. I like most classes I’ve done but sometimes they can be too easy. The inspiration for my class is team practices. I like to incorporate lots of drills that get your heart rate up and make you out of breath. Thus, my class is kickboxing moves with cardio drills (suicides, mountain climbers, shuffling, 180 jumps, cross room jump ups, etc) in between. It is a tough class and always leaves me exhausted. Because I only do it once a week my body never really gets used to it.

Running: I used to hate running and think it was really boring, until I discovered that I liked it I was just never motivated to do it. Basically, I like to create new routes on and zone out to music. I find if I have a route vs a set amount of time it goes faster. I also like that you can challenge yourself by building your mileage or improving your pace. The only downfall of running is you can’t do it all year. I had some painfully hot runs this summer and haven’t run in the winter cold yet but running in the dark is less fun.

Swimming: I was on the swim team for a good portion of my life. When I got hit in the shin pitching in softball I was forced to take it up again. i found i loved the feeling after a swim- you feel very toned. However I think it is so boring. No music just you and your thoughts and the occasional awkward lane sharing encounter. I have never gone longer than 45 mins in the pool and i also can’t bring myself to make that my only cardio. I would have to do some other form of cardio to really get my heart rate up (I guess I don’t push it enough in the pool). I haven’t swam in a while (3 years?) and should probably try again using some drills. Any ideas?

Treadmill: I have issues with the treadmill if it is not directly in front of a tv that i can choose the channel or i can’t be on it for more than 30 mins. Recently Meghann introduced me to fartlek training Now if I am forced to use the treadmill I do fartleks (speed intervals). The speed intervals are a minute where I want to die with a minute of jogging. Knowing I only have x amount of intervals helps me get through the time. I am open to new ideas to spice up treadmill running because I would like to stay in running shape through the winter….

Elliptical/Arc-trainer: the elliptical bugs me because people in the gym go on there to say they’ve “worked out” and just coast on there. I think it’s hard to be motivated to not coast on this machine. If I have to use it I like to apply cycling class routines to it. For instance, intervals of sprint and rest, adding resistance, holding a quick pace for an allotted time, etc. Elliptical is not my first choice but you can def make it work in a pinch if you’re motivated to push it. Music helps with this. The one good thing I can say about the arc trainer is your legs are able to move in a wider range of motion then on other machines. Stretching and card at once.

Stair-master/ Step Mill: I have a love/hate relationship with the stairmaster. I am annoyed by the people at the gym that put it on a really hard setting and then hold on to the rails! Sometimes I am guilty of this but it annoys me so much when other people do it I desperately try not to. I prefer Step Mill- the stairmaster that is the actual flight of stairs that moves. Set to an interval program this is very hard, I can always feel it in my legs and my heart rate is up. I don’t care for the real stair master as much. It just seems boring to me. Any exercise you can read while doing seems like you aren’t exerting yourself enough. This one I will let slide more than others… As long as your hanging on for dear life.

Step class: Let me preface this with I have tried step a bunch of times. Hate. I hate it. It may be because I am not coordinated enough to do all the moves, nor do I understand all the moves, but I absolutely hate it. Each time I go, giving it another chance, I always regret it. It’s either too easy or too frustrating. Once I left with a good leg work out because I had an extra step and practically no one else in the class had more than 1. Anyway too much lingo and choreography for me. I can’t do it.

Bodyworks/ weight lifting class: a good instructor really makes the difference here. If they aren’t in shape and pushing to their max most likely you won’t be pushed to yours. However I love this class because it makes you do many reps of low weight and some different moves that you might not normally think to do. If I had more time I would definitely hit this up a few times a week (resting in between obv). Sadly after an hour of gym during the week, I’m tapped out.

Pilates: good ab workout and can def see myself getting better at the exercises. Like yoga doesn’t burn enough calories to stand alone as a weekday workout. I do it on Tuesday to kill time before my spin class.

Rowing class: It combines a little bit of weights and strength exercise with rowing intervals. Some classes are better than others even with the same teacher. Of the few I’ve taken (4 maybe) only one did I walk away thinking it was an excellent work out. The others were a little too easy. I thought more rowing would be involved in these classes and I would really like them to extend it to 1 hour vs 45 mins that they are. I like the class as a way to mix things up and I am not a very efficient rower so trying to get better at that is a challenge. I could not do it all the time because I am usually wanting more. Another dislike- these classes are expensive. Unless you snag a deal, the membership to the gym is like $90 a month Uhhhhhh noooo uhhhhhh noooo (maid from family guy). Classes range from $12-$20 depending on the package you get i bought a 10 class package for $160 … prrrrreetty steep for a gym that just has rowing machines and no early morning classes. Plus is the package doesn’t expire so I can just use those 10 classes whenever.

Yoga/ Hot yoga: would not do it as my only workout of the day but fun to do on a day you wouldn’t be doing anything else. Yoga does not burn enough calories for me to really get into. But I do enjoy the stretching and I like seeing my progress with the poses. Hot yoga I see as warming up the muscles so you can be more agile. But i really don’t see the point of the heat. Yes it felt good to sweat but, I think many people have the misconception that sweating equals a good workout. When really, it isn’t an indicator- get moving people and get your heart rate up. I have only taken one hot class and have 4 more so maybe I will change my tone. These are also really expensive. I bought mine on living social 5 classes for $25.

Kettlebell class: I took this class while visiting CA and it was amazing. I have never seen it offered before. It was a great blend of sculpting and basically hurling around the kettlebell that really got your heart rate up. My legs hurt for almost a full week afterward. Good and bad feeling I guess.

*remember this is biased because I love cardio and like to get an hour a day if I can. Different things work for different people so please don’t be offended if I don’t love your favorite activity.

Any ideas for new workouts to try are welcome!

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  1. Narendra says:

    I work out daily atleast 1 hrs. Gym & tread, but I am suffering from Knee Joint paint so pl. Suggust better excercise for knee joint pain.

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