Last week at Acme Chobani Greek Yogurt was on sale. From reading other peoples blogs I’ve heard great things about the flavors, especially the pineapple. so I thought grabbing then for a dollar each was a good excuse to try.

I busted out the pineapple today and topped it with 3/4 cup kashi good friends cereal.

That’s when I realized I had bought the 2%. Oops! It only has 160 calories and 2.5 grams of fat (almost all saturated though..2g) so it’s not that terrible. Just not what I would usually buy.

Other than my mistake the pineapple one was awesome! It was basically tart Greek yogurt with pineapple-y syrup and some pineapple chunks mixed in. The yogurt was thick and creamy and had the perfect amount of sweetness from the flavoring. I really liked it. Bulked up with high fiber cereal this was a grey breakfast. Can’t wait to try the other flavors (which I think I did buy the correct 0% version of).

Morning snack was some mixed nuts and an apple.

I had an Amy’s enchilada for lunch. I don’t eat this one that often because at 370 calories and 15g of fat it’s a little higher in fat and calories then I would usually eat. However, it is delicious!

Unfortunately the microwave always nukes it so the cheese is oozing out but I’ve come to terms with and just enjoy the gooey cheese spread across the side of beans and corn. So good.

Afternoon snack was a banana… Wrapped in the pineapple shirt i was wearing today to make it more interesting. You’re welcome.

Pregym fiber one. The real brand. I def prefer the store brand :(.

Fitness: I haven’t done my normal Tuesday routine in a while. Today I was back to both Pilates and spin. During a work break I also returned to doing pushups. I have only done one pushup workout in like 2 weeks. No bueno. Today I went back to week 4 day 2 and it was terrible. I couldn’t even get through the fourth set so the 5th was even worse. Need to get back on track with these or its going to take years to reach 100!

dinner was compliments of work. This sandwich looked amazing mostly because there was salt on the bread so I had to take it!

I paired it with some green beans and hummus and a few pretzels with jalapeño mustard.

And of course as with every dinner, milk.


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