San Fran Recap 2

Fitness: On Saturday morning I had to run 3.5 miles. It was raining and miserable and I had to force myself out of my comfy hotel bed. Tis was my first rainy run and it was too terrible. I recently bought a Nike running jacket. It is light but breaks the wind and has a hood and kept my dry up top. I was a fan. It was also not raining hard enough for my shoes to get soaked which was nice. They weren’t dry by any means but I wasn’t sloshing around. I ran from our hotel through Fishermans Wharf to avoid hills and back. It was a good run. When I got back I was surprised how slow I was! 3:8 miles in 35 mins (avg 9:30/ mile). I a hook off the bad time and attributed it to the rain.

After my run we decided to try some San Fran China town fare and get dim sum. We pointed at things a we wanted and ended p with a tasty meal that le me WAY full for $9. Yes, your read that correctly, $9. For both of us. To be stuffed.
My dim sum:

We split this. I ate most of the veggies and dan ate most of the starch haha

My pork bun. Best dim sum item have ever had!

After dim sum we began walking. I think we walked 10-15 miles over the course of the day! Lots of hill too. We started with the filbert street steps up to coit tower.

View from the top:

More walking…

Up Lombard!

Trolley car!

A terrible bear I tried. Bleh!

Painted ladies!

Whatever happened to predictability…..

The dim sum kept us full through the entire day of walking! I wasn’t hungry again until 6pm and I was so exhausted. I only wanted one thing… Sundaes!

This time we got the cookie bottom and the very berry. Still loved the cookie but very berry was refreshing and a close runner up. Mmmm.

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