Lost voice

So it was a successful weekend and thus I lost my voice. My throat is scratchy and it kind f hurts to talk. I think I need more sleep. The lost voice is definitely worth it. So much fun.

I had to get back on track today (per usual). For breakfast I tried another of the new oatmeals I bought last week. This one was actually multigrain hot cereal and the flavor was spiced chai which sounded good to me. I am a big fan of chai but don’t drink it much because if you order it at a coffee shop it’s always full of sugar and calories. Anyway I topped mine with a bunch of frozen blueberries, raspberries, and marrionberries (whatever that means?).

I did not like the chai flavored oatmeal. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever eaten and I will finish the packs (probably last) but I would not buy it again. Not sure why i didn’t like it, it just wasn’t for me.

My morning snack was a banana.

Lunch was a lean cuisine sweet n sour chicken.

Come to think about it, I had a very mediocre start to my eating day. I don’t really like this lean cuisine. Something about the sauce I don’t like and there is way too much of it. Probably wont buy again.

My afternoon snack was a small apple and then the last of my fake fiber ones. I actually think I like these fake ones better. They have a more cookie like aftertaste then the original. Tear they are all gone.

Fitness: I was so excited to run today because it was 80 degrees when I got out of work and I could run in a tank! Unfortunately the combo of the lost voice/ sore throat and heat i wasn’t used to was not sitting well with me. It was a slow 4 miles. Lost of walking. I think I averaged a 9:14 pace. Ew. After the run I wanted to do a Jackie Werner on demand weight video but they have taken all of those off. I did another 20 min long one that was pretty terrible. It was not hard at all. I really need on demand to step ip their weight lifting vids.

Dinner was leftovers from Machismo burrito from sat night.

-brown rice
-hot green salsa
-black olives

So good! I could only eat half on sat and still had a decent amount today. But I bulked it up with a side of hummus and raw green beans. Delicious.

Alright from now on going to try and get back on track with the weekend blogging. Keyword try.


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