Another break

I took a complete break from blogging this weekend since I had weekend guests.

I was eating pretty healthy surprisingly. I have a new found love of salads. I used to not care for salads because dressings as so high fat and salads without them are blah. Recently I’ve discovered there are some toppings that can make a salad taste great without even using dressing. For instance even though cheese isn’t the best for you it has some filling fat and a little of a cheese like gorgonzola or blue cheese goes a long way.

Couch tomato meal: sour apple salad with fat free raspberry dressing
-whole wheat roll

Fitness: I am glad I discovered it. Anyway, one of the highlights of my weekend was my long run on Friday. I ran 6 miles in 53:45!! 8:55 avg pace. I felt so good about because it was a little rainy and windy and I was still able to hold a great pace. I would love to run 8:30 miles the whole time but I think for a beginner under 9 is def an accomplishment.

So now I’m done patting myself on the back. Good talk.


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