I have been having Internet problems at home hence the delay on posts. Sorry!

I had a great weekend. I didn’t snap many pictures because I was busy doing wedding things and sipping up booze in celebration. But I did capture some good stuff.

Sat I slept in and then did a hilly 7 mile loop around Lexington, Mass. My legs were tired and slow so I decided to just run it easy, take pics if I wanted and just knock out the mileage. It ended up being a really fun route.

I even ran passed some minutemen on the move!

I also ran passes some cool old colonial looking churches and houses, a little main St area, and a BBQ festival. I averaged a 9:30 pace and felt good when I got back to the hotel.

After the run I rinsed off and Dan and I went to a cute local, organic restaurant called Nourish. I didn’t snap pics but I had an awesome turkey Burger with cranberry. Perfect post run fuel.

Later in the day we went to my friends’, Kevin and Noa, wedding. The venue was the 33rd floor of a high rise in the city and it was spectacular.

The food was great too… And so was the beer. I had a lot of UFO hefeweizen. mmm.

The next day we stayed in bed late to sleep off our hangovers and then got up determined to eat some local Boston food.

Lobster Roll!

We went to King Fish in quincy market and had delicious Lobster rolls. Huge chunks of lobster on a toast bun. Dream. And of course more UFO hair of the dog.

That’s all I have for you unfortunately. Haven’t really gotten a hang of the weekend photography yet.

Great weekend though!

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