Most tired Monday

Somehow Monday is usually my most tired day if the week. My weekend binges really wear me out. Last night I got home from Boston around 9:15 and I was dead. I woke up this morning, after 2 snooze buttons and was still just as dead.

I was also starving since I only had one meal yesterday.

-little les then 1/2 c grapenuts
-handful blueberry muesli
-a few almonds
-half a banana

Filling and tasty breakfast. Btw I know I’ve mentioned that muesli before. It is Trader Joe’s brand and it is fat free. It’s pretty good but I wish it were a little crunchy. The grapenuts help with that.

For my morning snack I had the other half of my morning banana and a plum.

Lunch was a lean cuisine chicken carabonara and about 40 gold fish.

The chicken carabonara is one of my favs. The sauce is really good and there is lots of chicken in it. The only problem is that it’s only 270 calories and I usually need like 350. Gold fish to the rescue. I actually ended up eating more than I should have. My serving was about 130 I think.

Afternoon snack was when the tiredness hit again I had a coffee, some peanuts and grapes.

Pre-run vita was in a rush so exxxxtreme closeup was the best I could do.

Fitness: today I had to run 4.5 and I did a loop on ridge ave and Kelly Drive from my house at an avg 9 min pace. I was going to drive to Kelly where I could run on relatively flat ground the whole way but I had a read an article in Runner’s world on the plane this weekend about hills. It basically said they were a necessary evil and will make you faster and stronger. This motivated me to suck it up. I not only took the hilly route, I made sure to run each incline and keep running at the top to get my body used to getting it’s heart rate down. Going to try and stay motivated to conquer hills and not avoid them! When I got home I did another full session of Jackie Warner total body circuit, even though this killed my legs last week. I like the pain I guess. At 9pm I walked up the hill to my softball game. I was pretty tired but not as exhausted as I thought I would be at this point.

Dinner between my run and softball was a salad.

-salad mix
-RF blue cheese
-grilled chicken
-pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette

Side of everything bagel pretzels.

Long night of activities.

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