Cold and rainy

Well today does not feel like the last day of March! The high is 45 and it is rainy and gross. Lucky for me I have my best friends from high school coming to visit tonight!! Woohoo. Hopefully it gets a little warmer or at least doesn’t rain all weekend!

So last night at the grocery store there were some eye catching boxes of oatmeal in the $1 section. Upon closer inspection the boxes had 5 packets of oats and you were supposed to use the packets to measure the water for the oats. this didn’t really intrigue me, but the flavors if the oats did. This morning I tried the Dark Chocolate variety.

I didn’t use the bag to measure and I topped with about a tbsp of chopped pecans and half a banana (about 2 hours later I ate the other half). The last were good! It kind of tastes like not as good brownie batter but nor as bad for you either. It was a nice a nice change up.

Morning snack was an apple.

Lunch was a la work again and was the best free lunch ever!

I had a sandwich, a garlic knot and a salad.

The sandwich had ham, really fresh mozzarella (!) and artichoke! It was so good! I added some sweet an hot mustard to it and was in love.

After lunch I was in the room with the food still and my self control was waning. The dessert looked so good. I started by trying a tiny sliver of cookie bar, cookie, an lemon bar.

This later led to a whole cookie bar and lemon bar. Waaaa. Going to have to skip afternoon snack for that slip up.

My next meal was my Preworkout vita. “vita tops really measure up!” -Co-worker Carianne 2011

Fitness: per my schedule I ran 4 miles today.

For dinner I met the girls in center city at the oyster house and didn’t take pics. So I won’t bore you with what I ate but I kept it on the lighter side by splitting an appetizer and an entree. But then later I got a heaping serving of self serve froyo. Haha.

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