Shelled peanuts

This week has flown by. So glad it is already Thursday. Dice I have a half day tomorrow I am that much closer to the weekend! Woohoo. I am eating my way through my Chobani purchases. I tried the lemon today topped with the last of my kashi good friends and a side plum.

The lemon was my least favorite flavor. Instead of being tart with mixed in fruit at the bottom it was just straight lemon flavor. No as fun. It was also not as creamy a the other flavors.

Morning snack were some shelled peanuts. yes, I eat the entire thing shell and all.

It may sound weird but if you like salt you must try it! It’s breathtaking.

Lunch was a sandwich from the cafe downstairs. For some reason I couldn’t handle another Lean Cuisine this week. I got a BBQ chicken panini with pepper jack cheese and onions.

It was on very thin bread that I liked and was very tasty.

On the side I had baked lays.

Because I had a big lunch, I skipped my afternoon snack. Instead I opted for a taste of what you will be seeing a lot more of come summer. Iced coffee. And by taste I mean a giant one. I was bouncing off the walls. Love.

Later I had a vita top. Rambvita? Vitabo? It’s a vita dressed as Rambo. You’re welcome.

Fitness: today I was had to run 4.5. After the terrible hill I endured on Monday’s run I decided to take the less hilly tow path route through Manayunk. I also secretly wanted to check on the progress of the yogurts place on main St haha. After the run I did my 100 pushups w4d2. Later I had my first volleyball game of the new season and I walked over there and back.

Dinner mission before volleyball was to clear out my leftovers from Sunday. I had pasta and sauce with the mushrooms and grape tomatoes left and I tossed in some grilled chicken strips and broccoli. Served with a side of soy crunch toast with butter.

Bad sweet tooth this week!

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